The military wedding is provocative

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The sense of another woman's voice speaking gave a wonderful feeling, although it was clear that she must be speaking in a very cynical manner now, but it did not make people feel that she was rude at all.

What's wrong with my life? The real thing is to use women's dirty means, which really loses the identity of the world's first NUA organization. As the saying goes, people's recuperation to a certain state, no matter what others say will not be angry, it is clear that Ai Qing belongs to this kind of person. With a smile on his face, he looked very gentle. I'm not the only one who's unfashionable. You killed her father, used her as bait, and slept with her. Isn't that more unfashionable than me? Now, why don't you tell me? Obviously, he said this on purpose to the forsythia. And see the fire brother close at hand, at this time forsythia heart is about to collapse, pale without half a trace of blood. She especially wanted to know the truth, but she was afraid to know the truth, so she could not speak, and now she could only endure the dizziness of suffocation in her heart and look nervously at Brother Huo. She was expecting his answer. His face suddenly changed, Xing Lie-huo slowly looked at forsythia, paused for several seconds, then coldly swept to Ai Qing, "that's my business with her, you don't need to know." Ai Qing slightly raised his lips and smiled, looking at forsythia, winking, "now, do you believe it?" Shaking his head desperately, he could not make a sound in his mouth, and his eyes stared bitterly at Ai Qing. Squinting her peach blossom eyes, Ai Qing gently tore the bandage on her mouth and whispered, "I know, you want to ask him yourself, ask, give you a chance to ask.." He shook his head,outdoor spa manufacturers, and the Forsythia, which had always had a clear tone, was a little hoarse, but what he said stuck into Master Xing's ears like a thorn. Brother Huo, did you kill my father? Memories quickly took shape in the brain, Xing Lihuo looked at the beautiful face in front of him, and began to overlap with the more tender little face in his memory, and then the past of nine years ago came to his mind, but his fists clenched more and more tightly, and he could not say a word. Seeing this, Forsythia's face suddenly changed,endless pool factory, her lips could not help trembling, her voice was low and hoarse, more like crying. "Brother Fire?"? You say ah, I do not believe them, I only believe you, as long as you tell me, not you, I believe. Xing Lihuo still looked straight at her without saying a word, and the silence and coldness completely hurt her eyes. So, it's really him, really? Why So cruel! Gracefully raised the beautiful lips, Ai Qing's evil eyebrows showed a faint smile, "My silly girl, you still don't believe it, just don't give up, how, he has been using you, marrying you is just to lure us to take the bait, the chain around your neck, you still as a token of love?"? It's just for the convenience of tracking. Ask him, isn't it? "Brother Fire, jacuzzi swim spa ,hot tub wholesale, is it?" His pupils shrank slightly, Xing's cold face was still silent, and he opened his mouth to explain something. Finally, give up. For a moment, Forsythia's face changed color several times, and she wanted to faint. Looking at Brother Huo, who had nothing to say, the wound in her heart was heavier than ever. Looking at him, he gently curled his lips, but he could not make a sound. Two people, so separated by a distance of only fifty meters, looked at each other. She finally realized today, what is the pain of ten thousand arrows piercing the heart, that kind of pain can not be described in words, that kind of despair can only die of death, that sense of suffocation densely bound her heart. Tighter and tighter until the blood is dripping. The heart is bitter and resentful, God, why arrange such a story? But is it really just a use? Those good, those love, those lingering, including the rescue of the big waste Zhou Zhang now, are all just used? She doesn't believe it. Absolutely not. Her eyes met, the eerie atmosphere surged between them, and her tears ran down her cheeks. Xing Ye is distressed to death, but looking at her, he dare not come forward, can only comfort softly, "Forsythia, don't cry!" Forsythia laughed softly, looking at the man who had put it in his heart, and suddenly laughed loudly, crying and laughing. Brother Huo, do you know how desperate I was when I was 12 years old, holding the urn covered with the military flag? In a daze, Master Xing did not move for a long time. But next, forsythia changed the subject by herself, crying and laughing, and asked him, "Brother Huo, do you like me?" Standing upright and still motionless, he half narrowed his eyes, the hot line of sight fell on her face, slowly said in a deep voice. You should know. "I don't know now. I want you to tell me." Forsythia laughed softly and let the tears flow. Even at this time, there seemed to be no resentment in her tone. But the heart, but like sinking into the abyss. He and she, the feelings between them, she did not believe that it was false, but even if the truth was brought into so many past events, where is the future, how should they go? At this time. As if unable to listen to their way of showing their love, Ai Qing suddenly put his hand on the detonator on Forsythia's wrist and interrupted with a smile. Prince, to be honest, this business is a bit unfair to you, but how many fair businesses are there in the world? Let's not dawdle, I count to ten, you do not hand over the information, I immediately detonate, we die together is also good. With that, he smiled and began to count. One Two Three "Shut up!" Coldly interrupted his words, Xing Lihuo from the jungle training clothes out of a few pieces of paper, scattered paper, "don't count, I give." Forsythia looked at him with some shock, his face turned pale in an instant, and even the tied hand began to tremble slightly, with too much disbelief in his eyes. How could he hand over the desperate information of the country in order to save her? For a moment, her emotions were so complicated that she could not understand them at all. NONO,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, that's not how the deal is done. How do I know if the information in your hand is true or false? "How do you verify it?" "Three bullets first, put them on yourself, and let me see the speed of the prince's shooting." "No problem." Bang. Bang. Bang..