Wan Long Shen Zun

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"Yes, this is the eye of the prisoner's star field." Wen Qingye, with a strange divine light in his eyes, looked at the endless sea water in the distance, as well as the scattered islands suspended in the sea, and said: "With this array eye, I can open the array of

"Yes, this is the eye of the prisoner's star field." Wen Qingye, with a strange divine light in his eyes, looked at the endless sea water in the distance, as well as the scattered islands suspended in the sea, and said: "With this array eye, I can open the array of all the islands around me." Qing Ruoai exclaimed, "Isn't that saying that the Prisoner Demon Star Domain is nothing to you?" "Yes," Wen Qingye's eyes showed a mysterious smile. Qing Ruoai looked at Wen Qingye's smile and couldn't help but jump in her heart, as if she had thought of something, and her face suddenly changed. The little python "Wen Qingye looked ahead and chuckled." Huh? What's the matter? Cold ice Jiao heard the call of Wen Qingye, the whole body suddenly bent down. Give me the Dharma Protector, and I will break through to escape from the world. Wen Qingye said, his body sat down and took out the ancient fish king ginseng from the south wind area from the Sumeru mustard. Cold ice Jiao heard Wen Qingye's words, with a huge roar, the body circled into the air, a pair of dragon eyes looking at the surrounding grass and trees. Chapter 900 taking ancient fish king ginseng. After Wen Qingye sat down, he directly held a whole ancient fish king ginseng in his mouth,ibc spill pallet, and the ancient fish king ginseng melted directly in his mouth. Suddenly, an explosive force came out of his body. Boom! The whole island burst into a roar above, and the vitality above trembled violently, as if it had been guided by some kind of guidance, swarming into the body of Wen Qingye. The sea around the island also boiled up, and the mountain roared like a tsunami. On another island next to this one. What's going on here? It's weird! A white-haired man, frowning,collapsible bulk containers, looked at the sky above, the whirlpool of vitality constantly stirring, a black hole in the middle, and dozens of miles around the vitality are attracted by the black hole. What the hell is going on here? Isn't Jinhua Island uninhabited all the time? How can there be such a strong turbulence in heaven and earth? Is there a master who has been expelled to this prisoner's star field? A strange light appeared in the man's eyes. Looking at the sky, he nodded and said, "It seems so. I don't know if it's a master of that domain. If it's my Dongxuanyu, it would be fine. You can ask about the situation." Thinking of this, the man rushed in the direction of the island. At the moment when the man rushed away, the shock between heaven and earth became more and more intense, and a strong vitality continued to seep out from heaven and earth, and then poured into the whirlpool on the island. Seen from a distance, almost the whole island is wrapped in some colorful and violent vitality, secondary containment pallet ,drum spill pallet, which is very spectacular. The scene was so violent that it almost attracted the attention of the powerful on dozens of islands around the center of the island. Countless stunned eyes were cast on the whirlpool above the island, looking at the violent vitality in the sky as if it were real, and the huge pressure that came out faintly, which made many weaker masters feel frightened. This is a vision of heaven and earth caused by someone breaking through the barrier on Jinhua Island. "This kind of breakthrough is obviously the momentum of breaking through the Taixu Plunder or the Feather Plunder. In my opinion, it is not like the older generation of masters who are prisoners of the Magic Star Domain, but like new comers." Who did he offend? So powerful that he could be exiled? .......... As time went on, the violent changes of vitality between heaven and earth not only did not weaken, but became more and more intense, and later, it looked almost as if countless colorful pieces were constantly sweeping down from the sky. Wen Qingye naturally could not hear the words of the exiled strong man in the prisoner's magic star field, and he was still absorbing the vitality of the world around him, with his eyes closed. Around the majestic vitality of the continuous convergence toward his meridians, at the same time, the body of the ancient fish king ginseng also slowly penetrated into his body, into a red essence, in the warm night of the body began to flow up. Red Jingyuan overbearing peerless, like a fire dragon in general, even if the meridians of the warm night are so tough, but by the red vitality like a flame, suddenly become hot up. The red essence flows very fast, in less than a moment, Wen Qingye's body is like a cooked shrimp, the whole body is red, the skin flows with a trace of red trickle, looks very strange. Boom, boom! Violent vitality, like a burst in the meridians of the warm night, sent out a strong strength, almost to the body burst in general. Wen Qingye frowned and could not help making a muffled sound. His lips opened slightly, and a large amount of red blood flowed out of his mouth, nose, and ears. Do not know how long has passed, those violent red essence with the vitality between heaven and earth in the 108 meridians of the warm night swimming, repairing the injuries in the body of the warm night. After a wick of incense, the injuries in Wen Qingye's body were all washed away by the majestic vitality, and it was 7788. Then the essence and the vitality of heaven and earth went hand in hand and rushed towards the sea of air in the warm night like rolling waves. And the sea of air in the warm and clear night gets such a large amount of essence, but also around countless heaven and earth vitality surging, suddenly like the magma that has not erupted for ten thousand years, almost crazy boiling up. It was originally with dense cracks are gradually growing, like a butterfly out of the cocoon. Click! Click! Wen Qingye knew that what was bred in the sea of Qi was a little rudiment of True Qi. As long as the sea of Qi burst, a wisp of True Qi would emerge. There is a world of difference between True Qi and Primordial Qi. To become an immortal is to fade the primordial Qi of the whole body and turn it into the vast and abstruse True Qi. And to escape from the world is to give birth to that wisp of True Qi. Taixu plunder is to raise that wisp of True Qi,collapsible pallet bin, so that it increases, strength than the strength of the plunder is not much increase, nor is it very obvious. binpallet.com