I Have a Horror House Chen Ge Xu Wan 1-274

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Mori Night, I want to be strong, no matter what method I use! As soon as his body shook,alumina c799, he looked up at me. His eyes were still distressed and reluctant to give up. "Aren't you going to change your mind?"

"There's a price to pay for seeing what you shouldn't see, and now that the other members have left, it's just me and you on this floor." Beak Man stood up, and at the same time, there was a sound like a drop of water falling. Chen Ge looked at the lower part of the beak man's body. His trousers were soaked with blood, and the dark blood was dripping down his trouser legs. I don't understand what you're trying to say. The other members have left. It should be bad news for you. Chen Ge continued to approach as if he had not seen the blood on the beak man's pants. Is it? ' The beak man stepped aside, revealing the frightened body of the old man. Occasionally, there will always be some new people who disappear inexplicably, and everyone is used to it. He seemed to be talking to himself, but he seemed to want Chen Ge to hear it on purpose. After saying this, the beak man turned around, and what attracted more attention than the strange tool he held in his hand and the blood stain on his upper body was his face. He wasn't wearing a mask! The protruding beak-like mouth was on his face, and behind the door the monster's unique bloodshot streak swam on his cheeks. This guy may not be human! "I gave you a chance, but you didn't cherish it." The beak man shook the strange instrument in his hand and made a rattling sound: "I wanted to do this from the first time I saw you, but there were too many people and I didn't find the chance. I didn't expect you to dare to find it by yourself." Things are not quite the same as what Chen Ge thought. At first, he thought he was dealing with people. If I had known, I wouldn't have wasted so many words. Chen Ge stared at the beak man's face. If the monster behind the door wanted to survive outside the door for a long time,Ceramic Bobbin, it had to be attached to a living person. The whole head of the beak man should be wrapped in a monster he had never seen before. The relationship between them is the same as that between Xiong Qing and lanky ghosts. The ghosts behind the door live on the living people, and the living people simply control them by satisfying their needs. The official members of the Weird Talk Association are probably inhabited by ghosts, which is a bit tricky. Will there be ghosts at the level of red among them? Chen Ge stood in place to think about the problem, the beak man thought he was petrified, his face showed a cruel smile, he likes to appreciate the struggle of the living, which is his rare pleasure here. Because of this,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, there are many scratches with blood at the door of the elevator. He always drags them into the abyss of despair when the other side raises the last glimmer of hope. Weird Talk Association is not a place to do good deeds. If you want to get salvation, you have to pay the corresponding price! The beak man grabbed the strange instrument in his hand and rushed to Chen Ge with a harsh scream from his beak-like mouth. Then his neck was wrapped in black hair, his whole body hung in the air, his legs kicked desperately, his blood stretched, and his face turned purple. What is it Chapter 245 of the main text, the identity of number ten. Chen Ge will not answer the question of the beak man, when the black hair is wrapped around the neck of the beak man, his end is doomed. Zhang Ya has never left anyone alive. In the third sick building, she rushed into the world behind the door in one breath in order to kill the long and thin ghost who had escaped, and even tore up the dean in red. Zhang Ya, who became a fierce ghost, 7g Ozone Generator ,Alumina Ceramic C795, went to the other extreme, but fortunately, she seemed to have a soft spot for Chen Ge. Chen Ge, who was honestly standing in the doorway, thought he could not see anything. He picked up the strange tool that the beak man had thrown out and studied it. Ah There was a scream in the room, and the blood on the beak man's face stretched out and turned into a sharp-beaked red bird trying to fly out. It was so fast that it ran to the door in the blink of an eye, but after flying out, something more desperate happened. When the beak man spoke, the black hair began to spread outward, which had already sealed the corridor. The surging black hair drowned the blood bird and the beak man, and after a moment, the blood bird disappeared, leaving only a man collapsed on the ground. His eyes were glassy and his consciousness seemed to have been destroyed. After swallowing the blood bird, Zhang Ya was still not satisfied, and her black hair went into each room along the crack of the door. Finally, she did not know what to find, and without warning, she began to gather her black hair. "Is there any gain?" This is the stronghold of the Weird Talk Association, and there are probably some important items hidden here. Black hair back, Zhang Ya tilted his head and looked at Chen Ge for a long time, and then said nothing, drilling back into his shadow. Chen Ge was stared at by Zhang Ya, waiting for the blood in the shadow to disappear completely before he dared to breathe. Favorable degree of promotion is too fast, now Zhang Ya has been unwilling to go back, so continue to develop, sooner or later I will be inadvertently killed by her. Chen Ge recalls Zhang Ya's eyes, scalp tingling, the other side seems to be seriously thinking about whether to start directly. I've never found myself so popular with girls before! Nothing to do, good feelings began to grow crazily, after what happened, it is best not to trouble Zhang Ya. Chen Ge went to the beak man and looked at his face. He had been living behind the door for so long that his own face was completely deformed. There is no information to be found only by appearance. Leaving the room, Chen Ge went to the end of the corridor and pushed open the last door. The dining table was in the middle of the living room, but there was no one in the room. How did they leave? Where is the other passage? Grasping the butcher's knife, Chen Ge walked around the dining table. This is a very ordinary dining table, but there is a corresponding number on each chair, from one to ten. The president was among the ten of them, and he could not be despised for establishing such an association with the help of the power of the ghost behind the door. Chen Ge stopped next to the tenth seat, just entered the door when the tenth said a word to him, at that time Chen Ge all attention on calling Zhang Ya body,Ceramic Band Heater, did not pay attention at all. Now that I think of it, number ten has a big problem. The first thing he said to me was that he liked my mask. Did he point out what the mask meant to me? Chen Ge is wearing the mask of a doctor with a broken skull, and only people who have visited the haunted house have seen it: "Is No.10 a visitor to the haunted house before?" 。 global-ceramics.com