Mortal Mortal

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Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

After a slight tremor, pink cracks appeared on the surface of the golden ball, and then pieces of cooked meat fell off one after another, and another golden beetle appeared inside. The cicada sheds its shell! Unexpectedly, a mere lower world devouring Jinxian has also cultivated this magical power. Ha ha, wonderful, this bug's aptitude is far above my expectation. "Ma Liang was stunned when he saw this scene, but he immediately clapped his hands and laughed. Then he turned over with one hand, and suddenly there was a pale silver charm in his hand. He was about to throw the golden beetle out with a shake of his wrist.". The gold-eating insect king's breath was much weaker than before, but as soon as he saw this scene, he still had a fierce flash in his eyes and was about to spread his wings and rush over. But at that moment, a thunderbolt in the sky, countless silver arcs catapulted out of the void, instantly interwoven into a silver minefield several feet in size. As soon as Ma Liang's face changed, his wrist moved without saying a word, and the silver amulet was thrown out, but it shot away into the minefield. "Poof!". After the silver amulet flashed, it turned into a silver axe more than ten feet long out of thin air, and it was cut down mercilessly where the thunder array was. Before the giant axe really fell, a sharp and strange cold rolled down first. In the thunderstorm, a burst of lightning filled the air, and two blurred figures appeared in the roar. One of them glanced at the silver axe, but with one hand,long span shelving, there was a roll of green sword light. "Boom!". As soon as the silver axe touched, it was catapulted backward at the same time. As soon as the silver axe flashed, it turned into a little bit of light and dissipated out of thin air. Blue light, however, after a circle, turned into an inch long sword and fell back into the hands of the figure. The man who came out of the thunder array was naturally Han Li and the Crab Taoist, and the man who made the move was Han Li himself. Hum, it's those guys who don't know whether they are alive or dead! Why, a complete fairy puppet,radio shuttle racking, which is very rare! As soon as Ma Liang saw Han Li and the Crab Taoist clearly, he snorted first, and then his eyes froze, he saw the origin of the Crab Taoist at a glance, and a rare trace of surprise appeared on his face. Worthy of the immortal world, so easily see through the identity of the crab brother. But look at your appearance, the power of the spirit world is not light, Daoyou can still have some strength left now. After Han Li looked Ma Liang up and down, he said with a slight smile. At this time, the golden beetle's wings shook, and with a "whoosh", it turned into a mass of golden light and shot away. After a flash, it disappeared into Han Li's sleeve. It seems that the interface bite back, is next to the fairy puppet told, but even if I now have only one point of strength, killing you two is easy. But if you are willing to offer the devouring gold fairy with both hands, Pallet rack supplier ,Cantilever Storage rack, I can spare your life. When Ma Liang saw this, his eyes flashed, but he laughed and said. The gold-eating fairy, you are talking about me, the gold-eating insect king. Hey hey, I can't obey orders. Han Li yawned back. In this case, this immortal will spend more effort, after destroying you, and then subdue this devouring gold immortal. Ma Liang grinned grimly and said that as soon as he grasped the void with one hand, the blood in his hand appeared, and a bloody seal immediately emerged. When Han Li saw this, his face sank, but he could not see what his hands and feet were doing. With a flash of golden light behind him, a holy image of Sanskrit with a head and six arms emerged. At the same time, with a sound of "hissing" in his body, the shadows of blue swords emerged out of thin air. Under the dense sound, there were thousands of them, which turned into a sea of swords to protect them. On one side of the crab Taoist, the body crackled loudly, a silver arc gushed out, winding around every inch of the body, as if incarnated as a God of thunder. At that moment, Han Li suddenly felt a heat in front of his chest, and a group of bottle-shaped blue and dim light emerged from the hole wearing clothes. At the same time, a clear sound came from it, and it went straight to cloud nine. Almost at the same time, the opposite Ma Liang sleeve is also a flash of blue light, a dark green bottle flew out from it, after a slight tremor, sent out bursts of buzzing sound, will fly away to Han Li. "Bang". Ma Liang almost subconsciously rolled up his sleeves and grabbed a small bottle of dark green in his hand, but after his eyes swept the bottle-shaped blue light on Han Li's chest, an incredible ecstasy suddenly appeared on his face. Hold the bottle! This bottle is in your hand. Haha, this is really a broken iron shoe. It takes no time to get it. Why should I go to find the traitor again? Now I have found this treasure directly. If I take it back to the first ancestor, I don't know how much reward it will be. Ma Liang looked at the dark green bottle in his hand, then looked at the blue light on Han Li's chest, and immediately sent out bursts of guffaw. Palm vase? What are you talking about? Han Li's face changed greatly, and his eyes stared at the dark green bottle in the other's hands, and a strange cold appeared in his eyes. Hum, don't say you don't have the same small bottle. Although my bottle is only an imitation of the bottle, it can't be wrong under mutual induction. Ma Liang said with a cold look on his face. Are you talking about this thing? After Han Li's face changed several times in succession, he raised his hand to grasp the void in front of his chest, and another small blue bottle emerged out of thin air. Regardless of the style and shape, this bottle is actually the same as the dark green bottle in Ma Liang's story, but the color is slightly lighter, and it looks more inconspicuous. Yeah, it's.. No. What you have in your hand seems to be just a shell, but there is no bottle spirit. Where did you hide the bottle spirit? After Ma Liang looked at the green bottle in Han Li's hand, he looked down at the dark green bottle in his hand and found that there was no further change in the two, and his face suddenly changed. Bottle spirit! What is this? Han Li looked at the opposite fairy and narrowed his eyes. (To be continued.) Volume 11 True Immortal Coming Chapter 2426 Chopping Immortals (Part 1) You don't know Bottle Spirit? Hum, it seems that you don't have much relationship with the traitor. This is also good, to be able to take back the body of this bottle is also a pleasant surprise. As for the matter of the bottle spirit,warehouse rack manufacturer, a mere lower existence is not qualified to know at all. After I catch you and search your soul, I'll send you to your grave. Ma Liang's face was gloomy and uncertain, but he finally said with a sneer.