Live up to the Tathagata and live up to Qing

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Every time I see her, I chew food in my mouth and happily go around looking for NPC to chat, or squat in the kitchen to learn cooking from the chef,stainless steel welded pipe, and rarely see her practice martial arts. Muyu originally thought that Yao Xiaotao was a general life player, jus

In fact, Lu Guang used this soft method to hold Rosh, but to prevent him from spreading the law in the army to establish prestige, he did not need Rosh's advice? What's more, Lv Guangben was not a person who could listen to other people's advice. He was very suspicious of his ministers and liked to use torture. Although Rosh and Lv Guang are not right, when Lv Guang's decision is wrong, he will still try his best to dissuade him. There is no need to guess what the result of this persuasion will be. Over time, Rosh also gave up and said no more. Just so meaningless to follow, let Rosh feel depressed to the extreme. In his spare time, Rosh went to all the places in the city that could barely be regarded as temples, but he shook his head and sighed with a livid face. In this era, Buddhism and Taoism were not separated, and the temples were also worshipped by Sakyamuni Taishang Laojun, and monks and Taoists were not separated. I remember a joke from the Sixteen Kingdoms Period. When Murong De, the ruler of the Southern Yan Kingdom, was not sure which city to attack, he asked a monk to make a divination with the Book of Changes. He asked a few questions and immediately knew that these monks, unlike monks and Taoists, were all here to make a living and knew nothing about the basic Dharma. He was also ignorant of Rosh's name. Remembering that when we came to a small country in the Western Regions, the masses lined the streets to welcome him and stood for a long time,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, just to see his elegant demeanor. The king must be respectful and considerate, just to be able to invite him to speak. However, once into the Hexi Corridor, this grand occasion is no longer. His popularity among ordinary people is far less than that of some mysterious magic sticks. The whole Liangzhou is the desert of Buddhism. I tried my best to comfort him gently and support him by drawing the future. Although he never said it, I knew that he endured a strong psychological gap in the desert. Rosh was forced to live a secular life and followed Lu Guang to and from work on time every day. But he still insisted on shaving his head, wearing a monk's robe, doing morning and evening classes, and reading Chinese documents in the evening to exercise his Chinese level. Most of the civil and military officials in Liangzhou followed Lv Guang to the west and knew the origin of his marriage. So there is no objection to our secular life,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, but we are less likely to point fingers behind our backs than in Subhash. A hero in troubled times In late October, there was already a chill. In the autumn wind, I continued my investigation work in Guzang City. It was really boring to stretch out my hands for clothes and open my mouth for food every day. Rosh was at Lu Guang's place during the day, and I had nothing to do when I was idle, so I went back to my old job. Tired of painting, squint at the sky. The sky here is not as pure as Qiuci blue. But the clouds and wind relax, do not have a taste. It's interesting to have a rest and draw like this. At the bell tower in the center of the painting city, the sound of hooves from far to near was heard. The people were frightened and retreated to the roadside. I looked up doubtfully and saw a large group of people coming here. Quickly pack up and carry the small bench to retreat. The group was already in front of me, and the leading horse was coming towards me. I had no time to avoid it, and when I saw that I was about to hit it, I tried my best to jump back. The momentum of the passing horse brought me to the ground. I was still sitting on the ground, and my first reaction was to check if I was hurt. My elbow hurts a little. I opened my sleeve and saw that it was okay, but my clothes were worn out. Before he could take care of his chagrin, an insolent voice came from the top of his head: "Be bold and dare to block the young master's horse!" Looking up, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, I saw a tall burly man riding on the purplish red horse that had hit me. He is in his early twenties at most, with a square and broad face, and his facial features are not outstanding. His eyebrows were thick and almost connected, and his lips were quite large, with a trace of coldness. The eyes are like eagles, which make people palpitate and shoot out impenetrable light. And handsome do not match the facial features, but because of the tension of the whole body like a string in the bow, the combination is very heroic. Long arms, agile posture, a look will know that this person is good at riding and shooting. Plus it is high-spirited age, such a person, in the crowd can also distinguish his light, smell out his danger. I'm running the database through my head. Such a tough appearance, rough and resolute lines, certainly not the Han people. Look at the horse and the riding clothes of the dignitaries. His family background should be extraordinary. Xianbei people? Qiang people? Or the Huns? Lv Guang claimed to be the queen, "Longxi County, one after another to join", of which, there are two ethnic minorities to join. First, Hexi Xianbei was bald and lonely, and later Nanliang was established in the northeast of Qinghai. The other branch is Lushui Xiongnu Juqu Department, the actual founder of the Northern Liang Kingdom. I wonder which one they are? Just as he was thinking, he burst out laughing, unruly and wild: "The Han women in the city of Guzang are much more interesting than other places.". Dare to stare at a man and show his skin. Suddenly I realized that my sleeves were still rolled up, so I rolled them up and stood up. No matter what nationality he is, I can't afford to mess with him. Patting the dust behind you, it's wiser to leave quickly. As soon as he turned his head, he suddenly turned his horse's head and stood in front of me. I stared up at his eagle-like deep eyes, and the autumn sunshine did not warm the haze in the depths of his eyes. I wonder, what kind of person did you provoke? "Monson, this is not Lu Shui. Don't be reckless." Another man, who appeared to be thirty years old, came forward, his voice steady and strong, and his tone was somewhat reproachful. Man Cheng, Gu Zang is much better than Lu Shui. With so many delicate beauties, there is no need to worry about loneliness. He replied to the man with a giggle, and the names that came out of their mouths shocked me. I finally know who they are. It turns out that the man who hit me is Juqu Mengxun! Lushui Xiongnu Juqu Department, because the ancestors did Zuo Juqu in Xiongnu for generations, the descendants took this official name as their own surname. After Lv Guang's separatist regime in Liangzhou, the Juqu tribe took refuge in Lv Guang under the leadership of the patriarch Juqu Luoqiu, who was given the title of minister by him. And Luo Qiu's nephew, Ju Qu Meng Xun, is another fierce hero in this era, the second generation of the Northern Liang who sold his brother to be king. The elder brother he betrayed was the other man who now spoke to stop him: Juqu Nancheng! "Little girl,304 Stainless Steel Wire, you are bold enough to stare at me all the time." I was startled to see him looking at me thoughtfully with a funny smile on his lips. Only then did I realize that I had just thought too much and inadvertently looked at him for too long. Alas, the occupational disease was committed at a bad time. Restraining the characteristics of a modern woman, he bowed to Yingying in a delicate way: "Please forgive the little girl for bumping into this man's tall horse. It's my fault.". "I hope you are magnanimous and don't haggle." 。