Two-faced (rich and powerful family)

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Lin Jiran sat beside the hospital bed, and when he was ready to stand up, he saw the curtain suddenly pulled open.

Lin Jiran sat beside the hospital bed, and when he was ready to stand up, he saw the curtain suddenly pulled open. She looked up and saw a tall and straight figure standing in front of the bed. He looked down at her with an expressionless face. Can we go back? She asked. Why did you go to the bar? Zhou Zhengxian did not answer her, but asked coldly. Lin Jiran said, "Zhou Weien called to get drunk and insisted that I pick him up.". I think he might cause trouble if I don't go. So I took a man to find him, but.. I didn't think he was in trouble before I saw him. Zhou Zhengxian laughed back angrily. "Are you worried about him causing trouble?"? When did you worry about him so much? Lin Jiran pursed his lips and did not speak. Two people were deadlocked for a while, suddenly, Zhou Zhengxian asked, "Why, do you like him?" The author has something to say: domineering week online. Zhou Zhengxian: Do you dare to say you like it?! I'll do it to you if I dare! Recommend the next door's gay friend to draw a sleeping article ^ _ ^ He is like a star in the sea ^ _ ^ The pit is very deep, if you like sweet, just jump. Chapter 25 don't stop thinking. "What?" Lin Jiran sneered, "you say, I like him." Zhou Zhengxian's eyebrows were heavier, but the mood of the woman sitting on the edge of the bed did not fluctuate. "Mr. Zhou, as a person employed by the Zhou family, I am still very measured.". With Wednesday's status, we ordinary people can't get it. Zhou Zhengxian's heart was stuffy for no reason. In front of this person's mouth is "too high to climb" meaning, but the eyes are full of casual and indifferent,collapsible pallet box, "you can rest assured, in addition to the duty to protect the young masters, I just regard Zhou Weien as a friend, that's all." "Friends?" Zhou Zhengxian slightly bent down, because of this action, the distance between the two suddenly narrowed, "Lin Jiran,plastic pallet suppliers, is a friend do not need you to protect him.". If this glass is not stuck in your hand, but in some dangerous place, do you still want to take a life? Lin Jiran gave a slight pause, and his words. It's very partial to her. Is he concerned about her? "No, I can see it." Lin Jiran smiled faintly, "say again." I cherish this life very much. Zhou Zhengxian took a deep look at her, then straightened up and said coldly, "Come out and go home with me." Lin Jingran pursed his lips, held the other hand in one hand, and stood up. "Mr. Zhou, I haven't asked you why you were suddenly in the bar. Shouldn't you not be in Beijing at this time?" "Just got back." Zhou Zhengxian opened the door and looked back at her. "Fortunately, I came back early." “……” Zhou Weien's trouble in the bar was suppressed by Zhou Zhengxian, so Mrs. Huo and the elders were not alarmed. And Lin Jinran also because of the injury can no longer go to work, originally she wanted to go back to school directly, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet manufacturer, but Zhou Zhengxian said that this is a work-related injury, the Zhou family has the obligation to support her, for her treatment until recovery. When she got up the next day, someone knocked on the door of her room as soon as there was any movement. She went to open the door and saw a little girl of eighteen or nineteen standing in the doorway. "Miss Lin, you're up." "Who are you?" "My name is Zhou Piaoyi, um." Just call me Piao Piao. I'm here to take care of your daily life. "Huh?" Lin Jiran frowned slightly, "are you here to take care of me?" "Yes, the eldest young master said I would follow you recently." "Oh, I didn't expect the Zhou family to be so humane." Piaopiao embarrassed smile, "young master has been so good, you usually take care of him, so the young master will certainly help you arrange what to do after the injury." Lin Jiran glanced at the girl with peach blossoms on her face. "Oh." With the help of Piaopiao, she finished washing. After staying in the room for a while, Lin was really bored, so she wanted to go out for a walk. However, after going out, the little girl followed her all the time. …… Why don't you do your own thing and I'll just walk around. Lin Jinran finally couldn't help saying. Piao Piao, "I'd better follow you, in case you have something to tell me." "I have nothing to do." Piaopiao has a sincere face. "But just in case.". ” “……” Unable to get rid of her, they had to take her with them. They went to the pharmacy. When the busy people inside saw her, they hurried forward. "Oh, are your hands all right?" They all knew that Lin Jinran went out to pick up their family last night. "Listen to Xiao Rui, you can show your skills in the bar. He said he didn't dare to be a man. It's good for you to brush and rush forward." Last night, the young man who followed Lin Jiran to pick up people scratched the back of his head. "I was scared silly at that time." Lin Jiran smiled, "I practiced a little before." "I've practiced." You're really something. "But no matter how you are a girl, how can you leave a scar on your hand?" "Who says there will be a scar? I will never let this scar stay!" Suddenly, an angry and anxious voice came from the door. They looked for the sound, only to see Zhou Weien came over in a hurry, but unlike the usual handsome young man's appearance, today's Zhou Weien is really a bit miserable. This face, too, was beaten hard enough. Lin Jinran rarely choked, and when Zhou Weien approached, she said with a smile, "I didn't see the light clearly yesterday, so you were really beaten like a pig's head." Everyone sweated silently, and Lin Jiran dared to say it directly. They all brushed and looked at Zhou Weien, but they didn't expect that their domineering Wednesday would not hear it. Instead, they took Lin Jiran's hand and said earnestly, "You can rest assured that I will make your hand intact." Lin Jinran glanced at him. "You're lucky you didn't make trouble for me." Zhou Weien coughed, a little embarrassed, "I drank too much yesterday." "I know you drank too much, so please don't fool around like this in the future." I know! I won't! Lin Jinran pulled his hand out and said,plastic pallet price, "OK, let someone put medicine on your face quickly. Tut, the living Daniel Wu has become Yue Yunpeng." "Poof!" “……” 。