Would you come to drink with me to kill the gray day?

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Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

After hanging up the phone, Ziwen asked his assistant to find the magazine, M Company's special report, which was rich in content, including a photo of her standing with Zhao Mingjun, wearing the diamond necklace around her neck. Fortunately, it was a serious publication that posted the moment Zhao Mingjun gave her a necklace without gossip! Rao is so, Zi Wen is still very uncomfortable in the heart. Picking up the phone, she called Zhao Mingjun in a strong tone: "What do you mean by digging my employees?" The other end of the phone didn't care: "Xiaowen, are you back?"? Our two companies have been registered and named after you and me. "I didn't promise you. I'm not here. How did you register?" Ziwen was very angry. Mountain people have their own tricks! This project, you and my company are set! Zhao Mingjun laughed and said, "Xiaowen, your birthday is coming. Shall we get together?" 7。 Dropping the phone, Ziwen was so angry that he felt dizzy and grinded his teeth: "Good, you Zhao Mingjun!"! Are you sure she won't really fall out with him?! The office was empty. Du Yifei called to urge her to go home for dinner. Ziwen answered, but she didn't move. She thought about it. MSN flew a screen shock, followed by a red lip. Ziwen smiled, and Li was playing tricks again. She flew a greeting. "People born on December 19 are very bold and have an indomitable drive,Steel racking system, always able to attract the attention of others.." "People born on this day are particularly good at solving difficulties, and it seems that they are destined to struggle to live, so life will naturally not be too calm.". People born on this day have more determination and perseverance than others. "Sometimes, people born on this day will become depressed because of a moment of discouragement and have no intention of fighting again.." Without them, life would be uneventful again. "Basically, people born on December 19 like a relaxed lifestyle, but not a soft,Narrow aisle rack, fake way of humor. Their sense of humor is usually sarcastic, and even includes some mocking adults.." "People born on December 19 are affected by the number 1 and the sun.". People who are influenced by the number 1 always like to be the first, full of ambition, and do not like to be restricted.. 8。 Ziwen is so funny while watching, and General Manager Li is even playing with constellations! "People born on December 19 are more likely to suffer from mental problems because of their emotional ups and downs," Li said. He's the one who's sick. Ziwen flew over and smashed the guitar. Advice: Relax for those born on December 19. Don't pay too much attention to others, and don't always shrink in your own small world, and communicate with others more. Also, don't forget to laugh several times a day and put the unhappy things behind you. Ziwen sent a message: "When is your birthday?"? What constellation? He flew over with a sad and fainting expression, and Ziwen saw it, showing a rare smile in a day. 9。 Typing trouble, he called: "I send you?" "No, Pallet rack upright ,heavy duty warehouse rack, Yifei said he would come and pick it up." Zi Wen felt it necessary to explain to his partner: "Zhao Mingjun registered a company and vowed to share a spoonful.." Li Linrui said, "I knew that early." Infernal Affairs? Ziwen is speechless. 10。 On Tuesday night, Du Yifei still held a birthday party, but there were two birthday stars: Ziwen and Li Ke. Anyway, he has leisure, anyway, everyone has a voice, Ziwen let him arrange. After work, Ziwen rushed to the party place. There were many people at the party, including colleagues and friends of Ziwen and Li Ke, friends of Du Yifei, Li Linrui, Wei Nanhai, Zhao Mingjun and Lily. 30 Fog on the other shore 1。 Once a woman is over 25, she doesn't look forward to her birthday so much every year. One birthday is one year older, and youth is a big step away from itself. Ziwen hung a smiling face for the occasion and turned around in the field. He stopped beside Li Ke and admired Li Ke's inexplicable high mood: "But, I chose a silk scarf for you. I hope you like it." "Trust your eyes, I picked out a corsage for you." Li Ke said that his eyes were shining and he could not stop looking. Zi Wen appreciated his kindness and asked, "Did your old and new bosses give you gifts?" "Of course," Li is so ridiculous that his meaning is not clear. "Although it is not as good as your diamond necklace, it is also very good." Zi Wen looked at Li Ke in a twinkling of an eye. Her old boss had given her a very presentable gift? Li Ke's words are cheerful: "Are you soft on receiving gifts today?" Without waiting for Ziwen to answer, Li Ke leaned close to Ziwen's ear and said, "After tonight, I'm 28 and you're 27. Take the time to pick out a good dress for yourself!" Then he walked away with a smile. 2。 Zhao Mingjun did not know when to stand beside Ziwen: "Xiaowen, happy birthday!" Thank you! Ziwen turned around, but LILY didn't follow him. Do you remember when I used to celebrate your birthday with you? Zhao Mingjun whispered. It's been too long to remember. Ziwen smiled. He accompanied her on her 19th and 20th birthdays. How could she forget the surprise and happiness he gave her! A trace of embarrassment slipped through his face, and a trace of sadness slipped through her heart. Ziwen turned his eyes. For a moment, Zhao Mingjun's expression was as usual: "Our company is my birthday gift to you." "Thank you, I accept the heart, I accept the gift!" Ziwen solemnly said, "After my birthday, I hope you can remove my name. At present, I don't want to leave S, and I have no intention of starting my own business." Zhao Mingjun looked at her, showing her familiar smile, and said slowly and firmly: "No, you will come to work in our company sooner or later!" 3。“ You are as confident and optimistic as ever. Zi Wen didn't want to say again, lifted his feet and left, heard Zhao Mingjun's voice chasing after him: "Xiaowen, don't have a bright idea." Hong Liang was a cadre brought by Zhao Mingjun from M Company in Beijing, and Ziwen recommended him to Sweden's newly established P Company in Shanghai. Zi Wen looked back and said with a smile,pipe cantilever rack, "Who is Hong Liang?"? What does it have to do with me? Reciprocity, Zhao Mingjun in the critical moment of bidding to dig her corner, she naturally can not bear to go in vain. Li Ke's half-covered and half-blocked eyes flew to her old boss from time to time. omracking.com