Ace evolution

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The jackal's mouth is full of blood and stink. Very smelly, Fang Lin also slightly frowned,heavy duty metal racks, but still quietly clicked two times, made a good taste of the appearance after throwing back to Bobby, patted it on the head. But see Lin big beautiful woman already lau

Bobby stepped on it directly, bent down and sniffed it directly, as if he thought it could be eaten, the taste was good, opened his big mouth, tore and swallowed it. Then the eyelids blinked twice, the body quickly became smaller, and returned to the shape of the little fat dinosaur with its front paws, gradually dissolving into the egg. A bunch of people were stunned, and it was hard to imagine that the terrible, ferocious and tenacious American ghost was so finished! That is Luo Jiang Shen Shui Ji's depending on the beast! But they did not know that the dark seal on Babi's body was originally used by Luo Jiang Shenshuiji. The American ghost thought that in the state of soul, others could do nothing about it, so they used the protective dark power given by Luo Jiang Shenshuiji to break the dark seal on Babi's body.. He thought he could clean up the little one in front of him with the power of his past life, but unfortunately. . It has to face the former overlords of the earth. ! Tyrannosaurus rex! The blue smoke gradually thinned and was blown away by the wind, and the bones of the American ghosts on the ground turned into powder and fell to the ground, leaving only a ferocious skull. Fang Lin picked it up to get the hint of the Nightmare Mark: "You have obtained the Skull of Evil.". With this object,heavy duty cantilever racks, you can go to Yanagi Shibei or Nako Lulu to exchange for a reputation reward. Fang Lin threw it directly over Lao Hu and said lightly: "It's no use for me to take the reputation now, and this time my degree of completion must be pitifully low, and you just take this thing back to Luo Jiangshen and exchange it for some reputation.". You should be able to get an extra blood spoon. And we still have the key to the senior's freedom in our hands. If there is a chance, change some props that can specify the opening equipment when opening the key. Then he gently picked up the purple and black round egg on the ground. In my heart, somehow, there is a feeling of water and milk. Gently stroking this round egg,cantilever racking system, I feel like I have one more relative. At this time, the air suddenly sounded a crisp sound, a careful look, the surface of the eggshell is more than a crack, a fingernail-sized eggshell fell down with a crackle! The troubled little dinosaur is finally about to hatch. What kind of face will it appear in front of Fanglin? [Chapter 74 Two-headed Babi] It was a small black head that pierced the eggshell, and next to the broken eggshell, a crack soon appeared, followed by a small head of the same shape that pierced the eggshell! The only difference is that the little head is white, Fang Lin exultation, the heart is not hatched out of a pair of twins? But soon he understood that the little dinosaur was a rare two-headed dragon! After coming out of the shell, Bobby ate the eggshell with a snort. The efficiency of the two heads was very high, so although the purple and black eggshell was many and thick, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,industrial racking systems, he could not help gobbling it up. But after eating, Babi looked very anxious. He closed his eyes and raised his two heads to crawl around. Fanglin tried to put his fingers into his mouth. He tried to bite it. He found that the taste seemed to be very unpalatable, so he wagged his tail and cried out. His pitiful appearance was very miserable. Sure enough, I was not full. Fang Lin had to take out some food first and put it to his mouth to let him eat, but Bobby smelled it and opened it directly. Continue to firmly beat the tail in protest. At this time, Lin Da Beauty took out a piece of food that could be used to return blood when fighting, handed it to this guy, and immediately ate it sweetly. Fang Lin was dumbfounded! Heart way this guy eats so extravagantly, it seems that he is a big eater, so he is afraid that he will not be far from bankruptcy. But the good news is that he has collected a lot of information in his mind. Archaeological records show that in order to cultivate the ferocity of his children, Tyrannosaurus Rex deliberately bit lizards and other small animals half to death from an early age, and then threw them around his offspring, so that they could cultivate the ferocity of hunting from an early age. If they did not do it, they would only starve to death! Thinking of this, Fang Lin closed his eyes, his mental detection had spread, carefully searched the surrounding environment, and quickly waved his hand. The huge body of the butcher disappeared into the darkness, and it was not long before he came back with a jackal that kept screaming. Fang Lin directly broke the jackal's front leg. The smell of blood spread rapidly in the air, then put Babi in front of its ground, Lin big beauty frowned just want to stop! But Bobby, who had not yet opened his eyes, rushed straight up! Both heads came out, biting the throat of the jackal and sucking the blood greedily! The jackal's red and brown body hair trembled, and his forelimbs were so broken that he could not make any effective resistance at all! The blood from his neck ran down the corners of Bobby's mouth. Finally, the cunning animal convulsed and died. Babi bit it hard, beat it a few times, and then climbed up in front of Fanglin and raised his head to hand over the prey he was holding. Fang Lin was stunned, and finally realized that the little dinosaur was sharing food with himself. For the beast. The most precious thing is food, and it is only during the mating season that the female can temporarily override the importance of food. The Barbican shared the food with Fang Lin, which showed that he had regarded Fang Lin as the closest person in his heart. The big beauty Lin snorted coldly, twisting Fang Lin's ear and whispering: "Eat quickly. The little fellow will be sad if you don't eat." Fang Lin eyes wide open way: You.. You told me to eat this? Lin big beauty whispered: If you don't eat it, you won't get its trust. This is how I feed purebred Tibetan mastiffs at home. If you don't eat it, it will ignore you all its life! Even though Fang Lin is cunning and wise. But after all, it was impossible to know everything. Seeing Bobby's stubborn head held high, he hesitated a little and immediately took the jackal off his mouth and bit it. The jackal's mouth is full of blood and stink. Very smelly, Fang Lin also slightly frowned,heavy duty metal racks, but still quietly clicked two times, made a good taste of the appearance after throwing back to Bobby, patted it on the head. But see Lin big beautiful woman already laughed to bend over. I know I was fooled by this leggy beauty. I can only shake my head with a bitter smile.