Super powers

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Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

There was a long wave of air in the air, like a thunderbolt, which made everyone's ears buzz, everyone's face showed an incredible expression, and the sound of a pistol firing was several times bigger than the S89E US military super-strong tank shell. It's like placing a loudspeaker in front of Lingyun's muzzle that can magnify tens of times. All the soldiers stopped shooting for a moment. They could not see anything, but they could hear the sound of gunfire like the sky falling apart. It was indeed gunfire, but it was more ferocious than the sound of artillery. The long Barrett became as red as burned iron from the barrel, then began to split into countless pieces of iron that disintegrated in the air, and a bullet that had turned into a stream of fire marched all the way through the chamber, destroying all the structure of the gun and completely disintegrating the gun, and then plunged into the chest of the hardened sniper. It instantly turned into a bowl-sized blood hole and then came out of the sniper's back heart. The finger-thick stream of fire passed through the sniper's back heart and hit the steel wall cast with the highest concrete grade. After a sound, a finger-thick but unfathomable hole was drilled out. It was only then that the forward spiral footsteps were unwillingly stopped. The bullet body had completely turned into a pool of molten iron and stayed in the deepest part of the small hole more than ten meters deep. Chapter one hundred and forty Rimer family. Hidden in the darkness, the sniper took a look at the blood hole in his chest, and for a moment,Industrial pallet rack, his face was full of questioning expressions. From beginning to end, he could not believe that Glock 18C bullets would have such terrible power, as if the ordinary teenager was not holding a pistol, but a high-tech weapon left by aliens on Earth. Looking at the sniper who fell to the sky, the general and the leader of the foreigner looked at each other in amazement, with an incredible expression on their faces,Warehouse storage racks, especially the foreigner, who was so surprised that his mouth was wide open that he could stuff an egg into it. This sniper has followed his organization for many years. His marksmanship is superb. He has sniped countless strong people from a long distance many times. He has never had an accident. He is the most trusted and reliable subordinate of the foreign leader. But today, on the premise of having the advantage, he was accidentally shot by a seemingly harmless teenager, and it was a Glock 18C that would fail at a long distance. It was like a joke, but it really happened in front of everyone. All of a sudden, the general and the foreign leader were a little anxious. At first, they thought that under the ambush of so many soldiers, even if there were more intruders, they would all be killed under the random shooting. But never thought, Drive in racking system ,Pallet rack beams, the other side not only more than one person can escape, but also in almost no dead angle under the submachine gun strafing can fight back, but also killed a powerful sniper of their own. The middle-aged general clenched his fist, angry and anxious. Angry that no one had been so bold under his eyes for a long time, and that the dignity of the long-term superior had made almost no one dare to disobey him, let alone resist. Anxious is that once his deal with these European arms smugglers is known by outsiders, as long as there is a slight leak, then his position in the army will be lost immediately, including his own life, countless political opponents are peeping at his position, this is a war without blood and smoke, but more cruel. The general's fists clenched and rattled. In any case, the three fish that escaped the net must be killed, especially the young man who could not see his face clearly. His inhuman skill added infinite haze and extreme uneasiness to the general's heart. They can't run away. The iron gate is welded. As soon as a mid-level officer with two bars and two stars on his shoulders blurted out, he closed his mouth in amazement. In full view of the public, Lingyun flashed out from behind the stone wall and kicked on the iron gate. The iron gate, which was completely welded by arm-thick iron bars, shook several times like a rotten broken wooden door panel. After a burst of bright sparks from the welded joint of the door frame, the whole iron gate fell heavily to the ground with a bang. Lingyun took the lead and got into the passage to open the barrier. Old Liao and little sister were worried about how to escape, suddenly saw Lingyun show his power, immediately overjoyed, panic is not enough to think about how Lingyun did it, hurriedly followed together to get in. All three figures moved very quickly and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Is he a man? The officer asked in disbelief. There was an awkward silence. Everyone was silent, no one could answer the officer's question, in fact, including the general, everyone's mind was hovering with the same question as the officer's question. Where does that pipe connect to? The general's facial muscles twitched slightly. It seemed that these guys were very difficult to deal with. He raised his hand gently and made a gesture. Another officer behind him immediately saluted and went down, following the general for a long time, even if it was a look or a simple gesture, these officers could understand his mind. I don't know. The underground holes here are in all directions. Many places are connected to the air defense channels dug before the founding of the People's Republic of China. Some pipelines are very long and may extend all the way to the suburbs. Replied the other officer. Can it reach the ground? The general is concerned about this problem. I don't know, General. A swift and resounding reply from his subordinates. Order everyone to prepare for battle immediately, enter the pipeline, chase the three men,Narrow aisle rack, and kill them. Cold and powerful words came out of the general's mouth. Yes, General. A platoon of officers immediately saluted and shouted loudly. "General, the rocket launcher is ready. The distance ahead is about 800 meters. The distance is moderate. It can be automatically tracked according to the heat of the human body." The officer who had just disappeared did not know when to come back and shouted to the general. Launch The general said indifferently.