Fu Xi Fu Xi

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Fortunately, Mo Shangyun is more professional, and did not miss. After cleaning up, she took out a small bottle

"The hospital has a rule that it can't be disclosed." The female doctor said kindly. It's probably not the first time this has happened. Can you bend the rules? I said with a smile. I'm sorry. We understand your feelings. But rules are rules. The female doctor is gentle with firmness. It seems that it is impossible not to give some color. Do you know who I am? I asked. Aren't you Jiang Mi? The female doctor asked hesitantly. I mean, you know, who was that man? I asked again. Isn't it your husband? She looked at me in surprise. I mean, have you seen him before? I suggested it tactfully. No, it's the first time. The female doctor said. Why is it so hard to talk to her! "Isn't he Mayor Ye?" The woman doctor asked consciously. Of course it is. I said cheerfully, "So for his sake, you tell us the sex of the child." The female doctor looked at me awkwardly and said, "Oh, actually I don't care, but just now Mayor Ye specifically told me not to let you know the sex of the child." "Impossible." I blurted out that Ye Rongkuan clearly knew the purpose of my inspection. He also told me to tell you that curiosity kills people and that you should understand. The female doctor said inexplicably, looking extremely confused. I don't think I've ever seen such a strange couple like us. Out of the door, I stared at Ye Rongkuan, so angry that I couldn't speak. Ye Rongkuan just didn't see it, but chatted with the doctor of obstetrics and gynecology on one side and asked about the matters needing attention. I'm holding my fire and waiting for him. Is there such a way to play with the fragile feelings of pregnant women? After a while, he finished the consultation and pulled me out of the building without any sign of admitting his mistake. Then he ordered Xiaomao to send me back, but he and Secretary Wang got into another car. When I got home, I was sulking. It is true that good people are bullied by others. For several days, I was too lazy to talk to Ye Rongkuan,mineral flotation, but he just said: "I can't let you know too early, because I'm afraid it will affect your physical and mental health and fetal development." "If you don't let me know, it will affect my physical and mental health and the development of my children." I retorted, "I can't eat right now. I'm upset." Ye Rongkuan has no way, look at me, did not say much. A few weeks later, the butterfly came back from a business trip and rushed home excitedly to attend the family day. By the way,Carbon in Pulp, she expressed her concern for me, a pregnant woman. Sister-in-law, this is the gift I bought for my nephew. Look at that. The butterfly smiled and handed me a box. As soon as I heard this, I was even more angry: "What nephew? Don't talk nonsense. Is it a niece?" The butterfly looked at me and Ye Rongkuan in surprise, sighed, and said nothing more. What is this When I opened the box, it was a small jade pendant. This is a good thing. I specially asked the eminent monk to open the light. Bless my nephew with all his splendor and wealth. The butterfly explained in detail. I hum hum, the flower butterfly is very vulgar as expected, this kind of superstition all believes: "You do not open the mouth to shut the mouth nephew, has not decided is the niece." The butterfly looked at me in amazement and said cautiously, "Oh, they do say that B-mode ultrasound is not 100% accurate.". Brother, Portable gold trommel ,gold shaking table, did you become a girl again. If I had known, I would have changed a unisex jade pendant. When he said that, it aroused my suspicion. Ye Rongkuan, what's going on? I'll ask later. One side Ye Rongkuan, light cough: "Rong Xuan, mom has something to ask you, you go upstairs to find her." As soon as the butterfly heard this, she understood and said softly, "Sister-in-law, you are so pitiful.". I'd be mad at you, too. I looked at Ye Rongkuan angrily. I wanted to surprise you. Ye Rongkuan justified himself. Nonsense. You're keeping it from me on purpose. I said angrily. I thought you always wanted a boy. Now that I have got my wish, congratulations to Mrs. Ye's dream come true. Ye Rongkuan is smiling. Who said that. The boys in the Ye family will lose money. I also want to celebrate the birthday of five daughters. I was in a hurry to say what I meant. Well, that's why I tried not to let you know, so you wouldn't be too sad. Ye Rongkuan said thoughtfully. It turns out that neither he nor he is rude. I was so angry: "Ye Rongkuan, you have gone too far." Chapter 93 Phoenix Return to the Nest 4. Belly began to take shape, now Zhao Yunzhi's biggest hobby is to buy me all kinds of maternity clothes, which is no wonder, she only gave birth to two sons in her life, did not have the opportunity to play her aesthetic expertise. Having half a daughter and living in the same house with her all day gave her the right place at the right time. At the same time, she also urged me to often attend various gatherings of the wives of important people in both political and business circles, euphemistically saying that going out and walking around more would not be too difficult to give birth to children. It is said that the party is actually no different from the gossip conference. It is full of endless comparisons, such as dress, family background, husband and children. Of course, as soon as I went there, there were signs that I began to compare with my grandson. Of course, you will not be surprised to hear a lot of inside stories of the entertainment industry, who is kept by which family, who and who secretly cross the past, like a wonderful kaleidoscope. I had thought that they would discuss artistic life elegantly, and I was worried about it. Obviously, that idea was very superficial. That's because you haven't been in close contact for a long time. After a few days of protracted war, I fell deeply in love with this profession, which is in line with my interests and hobbies, broadens my horizons and cultivates my sentiment. Every time I come back from a party, I usually can't wait to write and accumulate something for my future entertainment career. I even encouraged Ye Rongkuan to get me a spy recording pen so that I could do it once and for all. I forgot to eat and sleep so much and collected materials tirelessly, which made Ye Rongkuan sit up and take notice. You are really good at prenatal education. He teased. That is, I am also paving the way for your official career. If you have any political enemies, you can tell me, I will find out the inside story, and you can knock him down. How about it? From inside to outside. Lord Ye,sodium cyanide price, a good wife like me, a think tank, once in a hundred years. I said in a virtuous way. This is what you call politics?! He exclaimed. ore-magnetic-mining.com