The sword is proud of Wulin

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Every time I see her, I chew food in my mouth and happily go around looking for NPC to chat, or squat in the kitchen to learn cooking from the chef,stainless steel welded pipe, and rarely see her practice martial arts. Muyu originally thought that Yao Xiaotao was a general life player, jus

Huang Fengqi also said with a sneer, "Leng Laoer, don't think that no one in the world can break your learning of civil engineering mechanism and Qimen formation. To tell you the truth, my teacher, Old Qiao, is an expert in this way. In the Daba Mountains, Pang Tianlong, the boy you trained, even deployed ten formations, but he didn't baffle my elder brother, Jiao Tianyulong Fu Quan. He still went straight in and out without hindrance." "That's because I told Pang Tianlong to let you suffer," said Leng Mengxiong. Did not ask him to really take your life, otherwise, when you enter the battle, that also wait for Fu Quan to come to save you. "Don't pretend to be merciful," Huang Fengqi sneered again. "Why don't you let him take my life? "Don't dream of saying that. I hope I'll let you go. I advise you to be less careful." "What am I thinking?" Leng Mengxiong way: "Anyway, the third brother has been killed by you, you kill me again, what does it matter? However, I also tell you honestly, I want to leave your life to the nephew to decide, when the time comes to let you both face to face, if you can admit your mistake, I also help you to plead with him, maybe he can understand;"; If he insists on revenge, he can only do so much for you, my brother, and for him, my uncle, but.. Huang Feng frowned and asked, "But what?"? Why don't you say it? "But now I've changed my mind," said Leng Mengxiong. "What changed your mind?" Leng Mengxiong sighed with infinite sadness: "Alas!"! My only daughter died at your hands, and why should I plead for you? So it seems that my third brother and I may really owe you in our previous lives. Huang Fengqi laughed and said,304 stainless steel wire, "So you've accepted your fate." Without fear, Leng Mengxiong said resolutely, "Now I have no martial arts. If I don't accept my fate, you can kill me." Huang Fengqi gave a dry laugh, stepped forward, and was about to make a move. Suddenly- There was a long laugh in the forest. "Forty years east of the river, thirty years west of the river," he said. "Who on earth has accepted his fate?"? Old thief Huang, if you hurt my uncle Leng, I will tear you up inch by inch today and feed you to eagles and dogs, so that you will never be born again. The words were so cruel and vicious that they made people's hair stand on end. Yue Teng walked out amid wild laughter. Huang Fengqi was stunned and said, "Ah!"! So it's you, boy. Yue Teng nodded and said with a smile, "It's Ben Ye, Old Dog Huang. Your little Huagusan can't harm Ben Ye." As soon as his figure was raised, he came to Leng Mengxiong. He knelt down on the ground and said, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, "Little nephew Yue Teng, pay your respects to Uncle Leng." Leng Mengxiong with tears in his eyes, hurriedly pulled up Yue Teng: "Get up, get up. How can you be so negligent in the face of a formidable enemy?" Yue Teng looked at Huang Fengqi disdainfully and said with a smile, "He doesn't dare. Even if my little nephew is asleep, he doesn't dare. I have some good news to tell you, old man." Leng Mengxiong wiped away his tears and said with a forced smile, "What news?"? We'll talk about it later. It's important to deal with business now. Yue Teng gave Huang Fengqi a contemptuous glance and said, "He can't run, and he doesn't dare to run. Look at him, old man. He's shaking all over, his legs are weak, and his whole body is weak. How can he still run? Then look at him. His face is pale and ashen. This is a symbol of death, though full of evil." Leng Mengxiong nodded and laughed and said, "In the face of the enemy who killed his father and exterminated his family, you are not impatient and impulsive. Nephew Yue, your calmness makes Yu Bo admire you very much. From this we can see that you are really gifted and extraordinary. You are really a great hero." Yue Teng bowed and said, "Uncle Leng is so flattering. My little nephew wants to tell you that Sister Leng is not only alive, but also a blessing in disguise. She is now studying with a strange man." Leng Mengxiong was so surprised that he grabbed Yue Teng and asked, "Are you serious?" Yue Teng nodded and said with a smile, "Of course it's true!"! Because below that high cliff was the Changchun Valley, where a strange man lived in seclusion. Now Aunt Leng, Tieguai Yinpo and Jinyin Shuangmaidservant had also moved to the Changchun Valley. ” "Then who is that strange man?" Asked Leng Mengxiong. Yue Teng replied, "It is said that forty years ago, Wei Zhen was a chivalrous woman in the desert of Xinjiang and Tibet. Her single plough finger and rhinoceros horn finger are the best in the martial arts world today. She is also the nemesis of Tibetan Lamas' Tantric martial arts." Leng Mengxiong nodded his head and said, "Uncle Yu once heard about such a great swordswoman in his early years, but I haven't heard about her since. She lived in seclusion in Changchun Valley and made her sister Tieguai Yinpo look for her everywhere." Yue Teng said with a smile, "Just because she's no longer called the Great Desert Chivalrous Woman, she changed her name to Changchun Fairy. Two months ago, she became my brother's new wife. When Aunt Leng came, she was just in time for the wedding party." Leng Mengxiong asked again, "Well, my good nephew, who is your Elder Martial Brother?" "It's the first of the four wonders, Dongyue Kuangsheng-Lingxiao Swordsman Dongmen Jie!" Leng Mengxiong was astonished and said with a smile, "Ah!"! Dongyue Kuangsheng, a wonder of a generation, is only your Elder Martial Brother. It's really a pity to see him. It's really rare to see him. If my third brother has knowledge under the spring, he can also close his eyes with a smile. At first, he smiled with joy, but later he wept with joy. In the end, he burst into tears and cried bitterly. After hearing this, Yue Teng could not help but burst into tears and wept silently. Seeing that he was old and weak and had lost his strength, he was afraid that he would cry badly, and was about to open his mouth to say a few words of comfort to him. There was a long roar behind him, and Huang Fengqi took the opportunity to run away crazily. Yue Teng looked back and shouted in a deep voice, "Old dog, can you still run away.." People rise with the sound, just like a flying cloud, three up and down, has caught up. He raised his hand and recorded "Thunder over Yunshan Mountain", which went straight to the back of Huang Fengqi and struck by lightning. He was about to destroy his father's enemy in the palm of his hand. Suddenly he heard a loud shout. From the side of the grass, a man jumped up and turned over his wrist. He had already taken Yue Teng's palm. After a loud noise,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Yue Teng was shaken so that his arm was numb and his body was shaken, while the other side was also slightly shaken, but he was not shaken back by the palm. Both of them were surprised and looked up at each other.