Ghost Face Lord's Abandoned Concubine

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"Brother-in-law, let's go!" She pulled him to the top of the hill, and the crowd ran after him. Also do not know how far, turned a few mountain corners, Li Xiangjun finally stopped,rotary vacuum disc filters, patted the crisp chest, breathing heavily: "Mom, I was sc

Shallow ink face calm as water, she suddenly found that and these women here to say this is really too boring, these TV series in the boring drama for favor, she almost vomited, these women even enjoy it. But it's no wonder that they were sent to the palace as gifts, which is a tragedy in itself. I'm afraid some of them haven't had a chance to see such a group of rippling women as Wang Ye yet. They must hate her deeply, the legendary slave concubine who has been loved again. Especially when she lived in Xinlan Pavilion and refused their fawning many times, it must have angered them even more that they thought she didn't know what was good and what was bad, and now when they saw the fierce master, they didn't hurry to put it up and sue her for making a fool of herself in public. But she has no intention of competing for favor, and she doesn't want to have a grudge against them. Seeing that Shallow Ink turned to go, Lin Ruohuan's eyes sank and he immediately stood up and handed the lute in his arms to the maid beside him. He raised his voice in front of Shallow Ink and said, I didn't expect you to be such a gutless person. If you don't compete with me today, you can't walk out of this Wanglian Pavilion! With a wink, her maid immediately blocked the way to Shallow Ink. Shallow ink sighed slightly,Belt Filter Press, why did she bother to do so? So what if you win? So what if you lose? Shallow ink turned around and stood near the lake. The breeze blew the white skirt and brushed the long black hair. It seemed to ride the wind and go away. It was as cold and graceful as Lingbo Fairy. Yesterday, the day that gave me up, is gone fore'er; Today, the day that stirs my heart, gives me peace ne'er. Looked at the water and the white lotus, her voice with a trace of sadness. Today's complicated experience makes her finally understand the mood of the poet who wrote this poem. Now she is really drawing a knife to cut off the water,disc air diffuser, the water is more flowing, and she is more worried. Life in the world is really so unsatisfactory, so when can she loose her hair and take a boat to drift freely on the rivers and lakes? Lin Ruohuan frowned. What are you talking about? The rest of the women were also puzzled. Linger, on the other hand, looked at Shallow Ink with adoration. When did her young lady become so talented? The sentence she said just now is like what the master said. The three people in the bamboo grove were all surprised when they asked this. Chu Pei was stunned. Xiahou smiled more and more. Chu Yu's eyes were so gloomy that they could almost drip water. Shallow ink turned his eyes and looked at the impatience on the faces of all the people. In his heart, he could not help feeling sorry for them. What the world respected was that women without talent were virtuous. Everything was centered on men. The husband was the heaven in their hearts. In order to please the husband, they tried their best to play the piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. Is it really the standard to examine whether a woman has talent or not? Without books, they are just empty shells with beautiful appearance. Shallow ink looked at a face of stubborn Lin Ruohuan in the heart slightly sigh than what? Lin Ruohuan smiled proudly and pointed to the lute in the maid's hand to test the skill of the lute. [48] One Moment of Greed Chapter 49 Amazing Talent Greedy for a while Chapter 49 Surprise Talent is absolutely gorgeous Compete with the lute? Shallow Mo Dai's eyebrows are high. Yes! Just like a lute! Lin Ruohuan raised his head. It seems that she can't refuse today anyway. When Linger heard this, she couldn't help worrying. She pulled the light ink and whispered, Lamella Plate Settler ,rapid sand filters, "Miss, but you haven't learned at all." With a shallow smile, she patted Linger's hand to reassure her. Lin Ruohuan was standing beside Linger when she heard what she was saying. She suddenly raised her voice and said, "Wait a minute!"! When everyone looked at her, Lin Ruohuan looked at the light ink and said with a smile, Since it's a competition, naturally there are winners and losers. The girls were eager to see the shallow ink make a fool of itself and immediately nodded in agreement. How about losing? Shallow ink frowns. Lin Ruohuan thought she was afraid and was very proud. She rolled her eyes and whispered a few words in the maid's ear. The maid turned around and ran out. After a moment under the puzzled eyes of the crowd, the maid led a man in. Lin Ruohuan looked at the old and ugly groom with satisfaction and said, "If anyone loses, he will get under the groom's step!"! Hum! Drill across but a great shame, she did not believe that this humiliation, this woman still has the face to stay in Yu brother's side. A word immediately caused an uproar. In the bamboo forest, Xiahou Yue still smiled at the corners of his eyes, but with a trace of worry. Chu stood up and his eyes showed that he was worried that his brother Ruohuan was playing too much. Would you like to stop her? Chu Yu was still meditating on the poem that had just been recited by Shallow Ink. At this time, Xuan Mei twisted her eyebrows and thought, "Let's see!"! On the other side of Wanglian Pavilion, Shallow Ink thought of a practical question, so how to win or lose? At this time, a thin middle-aged man came in and Lu Chuan was not willing to be a judge. Shallow Mo knew that this Lu Chuan was a musician in the palace who was upright and should not deliberately favor Lin Ruohuan, but she would never give him a chance to favor him and then agreed. Lin Ruohuan took the lute from the maid's hand and sat on the square stool facing the lake, facing the bamboo forest. She smiled confidently, and the sound of water gradually flowed out under her fingers. Looking at the people's intoxicated eyes, her heart was very proud. She had been practicing the pipa with the musicians in the palace since she was a child. Even the emperor praised her skill. It was hard to find anyone more skilled than her in the capital. This time she wanted to show her brother Yu well. The sound of the harp is gurgling like water flowing through the shallow ink, and the low eyes really play well. As soon as the song was played, all the people around him swarmed up and all kinds of praise were heard. The princess's skill is simply superb. Isn't it? The princess is both talented and beautiful. Lin Ruohuan, holding the lute in his arms, stood up triumphantly and looked at the bamboo forest with wonderful eyes. This time, brother Yu should be impressed with her. It's your turn! Lin Ruohuan handed the pipa to the shallow ink fundus with a look of waiting to see her make a fool of herself. Now the breeze is blowing slowly, and the morning sun is rising slowly. Shallow ink sitting on the edge of the pavilion fence, beside her, the lotus leaves in the fields are trembling slightly in the wind, and the white lotus is beginning to burst into fragrance around her nose. All the line of sight are glued on her body shallow ink heart gently sigh Lin Ruohuan is obviously want to make a fool of her, but she never thought that shallow ink is skilled in this way. She grew up in a scholarly family. She grew up in a scholarly atmosphere. Every day, besides learning, she played the piano and studied painting. She was very tough. If she wanted to learn a skill, she would stop learning if she didn't learn it. Pipa is her specialty,disc air diffuser, although her fingering is not superb, but if you want to find her shoulder to shoulder, I am afraid it is even more difficult.