The next time love comes,

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Shen Xiaona's address to her parents is very businesslike,aluminum tile trim, "Now I can only rely on the company's existing resources, Suomei's latest sub-card, you should have a plan to give me a reference." 。

"You are really childish," Ye Zhiqiu pressed her hand and smiled. "One yard to one yard, you have a grudge against money. Don't worry, I don't mind. It's all over. Xindi said angrily, "But I mind. I had agreed to design a wedding dress for you." Ye Zhiqiu was silent for a moment, only lowering his eyes and drinking coffee. At the beginning of last year, she and Fan Anmin agreed to get married this year after they received the house. She reported the news to her good friend. Xin Di was really happy for her. When the time comes, you will design my wedding dress, Xiao Di. What's the big deal if I can't afford to wear Vera Wang and buy Tiffany's six-claw diamond ring? I have a future designer as my exclusive designer. How awesome! Xin Di laughed, clenched his fist and said, "Don't worry, I will dress you up more beautiful than flowers and stars.". I'm going to design a bridesmaid's dress for myself. Hem, make a good show of it. Later, Xin Di did draw all kinds of wedding dress sketches whenever he had free time, and showed them to Ye Zhiqiu when he was free. Ye Zhiqiu naturally showed her the decoration effect drawings he had drawn. They often looked at each other head to head, chattered and discussed, and laughed from time to time. When Xin Di finalized the draft and was ready to start production,stainless steel edge trim, Ye Zhiqiu and Fan Anmin suddenly broke up. Xin Di can only comfort his good friend while collecting the design draft. She never expected that when she occasionally took a private job, she would meet a third party who made her friend's love change. Looking at the silent Ye Zhiqiu, she immediately realized that this woman had always loved to pretend that nothing had happened, and that she was so quick to talk that she might touch her sad heart. I'm sorry, Qiuqiu. "Oh, Xiao Di, it's not your turn to apologize to me. It's none of your business." Ye Zhiqiu still forced a smile,aluminum tile edge trim, "it's really all over." Xin Di smiled bitterly and said, "Well, let's go, so that Mrs. Fang won't come over and say hello to me later and look at my heart.". I'm so unlucky. How can I take this job? But they still ran into Mrs. Fang at the door, who was holding LV and carrying several shopping bags. She was quite different from her daughter. She was plump and dignified. She did not look too rich. When she saw Xin Di, she greeted her very affectionately: "Xiao Xin, what a coincidence! I'm buying a dowry for my daughter. There are still too few brands here. I'm going to take her to Hong Kong again tomorrow and look at the jewelry by the way.". You should pay more attention to the wedding dress. Xiaojing has always said that your design is the best for her. Xin Di could only nod reluctantly. "Well, Mrs. Fang, I'm in a hurry to go first. Goodbye." Out of the cafe, both of them were a little bored. Forget it. I'll go back and pay my respects to my parents. I haven't been home for half a month. "I also go back to the design studio." Xindi has the habit of staying up late to work. He often goes back to the company's design studio during the break. Zeng Chengzao specially approved several chief designers not to be punctual to and from work. " Finally, I will tidy up the clothes for the show. It will be sent to Beijing tomorrow. I will also go there the day after tomorrow to communicate with the performance company. "Well, I'll see you in Beijing. Don't be too tired. How ugly it will be when you come out with two black eyes." Two people each got into a taxi, tile profile factory ,stainless steel tile trim, Ye Zhiqiu told the driver the address, and then looked out of the window in a trance. When she stopped at the red light at the intersection, she inadvertently looked up and saw the giant light box billboard in front of her. Against the golden ginkgo leaves, the groom in a black suit was half looking back and gazing at the smiling bride in a snow-white wedding dress, with four artistic words beside her, "Autumn Love Song". She slammed her eyes shut until the car started again. It was originally a wedding photo set that she and her boyfriend had ordered to take, but the order had been crumpled into a ball and thrown into the wastebasket; the wedding dress designed for her by her friend had become a sketch that could not be realized, and another girl was going to wear the design of Xindi and get married on the arm of the man who once belonged to her. When her cell phone rang, she picked it up and saw a string of numbers, which was Fan Anmin's number. Hello, are you feeling better? She really didn't know what to call this once intimate man. I'm all right. I'm sorry to delay going to the bank. "Fan Anmin's voice is deep and he still seems to have no spirit." Qiuqiu, what time is convenient for you? " "Tomorrow afternoon, then? Four o'clock." 'Good. "He promised, paused for a moment and said," Qiuqiu, I'm on the ferry now, and I'm preparing to cross the river to go home. " Sure enough, from the receiver came "Woo." Whoo.. It was the sound of the ferry sailing that she was familiar with. The car she was sitting in just got on the bridge. She turned her head and looked out of the window. The river was boundless and the dusk was falling. All the past events she did not want to think of seemed to be coming at such a dusk. She did not know why he left the car and went to take the ferry when he was ill and the weather was warm and cold. But she was not going to ask the reason and refused to accompany him to recall it. I'll see you tomorrow. She hung up the phone. She can calmly say to the sympathy and concern of others, "It's all over." But only she knows, which is so easy to pass, she is just trying to maintain the surface of calm, and maintain very hard. Fortunately, her time has been squeezed by her boss, taken up by her work, and now booked by a sudden suitor, otherwise she doesn't know how to survive the days in front of her. Thinking of Xu Zhiheng, she took her mind, put her mobile phone back in her bag, rolled down the window a little, the wind blowing in her face only brought a little chill, and spring had come to the city unconsciously. Chapter 14 "My suggestion is very simple, professional people do professional things, first ask the planning company to do precise positioning for the brand you want to do." Ye Zhiqiu tidied up the documents on his desk, indicating that the conversation should stop here, but Shen Xiaona was not easy to dismiss, or that she had no feelings at all about other people's hints. General Manager Ye, you know that General Manager Liu won't give me the money from the planning company. She and Shen always do letter and at the beginning, rely on oneself completely, had not consulted any so-called professional personage. Shen Xiaona's address to her parents is very businesslike,aluminum tile trim, "Now I can only rely on the company's existing resources, Suomei's latest sub-card, you should have a plan to give me a reference." 。