The Complete Works of Bing Xin Volume 8

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The jackal's mouth is full of blood and stink. Very smelly, Fang Lin also slightly frowned,heavy duty metal racks, but still quietly clicked two times, made a good taste of the appearance after throwing back to Bobby, patted it on the head. But see Lin big beautiful woman already lau

This is a question raised by an old middle school teacher! There is also a teacher full of emotion, said: "The teaching profession is sacred, this sacred lies in the willingness to suffer losses.". But if society despises such losers, the sacredness will disappear. There are many teachers who are not afraid of tiredness and hardship, nor jealous of money, but there is only one thing they can not get rid of, that is, love for students. Except for the students, all four are empty. Even when they return home, they have no patience with their children and are unwilling to play the social role of teachers, but no matter how bad their mood is, they throw everything on the platform and enter the country. How many people in society understand this mentality? This state of mind, my wife and I can thoroughly understand: life and death can not get rid of, is the love of students. But also like another teacher said: "Like us in those days, the society is so dirty, oneself still can be aloof, have that high salary to prop up..." But now our two daughters (both of whom are still university teachers) are not paid as much as we were then, and they can't get rid of their careers as teachers. They have love for their students, and like us, they have the love of their students. Love is great, but it can only satisfy the spiritual needs. As for the material aspects,mobile racking systems, we can only think of other ways. There are many ways. Will someone "jump out" and leave the ranks of teachers? Let's all think about it. I can only go back to the author's preface before the article: "We always have a shoulder handed over by our predecessors that we can step on. Suddenly, the shoulder dodged and we almost missed it." On the overcast morning of October 10, 1987, the room was full of sunshine. www/xiaoshuotxt/c o m To Yeoman ① ! Small @ say # txt $Tiantang Comrade Ye Man: You sent me a letter and a "table" (by: that is, "Confessions of a Poet"), received, I am not a poet! When I wrote "Stars",warehousing storage solutions, it was published with "fragmentary thoughts", and later "poems" were also said by Sun Fuyuan: "These essays are very poetic, and when they are printed separately, they are poems" and so on (to this effect). In my collection, there is also a collection of "poems", but I always disagree, and you ask me to fill in the form, which is really "crying and unintelligible". I'm even less interested in new poetry these days. There is really no way to write down the last few articles. They are even more "false, big and empty". Forgive me for not filling them in, OK? Kui in the old friend, dare to brush life, Kui on, good luck! Bing Xin 10, 15, 1987 ① Ye Man, wire mesh decking ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, editor-in-chief of Huaxia Poetry Newspaper. w w w. xiao shuotxt. co m Comment on the Satirical Novel — — "Avanti's New Chapter" ~ Novel Txt, Tang Why don't I say "introduce" and say "comment", because the person that always reads "Beijing Evening News", take a newspaper, always can see Avanti new article first. This old man, who has been praised by legends in Xinjiang for six or seven hundred years, is so amiable, respectable and lovely! Throughout the ages, people have heard and seen things around them that they can't bear to hear, that they don't like, and that make people angry and disgusted. At this time, how do we deal with it? Ancient emperors could never accept "direct remonstrance", but Dongfang Shuo or the actors in the court could use a satirical way, a joke, a performance, so that the king who could not tolerate "direct remonstrance" was taught a lesson and alerted from the satirical humor. This is the greatest use of satirical language or words! Even in today's socialist society, there are some major problems such as bureaucracy and unhealthy tendencies, and minor ones such as spitting everywhere and not giving up seats in cars, which are very minor and have extremely bad effects. The best criticism of these things is satire. Satirical literature should be short, small, precise and fierce, with one word breaking and piercing the key points, but "short", "small" and "precise" are easy to write, but the word "fierce" is not easy to do. Because a little "fierce" too much, there will be "sick in the heart" people, from all sides to send complaints, the most feared thing is to suddenly give you a blow from the top! Comrade Li Yaozong is a member of the Chinese Writers' Association and an associate professor of the Central Institute for Nationalities. He has a profound study of the history, customs, folk literature, art and other works of ethnic minorities in China, and has published many literary collections about ethnic minorities. Here I only talk about his "Avanti New Chapter". With a heart full of hatred for evil, he cleverly and tactfully invited the respectable and lovely Xinjiang Avanti old man to ride a donkey, run around, and satirize these resentful and disgusting people and things with humorous and witty satirical language. Of course, this will also make "sick in the heart" people, extremely unhappy, extremely unhappy, but it does not matter, as long as the laughing Avanti old man jumped off the donkey, made a humorous "check" and bowed humorously, everything will be fine! This is where the author is extremely clever. Morning of October 16, 1987 www.xiaOShuOtxT.Com To Ge Cuilin Small ~ say ~ t. Xt'heaven ~ hall Cui Lin: I have read both the letter and the article. What you wrote is so good that I am embarrassed! The handwriting was written in a hurry this morning. My handwriting is not good. Please do not publicize it. Others, I dare not write. Bing Xin 10, 16 www.xiaoshuotxt.,com To the imperial seal Small _ say [txt = _ day. Don Comrade Gong Xi: I feel uneasy about receiving your letter of October 13. How are you? How's your wife? Have you recovered? Look at your handwriting seems to be very weak,mobile racking systems, I hope good luck, early account for "no medicine"! I have always liked your "little things", but I have read them sporadically from various newspapers. I'm honored that you asked me to write the preface. But I don't know if I can make a copy of the collection of the three primary colors of life and let me watch it again.