Can electronic masks be used, are they worth buying, and can they prevent the novel coronavirus? _ Filter element

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Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

Original title: Can electronic masks be used? Are they worth buying? Can they prevent the novel coronavirus? Now the price of disposable masks is very expensive, but also very difficult to buy, some places also exposed 10 yuan/three no disposable masks, can think of a mask more difficult to find! In this situation where the supply of masks is in short supply, many people can only find available resources in various ways! This is one of the online products. This is how I began to understand the electronic mask, the machine can be reused, the filter element can be replaced regularly, and the price is not expensive. But is it useful? Can it resist the virus? Let's put a question mark? So what kind of black technology is this? In fact, the main principle is very simple: 1. Electric air supply The motor inside the mask,Medical Full Body Coverall, like the lampblack machine, can forcibly inhale the air outside, and then supply the human body to breathe through the filter element! That is, automatic air supply, so it is easier to breathe! Will not feel dizzy and chest tightness like N95! 2. Filter element Whether all masks can play a protective role mainly depends on the material of the filter element. The filtering effect of PM2.5 particulate matter can reach 95% with the filtering material of N95 mask certified by the state. Most of the filter elements of electronic masks are four-layer protection, Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate ,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, using the filter element of HEPA air purifier, and the effect of national certification on PM2.5 particulate matter can reach 99.8%. Electronic masks are no less effective than N95 in terms of protection. Filter element structure of most electronic mask Expand the full text HEPA Air Purifier Filter Analysis Report 3. Overall material Most electronic masks are made of plastic and edible glue, which are easy to disinfect and sterilize, and can be reused in theory. Silicone material is soft, close to the face, and has strong sealing performance, which greatly improves the protective performance. And the air outlet at the bottom can only be exhaled but not inhaled, so that it is completely separated from the outside air, which can avoid the infection caused by inhaling air from the side like a disposable mask! Note: If the mask you buy has obvious loopholes, it is likely to be just some three-nothing products, after all, everything will be sold on a certain treasure, there will always be "poor quality" things, there is no way to avoid this! About the mask anti-virus, I can reply with certainty that there is no mask that can resist the virus, all the masks can play a protective role, just protective equipment! Hope you treat it rationally! Finally, I sincerely recommend you that if you can't buy a disposable mask,Full Body Disposable Coverall, you can still consider an electronic mask, which has a long use cycle and a high price ratio. It's not expensive. It's very suitable for ordinary families, students and office workers to use it when they go out. You can search "Doctor Ya Electric" directly. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.