Zong Man is still looking for the wrong target today.

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The sense of another woman's voice speaking gave a wonderful feeling, although it was clear that she must be speaking in a very cynical manner now, but it did not make people feel that she was rude at all.

I always feel that the dead handle wood is trapped in some rather strange corner of thinking. I won't give anyone another chance to hurt you.. Don't ignore me. The dead-handle wood clenched her hand unconsciously. It doesn't matter if you hate me. You have to remember me. “……” "We are.." Dead handle wood took her finger, put it on her lips and kissed it with a precious and heavy kiss. In love, aren't they? “……” No. Dude, that's not true. When Hanase felt that the mess was already chaotic enough, he did not expect that it could really be more chaotic. If you don't say it, it will definitely leave sequelae, not to mention that the surrounding environment is better than a single street corner. Hanase quickly pulled his hand out and said decisively, "No, I don't have that feeling for you." “…… Ah, I should have thought so. Dead handle wood unexpectedly did not get angry, but rather some nervous laugh, "has been very good, I do not have to live in front of less than one in ten thousand of your replicators every day, you also remember me, no feelings do not matter, I really expect so much?" The voice of the dead handle wood trembled with a subtle sob: Now that you can really talk to me, I think I'm in heaven. Really ugly and awkward, like a lost dog to beg you. How much do I love you.. It's so annoying. Say some awkward words like a child,5 person hot tub, hear the last clear feeling of Hanase that his voice is not right, has not had time to say half a word, a figure faster than the hurricane, in an instant in front of her. You At the moment of seeing the person in front of him, Green Valley suddenly opened his eyes wide, raised his hand and shook his fist, but the dead handle wood gradually turned into a pool of mud and disappeared. Knowing that his physical form had completely disappeared,garden jacuzzi tub, he had been looking at Hanase with happy eyes. Are you all right?! Green Valley immediately looked up and down at Hanase, she did not have any scars or suspicious, but Green Valley in the end still can not rest assured, frowning intently looking at some of the shaking of Hanase, "what did he do to you?"? Is there anything wrong? Or very strange behavior? Hanase shook his head. "No." "Then he is." "May be," Hanase was still immersed in the impact just now, his face was not good, "just want to confirm that I am me." Actually, it's confirmed. Since Hanase saw the combination of hyacinth and dessert, he began to have a vague guess. The dead-handle wood is warning her. If at first Hanase thought that the dead handle wood was looking for her to settle accounts, he could not help but say that he was taken away and locked up and beaten or something, after hearing the other side's humble expression, outdoor whirlpool ,jacuzzi manufacturers, Hanase began to be confused. I don't know what the dead handle wood wants to do, but one thing seems to be certain: the dead handle wood won't hurt her. But in other words, the dead handle wood can be so familiar with her actions, and every time she moves outdoors, even this time Xiongying, she can get information in time. It's impossible that she really installed something on her body. She hasn't gone out alone since she came back, let alone contacted any strangers at will. Then it can only be that the eyeliner network of the dead handle wood itself is so strong. This is terrible, especially for heroes who are in the open. Green Valley naturally thought of this, the temporary silence of the enemy alliance has never been a real exit signal, but now is the declaration of war by the other side's hidden forces. Xiongying sounded the first-level alert that afternoon, Hanase really did not dare to see Aizawa, Green Valley looked back at her is not willing to go, the face of the guilty tangle almost overflowing. Green Valley: "?" Green Valley: "Is there anything difficult?" "Anyway, it has something to do with me." Will Mr. Aizawa be very angry? Hanase was almost shivering. "It's over. I'm going to make him angry again." "You.." Green Valley froze for a moment and couldn't help laughing. "Why are you so afraid of Mr. Aizawa?" "He's been in a lot of trouble, and he's been unhappy today." Hanase wanted to cry without tears and said, "You must remember to plead for me later!" Green Valley: "Good." Hanase is willing to go. Really in front of Aizawa, nothing happened, Green Valley and their reappearance of the scene, inevitably let Hanase a little talk about the situation at that time. Hanase did not elaborate, probably only said that the dead handle wood confirmed her. So it looks like the target is Shiina Maiden. Ormat finished this sentence, just a long time did not say the second half of the sentence, hands on the knee, the tone became difficult, "that, Shiina girl." Dead handle wood, why would he be so persistent to you-ah, it's not convenient to say nothing! He was nervous because of the inappropriateness of the question, but he really didn't know where to start without asking Ormat. It should be.. Hanase choked, the line of sight from Green Valley to Aizawa, and finally took it back, "I knew him before, he regarded me as.." Friends, these two people really can't say whether they are alive or dead. How the hell did she get a "friend" card after hearing that? Love.. Hanase nearly bit his tongue. Have, have that kind of feeling. Exist. Ormat's confused face: " 'That kind of feeling' is …" "That's not the point today, Ormat." Aizawa interrupted with a faint look on his face and could not see anything special. "The most urgent thing is that the enemy's alliance is buried in the dark line of Xiongying. Perhaps the grey industry of the whole city has been covered by them." The topic is running fast on the serious road, and the emotional drama of Hanase, which is not a weight, is naturally forgotten. Green Valley offered to send her back, which was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to talk. Out for a long time. But Hanase just shouted his name, and the color of pleasure that was clearly visible between the eyes of Green Valley disappeared in an instant: "Are you really so eager to talk to me, Hanase?" His tone was that he already knew what was about to happen. Hanase pursed his lower lip,endless swim spa, subconsciously moving, looking embarrassed but not wavering: "I'm very sorry for everything I did to you before, and now we.." "Wait." 。 monalisa.com