The knight-errant record

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Mori Night, I want to be strong, no matter what method I use! As soon as his body shook,alumina c799, he looked up at me. His eyes were still distressed and reluctant to give up. "Aren't you going to change your mind?"

Laughing and laughing, they went to the castle, as if they didn't care about the Jianghu high-rollers who looked straight at them. The Jianghu high-rollers just looked at them, because everyone knew that these three little girls were really untouchable. Suddenly someone said, "What are you crazy about?" They looked up, but it turned out to be Sima Zhi, standing beside Sima Zhi with a smile, but it was the thousand snake swordsman they had been probing for a long time. They were all stunned and wanted to ask, "When did you come back?" But did not dare to ask out, holding a belly of doubt, looking at Qiu alone, hoping in his face, can find a little clue. But there was only his usual smile on Qiu Duxing's face, and he asked Shi Hui, "Where is Bai Fei?" Shi Hui shook her head and said, "I don't know." But his face turned red. The two old men laughed and walked away. When they were far away, Yue Yongsha made a face and said, "Why is he so happy?" She did not expect that her father was also very happy, and said: "I look at him laugh angry." Sima Xiaoxia also said at the moment that there must be a secret in Qiu's daily actions, and this secret is very likely to be detrimental to everyone, so they decided to find out tomorrow. The next day, as soon as dusk came, the three girls noticed Qiu's action alone. Sure enough, not long after it was dark, he ran to the back again. The three girls waited for a while and followed him. However, and the day before, they are still fruitless, quickly just ran back, Qiu Duxing also came back, they looked at him,steatite c221, he is still serene and natural. The three girls were even more confused. They turned around in the castle. Bai Fei hurried over and said with a smile, "Where have you all gone? It's so easy for me to find you." Shi Hui smiled, but Sima Xiaoxia glared at him. Bai Fei added, "Today is the fifteenth. The moon is so round." Yue Yongsha glanced at Sima Xiaoxia. Sima Xiaoxia wrinkled her nose, smiled and slipped away. Bai Fei was very grateful and said with a smile, "They are really good." Shi Hui glanced at him, burst out laughing, and gave him a gentle pinch on his arm. The two of them made love to each other, as if they had something they could never finish talking about. Shi Hui could not forget the secret of Qiu walking alone in the forest garden, so she said it to Bai Fei, who was also secretly confused. Bai Fei vaguely knew something about the swordsman's previous misdeeds in Jianghu, which his father told him. After listening to Shi Hui's words, he naturally doubted what the swordsman was doing, so he said, "I'll go and have a look tomorrow." So Bai Fei went with the three girls the next day, but it was also fruitless. Bai Fei frowned and thought about it several times. The more he thought about it, 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate ,Kamado bbq grill, the more strange it became. "Where does Qiu Duxing go every night?"? To do what? Where is it not in the garden? If you are in the garden, why can't you find him? Is there any secret in the garden? He shut himself up in his room and thought about it all night, but he didn't sleep a wink. He knew that he was very stubborn and would not be reconciled to doing anything without results. This was not the same as his appearance, but it was his nature, which made him do many things that others could not do, and also made him get many opportunities that others could not get. Finally, he came up with a conclusion for himself: "There is a desert outside the castle. It seems that Qiu Duxing will not go outside. There must be some secret in that garden." Of course, he also knew that this conclusion might not be true, but it was also the closest conclusion to the truth, so at dawn, he put on his clothes and pushed the door out. It was chilly in the late autumn morning, but he did not feel cold at all. Facing the cold and fresh air in the morning, he took a deep breath and rushed to the garden behind him. There was wind last night, and the garden was full of fallen leaves. The morning fog did not recede, and the chill hit people, but there was an indescribable taste, which made Bai Fei's blood tremble subtly. He stepped on the fallen leaves and walked, his eyes searching the garden like eagles. It seemed that this was a very ordinary garden, and there was no place to hide secrets, but Bai Fei did not give up, still searching, there was sunshine coming in from the gap in the woods, he looked up and walked, the sun had risen, and today it was sunny again. As he searched and pondered, he gradually came to the side of the pool. The waterfall hung upside down into the pool. The sound of the water was like the sound of a harp. He wondered, "Why doesn't the water in the pool overflow?" On second thought, he couldn't help laughing: "If you want to come to this pool, there must be a place for drainage." So he can not help but appreciate the thousand snake swordsman, because it is not easy to build here. He strolled beside the pool. The water was as clear as a mirror, but there were a few dead branches floating on the surface of the water. He looked at it, but he didn't care very much. Suddenly, he saw something else. He went over and took it. It was a piece of tarpaulin about three feet wide. It was originally placed in the crevice of the rockery. Somehow, a corner was exposed and was discovered by Bai Fei. Looking at the oilcloth, Bai Fei fell into deep thought again. His heart suddenly moved. He took a look at the rockery, which was several times bigger than usual. He glanced up and wanted to see what was behind the waterfall. But although the mountain was a rockery, the waterfall was like a real one. Flying beads splashed jade, and the water potential was quite large. What was behind it could not be seen at all. He swept down and looked at the dead branches on the water of the pool. He frowned, as if he had made a decision in his heart. He went to the forest, broke a dead branch, swept it back to the pool, and threw it into the pool. The pool had a radius of about ten feet. He threw the dead branch with just the right strength. The dead branch fell down four feet away from the edge of the pool. He held the oilcloth in his hand, and with a bow, he swept it up and flew four feet, falling gracefully on the dead branch. He cleverly tipped his toes a little, and the dead branch slipped more than twenty feet on the surface of the water. The True Qi was lifted again, and his toes were a little on the dead branch. His body left again, and he swept over the waterfall. The ten days in the crypt made him the top master in the martial arts world at this time. In the past, he could no longer reach this realm by a section of withered branches. Although his flying skills were not weak before,ceramic welding tape, his posture on the surface of the water was extremely valuable. The other man, in the air, spread the oilcloth with both hands and rushed straight into the waterfall.