League of Legends Seven Seconds Prediction

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The sense of another woman's voice speaking gave a wonderful feeling, although it was clear that she must be speaking in a very cynical manner now, but it did not make people feel that she was rude at all.

The EDG even abandoned koro for AJ, and to be honest, it was true that AJ was carrying for a while. However, as to whether EDG really abandoned AJ, it is not good to say, and to put it bluntly, it is not black EDG or anything, EDG's little routine is indeed the dirtiest, most reflected in the work of confidentiality. Although this d is AJ now, it is possible to play this number is koro, EDG often plays this trick, as for how Chen Yiqing knows. Then ask Chris, who was standing behind Chen Yiqing. Chris was explaining everything with a smile. Chen Yiqing said with a smile, "There is such a thing." Chris smiled and said, "It's an old trick. Everyone used to do it." After the match officially started, in the first set, the LH team was on the other side, and everyone just banned it casually. You banned Timo, and I banned a werewolf or something. Team LH first choice, it depends on what the old cow likes to play, the old cow very much like the hand and sword Ji, especially like to redo the two heroes, the old cow thought about it and said: "I use the hand?" This sentence Lao Niu turned to ask Chris, now the LH team is not before, although Lao Niu has no feelings for Chris, but, anyway, people have come, you still have to respect them, right? Chris nodded and said, "Yes, Noah is very strong now." Lao Niu pressed the button to confirm, while on the first and second floors opposite, he chose a single captain to fight wild spiders. 5。 Version 18, the wild change is not very big, almost no change, and 5. The only position that has not been changed in the 18 version is the wild. Now this version,endless swimming pool, the spider, Rexel is still the strongest wild, if the damage or something, the wild area encounters single combat or something, it must still be spider strong, this version of the spider damage is simply explosive. However, in other places, such as anti-squat and so on, the functions of the two heroes are different, just like one is playing boxing, the other is playing sword, each has its own strengths, so I will not comment much. However,american hot tub, let Chen Yiqing five people did not expect that the opposite deft did not play ADC, iron man, do not know why, Yunyi played a few iron man yesterday, shouted, this hero is really abnormal, super strong. Moreover, this hero doesn't need any technical content at all. He just does it. When he comes to play wild, if he cooperates well with the assistant, he can play two against three. Of course, it may be because there is no technical content, so deft does not want to play, and this is mostly the reason, this reason is also very easy to explain, that is, everyone wants to show, you use the iron man, bang bang bang three times, that also show a fart. Yunyi doesn't care about this thing. I'll use it if it's strong. I don't care so much. Lh team's two or three choices are ADC iron man, auxiliary day woman, these two can be regarded as the best combination, iron man this hero is the kind of hard control of the auxiliary, auxiliary where to set the opposite, and then iron man to knock, this is the best, best whirlpool tub ,outdoor endless pool, if the iron man that wet nurse this kind of auxiliary, it simply can not play. Three or four choices of EDG, on the single Jian Ji, ADC wheel mother, one thing to say is, 5. In version 18, the spear of vengeance has been weakened again, as if it has fewer attacks or something, and it has been cut badly. But the wheel mother anything also has not changed, if does not calculate the iron male's words, the normal ADC will tell, the wheel mother is now the strongest ADC!!! The last two choices of the LH team, the wild, must be Reksai, and the single, to tell the truth, the single captain is too fierce, although in this version has been weakened once, but still suddenly to death. Chen Yiqing thought about it, or use the Czar, because the sand soldier can dismantle the captain's barrel from a long distance. And the last hand of the opposite is needless to say, the best partner of the wheel mother, the wind girl. This is the line-ups of the two sides to determine down, LH assault group, on the single hand, playing wild Rex, in the single czar, ADC iron man, auxiliary day female. The EDG line-ups is, on the single sword Ji, hits the wild spider, in the single captain, the ADC wheel mother, the auxiliary wind female. The training room, the LH team and EDG on a purpose, that is familiar with 5. 18 version, familiar with the world finals version!!! The game is officially on! Let me tell you something. Tonight, I stayed up all night with my book friend Wuhei, and I want to come to the live broadcast room of Douyu to play together. 233257, let's come together. If there are five people, we don't want anyone. Come on, everyone. Chapter 357 EDG does not value the road. Since everyone is to be familiar with 5. ~ Blue ~ ~ ~.. Version 18, then change the line this kind of thing, certainly will not happen, and, both sides are short on the single, a Nuo hand, a sword Ji, also simply can not have change the line this kind of thing. After entering the game, the two sides stand normally, and then go online normally, and since this version is said to be a single version, then for sure, the wild must go to help on the road. Saner also knows this. After the red buff is opened, he goes straight up the road. In fact, Saner did the same thing before, but it's nothing, but on the contrary, it doesn't seem to be the case. Of course, Chen Yiqing five people do not know, the factory director after playing blue buff, and did not go to the road, to play a red buff or something, but ran to lay down the road of the river crab, it seems that the factory director is ready to find an opportunity to catch the wave. It seems that there is nothing wrong for the factory director to do so. At present, there is nothing wrong. Although it is the version of the single carry, it really doesn't care about ADC? Impossible, ad is followed by a C, which means that ADC still has the ability to carry. But the LH assault group's monkey and the cloud Yi two people, ate a road stone person on the line, the iron man is this routine, but on the line, the cloud Yi pushes the line directly. Two people are with the shield of the holy thing, is the auxiliary out of that thing, in your side circle, push line thief fast, these are iron man ADC routine, although today the national service in the update,Whirlpool bathtub, but these things have long been in the United States service, hanbok play open, national service players have long known. monalisa.com