Male and female queens of time travel

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There were no weak people there. If I had a heart-to-heart talk,shuttle rack system, I would be ridiculous. Shi Chu looks like a person when she smiles, so when she said she wanted to have a child, I said yes.

I looked at Sikong, he is very mysterious, he does not speak, do not listen to the class, silent, he has been so quiet, quiet not like mortals. Before Shen Ziyi, we were all afraid of him, invisible fear, ethereal fear. Still remember a long time ago, no regrets dare not bump into him, no regrets touch him, and then run away, hide in the corner to observe his actions. Sikong did not move, as if he did not care about unrepentant childish behavior, do not look at anything outside the body. His kung fu was beyond all imagination, and his profundity frightened the master, but he did nothing and drowned himself in the world of mortals. No regret more and more bold, bold to dare to raise his fist to move him, Sikong still does not move, hit also does not move. I'm afraid he forgot the feeling of pain. "Who does the emperor want to choose?" Su Gu stood behind me, looking at the playfulness of the childs,metal racking systems, and asked me for my opinion. I looked at Sikong, who did not know where to wander. "What's the matter? My brother can do everything!" He puffed out his chest with pride and glory. Can your brother tell a story? A story as wonderful as Sun Wukong? "Yes, my brother can not only talk about Sun Wukong, but also about Nezha Naohai!" "You're lying. There's no Nezha in the sea!" "Yes, my brother can do anything, my brother can you don't know!"! You're all idiots! "Shen Zimo, you dare to call this young master an idiot!" "My brother said that those who can't tell stories are idiots!" "Your brother is an idiot!" "You are an idiot!" Shen Zimo punched, angry that someone said his brother was an idiot. I laughed. It was because of his brother that they cracked down many times. He liked to talk about his brother and narrated everything about his brother. Just him. The elder brother who loves his younger brother will be a good courtier. Sikong nodded. Unrepentant and shameless: "This kind of person!" "What's wrong with this kind of person?" Sue is provocative. I knew my brother was not manly! "You are manly!" "Of course!" "Don't make any noise. Send him in." "No,heavy duty rack manufacturers, the gigolo is going to pass it on. I don't want to see him!" Su did not take him seriously, no regrets, this person does not speak with low status, everyone knows, if he pays attention to you, can only prove two things, one is: you are dying. The second is: You have a bright future. In the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Renguang, he had no regrets about beating the eldest son of the Minister of War and offending the Ministry of War. He's testing, testing his power. The Ministry of War bit him and refused to let him go, but in the end it was helpless. I sent him away from the palace, let him go to the National Protection Academy, to ensure that he is not happy to kill the eldest son of the ministers of the whole country, or leave, leave can be arrogant for a few more years. How many people can't find their direction, how many people have lost their goals, teardrop pallet racking ,medium duty racking, how many people have entered her world, and how many have given up their present mood. Holding a round thing without regret, he said proudly, "Your Majesty, look, it's fun!" I went out with Sikong and played with a round ball without regret. Isn't it fun? Sikong took a look and was no longer interested. I went over and wondered how this thing could be liked without regret. We play football and I teach you. "Quasi." When leisure entertainment, no regrets for many days did not come to the palace, accompany him to rest in reason. "You didn't kick like that." Zi Mo pushed him away without regret. He was very angry but didn't hit him. That's a good sign. Here's the thing. Zi Mo dips the ball, and the arc of the ball sliding is more mellow than that of no regret. My brother said that football should be played skillfully. "Your brother again!" …… Zi Mo dianqiu is very skilled, playing more than regretless, a small ball can change ten thousand kinds of tricks from his feet. I was fascinated by it, and Sikong also came to have a look. Su so lying on one side to see, everyone's attention on the son Mo body, no regrets have to admit that his level is really not very good. The first time I saw Zi Yi was an accident. She was a girl. I knew she was a girl when I investigated Zi Mo. I didn't care. There were many things about women and men, and he was a concubine. There was no need to pay attention to it. I have no regrets to drag him over. He has a lot of opinions and is reluctant. I still did not pay attention to him, sometimes we are really too arrogant, but no way, who let me be the emperor, who let the people around me are arrogant, as if not arrogant will lose their identity, there is nothing. [Fanwai: Qianqing (2)] No regrets like him more and more, they often argue for her, her dribs and drabs through their narrative inadvertently into my life. She was confident, confident for no reason, whereas we were confident. I appreciate her free and easy, appreciate his unrepentant provocation, I think I first fell in love with her. Because she is my dream, my dream is like this: can put aside everything, can be free. Perhaps my love is not strong enough, perhaps I have long thought that she would not be mine, I avoid giving her all, avoid giving my heart out, I hardly touch her, resist the love in my heart. "Your Majesty is late at night." Shi Chu served me to go to bed. She was the only female attendant in the Hall of Gan De. She was the first female palace official in the Eastern Qing Dynasty. She kept her duty and knew how to advance and retreat. It was natural to accept her. There are many women around me, and she is not the first and will not be the last. I love, although I do not want to admit, but I still want to say that I love, I will not fall in love with anyone, will not hate anyone, there is no interest relationship, into my harem is my woman, I try to be responsible for it. My father said, "Emperors should not be devoted to love.". In this position, it is difficult to be devoted. The first empress of the Eastern Qing Dynasty was the daughter of the former grand master. I have forgotten her appearance, but I will always remember that she is the daughter of the former grand master. There is no marriage between us. Her death is very strange. I didn't pursue it even if she died. There is nothing to pursue. This kind of thing is obvious, and it is useless to pursue it. If a man is dead, go quietly. There is a life you want in the cold. On the day of her death, Shi Chu accompanied me for one night. There were so many women in the harem. The most special thing was her and Sikong Chun. If Sikong Chun was not from Sikong Mansion, I would love her as much as Shi Chu. But she was from Sikong Mansion. There were no weak people there. If I had a heart-to-heart talk,shuttle rack system, I would be ridiculous. Shi Chu looks like a person when she smiles, so when she said she wanted to have a child, I said yes.