The Complete Biography of Mortal Xiuxian

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It seemed that he had kicked a very hard stone in the pile of leaves. Han Li bowed up and clasped his ankles with both hands.

It seemed that he had kicked a very hard stone in the pile of leaves. Han Li bowed up and clasped his ankles with both hands. Subconsciously, across the cloth shoes on his feet, he blew hard at his injured toes with his mouth. He was secretly worried about whether he would be seriously injured and whether his toes would suddenly become swollen with blood, thus affecting his daily walking. After a long time, Han Li recovered from the pain. He raised his neck and looked around the pile of leaves near his feet, trying to find the culprit of his great crime. The leaves scattered on the ground all around are the same monotonous color-withered yellow, and I can't find the target I want to find from those messy piles of leaves. Han Li frowned, scratched a few times on the ground with his hands, grabbed a relatively long and thick branch, leaned on his heels, stood up carefully. Then like unwilling, with the branches in his hands, he pulled a few times into the thick pile of leaves around him. Eh! A fist-sized object was picked out by the branch. Han Li looked at it carefully. The culprit of his glorious injury was a round bottle-shaped object with a slender neck. The surface of the bottle was covered with mud and completely turned into earthy gray, without any original color. Originally Han Li thought it was a small porcelain bottle, but when he got it in his hand, he found that the weight was not right, heavy and very heavy. Is it made of metal? No wonder this thing is not big, but it hurts so much when it hits its feet, but it's rare to see a bottle made of metal. Han Li was now interested in the small bottle and forgot the pain in his feet for a moment. Rub the soil of the bottle neck with your hand, the original color of the bottle is revealed, green and very beautiful, there are some exquisite, dark green leaf-like patterns on the bottle surface, the top of a small bottle cap tightly sealed the bottle mouth. There's nothing in it,die casting parts, is there? I put the bottle to my ear with my hand and shook it gently. I couldn't feel anything shaking inside. He put his hand on the bottle cap and twisted it hard, but it didn't move. Han Li was even more curious and was about to take the next step when suddenly there was a sharp pain in his foot. Broken! How can I forget that my feet are still carrying the adverse consequences caused by intimate contact with this thing. With this injury, it seems that he can't go to Zhang Tie, so he should go back to his residence first, take some medicine for the injury, and then think about the small bottle he got by accident. Thinking of this, Han Li, in order to prevent being seen by others, did not think it was too dirty, put the bottle in his arms, turned his head, and limped back. Chapter 11 the bottle is hard to open. Han Li didn't meet many people on the way back. Only a few brothers passing by were surprised to see him limping, but they didn't say anything to him. It seemed that no one paid much attention to him. When he returned to his residence, car radiator cap ,CNC machining parts, the pain in his feet was even worse. Han Li hurriedly sat on the edge of the bed and gently took off his shoes and socks to check the injury. It's so swollen! The thumb of the right foot was already high and bulging, and the skin of the wound was swollen red and bright, like a big red pepper. Han Li hurriedly extended his hand to the wooden pillow on his bed and pulled out a small medicine bottle from under the pillow. This was a trauma medicine carefully prepared by Doctor Mo. It had a miraculous effect on congestion, bruises, and even bleeding. It was not easy for him to get it from Doctor Mo. He had prepared it in advance for Zhang Tie to practice "Elephant Armor Skill" when he was suffering from trauma, but he did not expect to use it first. As soon as I opened the bottle cap, a strong smell of medicine filled the whole room. I gently poured the powder on my bulging toes, and a cool feeling came up immediately. It was really the secret medicine made by Doctor Mo, and it took effect immediately. Doctor Mo's medical skill is really unspeakable! Han Li found another piece of clean cloth, wrapped the injured toe into a big bag, and then put on new shoes and socks. Mmm! Fortunately, the pain has eased a lot. He took a few slow steps back and forth, satisfied with his quick treatment of the injury. Now it's time to deal with the mysterious bottle, the culprit who caused his own serious injury. Han Li took out the bottle from his bosom and found a rag to wipe it clean, and then the whole original appearance of the bottle appeared in front of him. The size of this bottle is not big, with a palm can hold it all, even smaller than their own medicine bottle. The whole body of the bottle is a kind of light green, and there are several dark green patterns printed on the surface of the bottle. The patterns are leaf-shaped, lifelike, and feel like they are protruding, as if they were directly inlaid with real leaves. Weighing its weight with his hand, it was very heavy, but it was obviously not made of some kind of metal that Han Li knew, let alone any kind of porcelain that he knew. Because it does not have the cold feeling of ordinary metal or the smooth surface texture of ordinary porcelain. Han Li observed carefully for a long time before he was sure that the bottle was made of some material he did not know, and that the light green looked like a natural color, a color of the material itself, not like an acquired dye. When he saw the tightly sealed bottle cap, Han Li decided to satisfy his curiosity and immediately opened the bottle to see if there was anything inside. Put your hand on the lid again and twist it hard. One, two, three.. The cap and the body of the bottle were cast as if they were the whole body, and they did not move at all, and the cap did not look like it was going to be opened. Han Li was taken aback, and when he picked up the bottle, he failed to twist it. But at that time, he was concerned about the injury and had no time to exert much strength, nor did he take it to heart. I thought it would be easy to open it with all my strength now. I didn't think about it, but it still didn't work. Han Li twisted a dozen times in a row, feeling that his arms were sore, but he still did not succeed, so he stopped. He shook his arm,deep draw stamping, moved his wrist, moved his wrist, and pulled it a little.