My sleeping prince.

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The sense of another woman's voice speaking gave a wonderful feeling, although it was clear that she must be speaking in a very cynical manner now, but it did not make people feel that she was rude at all.

"Since there are no problems, I also announce to you that we will hold an exam next week." The people under the stage have no strength to speak, this life is endless exams, from primary school to now, still can not escape the entanglement of the examination papers. Xi Yan looked at the head next to her in the deep sleep of Jing Chen, she avoided the professor's eyes, gently pushed down Jing Chen. With his face buried deep in his arms, he was too lazy to move and still slept soundly. You pig! Xiyan whispered that the pig had never slept like him. Knock, knock, knock. The door was rapped three times. Professors and students all looked at the door of the classroom, no one was not amazed, no one was not stunned. The man of Yushu Linfeng stood in the doorway, and suddenly the classroom became dull, only the light from the people standing in the doorway illuminated the whole classroom. Everyone is excited to the extreme, girls holding their fists excitedly stretched out in front of their mouths, how can they not be excited? He politely nodded apologetically to the professor and asked, "Excuse me, who is Xiyan?" Everyone looked at Xiyan, who was still trying to wake up Jingchen at the back, and she was very lucky, wasn't she? It's also very envious, isn't it? Following their eyes, he knew at once who Xiyan was. He walked into the classroom with a smile, went around behind her, looked at her gently, and the smile on his lips was so beautiful. Xiyan. Xiyan turned her head to look at him and stared at him in a strange way. Yin Zhenghao looked at her happily, she is Xiyan, his beloved Xiyan, the first meeting is so exciting,massage bathtub manufacturers, she is very beautiful, more beautiful than he imagined, a burst of joy in his heart. They're the only two in the world! They stared at each other. She frowned, trying to remember something. He smiled, waiting for her to remember him. Everyone looked at them with their hearts pounding. There is an element of insecurity and danger in the air that is slowly expanding. Pushed impatiently Jingchen woke up at this time, he saw Xiyan staring at the man, the man staring at her again, can not help but be furious. Chapter 31 the smoke of gunpowder fills the air Chapter 31 the smoke of gunpowder fills the air Bang- Hard fists beat angrily on the table, making a dull sound, and the books shook a few times in fear. Jing Chen's flawless handsome face became twisted because of his anger, and his fists with blue veins clung tightly to the table, as if to destroy it with one hand. Everyone looked at Jing Chen, then looked at the strange man, and the poor Xiyan standing in the middle. Her face was pale, whirlpool hot tub ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, there were beads of sweat on her forehead, her palms were sweating, no one dared to look, and her eyes were closed under her long eyelashes. On the left, there was a fire burning her wildly, and on the right, there was a quick freeze like black ice. She only felt very uncomfortable. A burst of fire and a burst of cold, she was almost driven mad by them. Behind Jing Chen is a fire burning, and in his eyes is the appearance of fire burning. Yin Zhenghao looked at him coldly, and his handsome and resolute face was indifferent. Xiyan pinched the palm of her hand with her fingers to prevent herself from being covered by them, "I.." "Shut up!" Jing Chen shouted at her. Why are you yelling at her? Yin Zhenghao pulled Xiyan to protect her tightly. This guy was the one who shouted at her outside the shopping mall last time. His heart ached, he was afraid that she would lose her, and his hands tightened unconsciously, trying to rub her into his body and never separate again. Jing Chen looked at Xiyan in his arms, the fire quickly spread around, pulled Xiyan's wrist, staring at Xiyan, announced to the world big things, "she is mine." Yin Zhenghao held Xiyan tightly and refused to let her leave his arms. He could finally see her. He would not leave her behind again. He would take her with him anyway and give her happiness. Jing Chen held her slender wrist firmly and stared at the man. Xi Yan embarrassed do not know how to do, in front of this strange man, deja vu, but can not remember who he is. She tried to break free, but he held her shoulders tightly and could not move. Jing Chen held her hand and tried to pull her back into his arms. The professor stared at the scene he had seen in the TV series, but it was more interesting in reality. He had never seen such a strong battle for love in his life. Everyone is staring at them, afraid to miss the show, eyes are reluctant to blink, what will happen next, it is worth looking forward to, even breathing has become light. Xiyan, do you remember my agreement with you? Yin Zhenghao lowered his head and asked the man in his arms with a smile. She stared at him with some confusion? Agreement? She tried to find the so-called agreement in his words, the pain on her wrist made her frown, she looked at Jing Chen, unexpectedly saw his face calm without waves, dark and deep ice eyes, the original fire burning her also disappeared. Jing Chen stared at her, his eyes looking at her without any emotion, but it caused her heart to suddenly ache. Without any emotion, Jingchen is the most frightening to Xiyan. She can't figure out what he's thinking. Angry, she can guess what he's thinking, but now he's really strange. I said I would marry you. Yin Zhenghao is not willing to be left out in the cold, attached to her ears like a night song. Quietly, quietly breathing, the whole audience is quiet. "Xiaoyan, when you grow up, you can be my wife." With an innocent smile on his innocent face. The others burst into laughter. Xiyan lowered her head with flushed cheeks, and her silky hair hung down to cover her expression. What I said is true! The boy shouted angrily to show that he was not joking. There was another burst of laughter that startled the banyan tree. The boy angrily picked up the face of the girl named Xiyan, dropped a domineering kiss on her lips,China spa factory, and cursed, "You are mine!"! It's still mine when I grow up! Xiyan stared at him in disbelief, her big eyes flickering! ………… Be my wife! Be my wife! ……。