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Original Title: Devouring Countless Children Every Year, don't Parents Pay Attention to These Fatal Hidden Dangers?

The short and thin man wolfed down his food. After a while, half of the dishes and half of a bottle of Xiangquan went down. Then he wiped his mouth and said, "General Manager Meng.." "Don't call me General Manager Meng, call me Lao Meng." "Old, old, bad memory." The short and thin man took a sip of his glass slowly, and Meng Weiting saw the other side drink the first sip of wine in a gentle manner. Can I help you, drunkard? He called me here anxiously just for this meal, didn't he? "Well, I guess I won't be able to eat such delicious food in the future." The short and thin man sighed. So seriously, what happened? "The people in the mountains are coming out!" The short man put down his glass and suddenly looked sly and shrewd. Out of the mountains? What do they want to do when they come out of the mountains at this time? The coke can in Meng Weiting's hand swayed, splashed a few drops of coke out, and frowned more tightly. It is said that that thing has appeared in the world, and the school's order is that as long as that thing appears in the world, they must come out of the mountains. You know the rules. What time is it, and you still believe in this mess. Boring is not boring. Do you know that the satellite has been put into the sky and the man has landed on the moon? Meng Weiting said grumpily. Do not use the word you, but they. I never believe. I believe only what is in the cup before me. The short man waved his hand and said. When did you get the news? When are they going to come out? What are you going to do next? "I don't know anything too secret. Do you think I'm the Lord?"! But it is certain that you, the general manager, will work for others. Meng Weiting also always remembered the order handed down by his ancestors, which was different from the order that the short and thin man said. The ancestral decree was that as long as the people in the mountains decided to come out, all the property of the Meng family must be controlled by them. The first time Meng Weiting knew about this order was when he became the general manager of Hengyu Group. The old man Meng Fantao called him to the study on the day he took office. Meng Weiting thought that the old man had some instructions, and that it was natural for the chairman and father to instruct the general manager and son, not to mention the first day of such an important position. Trembling, the old man took out a yellow page from the safe, not like paper, like silk or something like that, very soft. Pass him. Meng Weiting looked at the things in his hands, very light, heavy duty racking system , very soft, on which a lot of things were written like ghost symbols, but what made Meng Weiting depressed was that he could not understand them. This is a legacy that has been passed down from ancestors. Written in ancient seal characters. Meng Fantao invited Meng Weiting to sit down. In front of Meng Fantao, Meng Weiting did not dare to breathe. Do you know how many assets Hengyu Group has? Meng Fantao asked. Yes, 10400000000 RMB. "What do you think if none of the money is ours?" Meng Weiting did not know what the old man meant by asking this question. Did he want to test his management ability? I'll find a way to turn the money into ours. Meng Weiting said passionately. Wei Ting, there are some things you should know. When I was a general manager, your grandfather told me a big secret on such a day. "Secret?" Meng Weiting suddenly raised his head and looked at the old man's gray hair and wrinkles all over his face, with a sense of foreboding in his heart. Yes. In fact, the assets of our family are really not ours. They are managed by an agent of a school. At most, we can only regard it as a professional manager and use a family as a professional manager. Is it grand enough? Meng Weiting somehow suddenly remembered what Grandma Li and Li Tiemei said, "Your father is not your own father, and your grandmother is not your own grandmother!"! It's a weird feeling. What school? Meng Weiting asked. A group of Taoist priests called Chongxuguan. He lives in the tower mountain all the year round. "No!"! I have seen all the legal documents of the company. On the equity registration certificate, our equity distribution is clear. How can it become someone else's? What evidence do they have to prove that Heng Yu is theirs? "They don't need evidence." Meng Fantao said lightly. The underworld? We are not afraid of the underworld. With our black and white forces, who dares to provoke us. "Meng Weiting still does not understand the attitude of the old man, the old man is not afraid of heaven, not afraid of earth, after decades of hard work to earn such a big foundation." You'll find out later. Now just remember my words, try not to provoke them if you can. These properties are nominally theirs, but in fact they haven't come to take a penny yet. As long as they come out, what's the difference between the money and our own? However, the current situation seems to be a bit delicate, and there are some changes. You must be careful. Hum, want to send money from my hand, dream! This was the only thought in Meng Weiting's mind at that time. Think very beautiful, did not do anything, want to come out to fight for the property of the Meng family. Sit back and enjoy your success? "Don't lose your temper with me. I'm timid." What can just a few people do? It is better to retire honestly in the mountains. We opened a nursing home for them in the mountains. What are you doing out here? "Don't underestimate the ability of those people!"! I know you have an armed force, two martial arts schools, and control the underground forces in the south of the city, but these are no match. Their power is beyond your imagination. "Power?" With a mocking smile on his face, Meng Weiting said, "You are also from the mountains. I don't see anything surprising about your strength." No, no, say it again. Don't mention me. I'm a black sheep. There is no way to enter their world in this life. If I had their power, I wouldn't be sitting here drinking your Xiangquan. That sounds a little harsh. What's wrong with my Xiangquan? Don't those people eat human fireworks? PS: There is still the second watch in the evening. Please support me a lot. Click, recommend and collect the more the better. Verse 41. Declining Schools (II) These people really don't eat human fireworks!.