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The jackal's mouth is full of blood and stink. Very smelly, Fang Lin also slightly frowned,heavy duty metal racks, but still quietly clicked two times, made a good taste of the appearance after throwing back to Bobby, patted it on the head. But see Lin big beautiful woman already lau

Gu Ya thought for a long time, and finally remembered that he touched Urian's buttocks at the banquet and asked him if he wanted to be the goddess of her Fark troops. Fine. Depend on, this is really where the end of the world does not meet, the enemy road is narrow! Gu Ya is like facing a formidable enemy, but Katarina does not think so, eyes do not look at Gu Ya, the attention is all on Urian. Welcome to Hoffenheim 1899. How does she know? Only then did he think so, and Urian asked her question, and sure enough, he was on the same wavelength. She smiled leisurely, with a hint of pride that could not be ignored. "Didn't you read the profile of this team before you switched to it?"? Like its sponsors.. Seeing that both of them did not answer blankly, Katarina suddenly felt a little bored and said, "The biggest sponsor of Hoffenheim 1899 Club is my father." Ah? Gu Ya rolled her eyes and shouted in her heart, lying trough, the dog's blood really came. Katarina said, "I said I've seen every game you've played.". I recommended you to my father. "Thank you," said Urian. I forgot to mention that my position at the club is as an agent. Maybe in the future, we will cooperate more. With that, Katarina smiled and went into the fitting room to change clothes. Gu Ya frowned at Urian and lowered her voice. "Is she your agent?"? No way Urian shrugged. "I don't want that either.". I hate her as much as you do. The good mood just now was stirred up by this woman, and it was all gone. As Her Majesty changed her clothes, they lifted their legs and tried to withdraw, but in less than a minute, Katarina had lifted the curtain with a crash. Seeing her coming out, the shop assistant immediately greeted her. Obviously she often comes, VIP is VIP, and they are not the same, so enjoy the treatment is not the same. She likes the swimsuit,warehouse storage racks, does not need to take off, directly cut off the brand to wear, very cool. I'm going to work together soon. I can't see you when I look up. A small gift is a little token of my appreciation. She raised her eyebrows, glanced over Urian, then stopped on Gu Ya and said, "Which one did you like just now?" Gu Ya shook her head. "I didn't see anything." Katarina raised her sexy and flamboyant red lips and smiled. "Then I'll choose whatever I want." She picked up a hy swimsuit and said to the clerk, "Find a size that fits her and put it on my account." Gu Ya and Urian looked at each other. After Katarina signed the bill, she put on her sunglasses, and when she walked out of the door, she suddenly thought of something, turned back and said to Urian, "I picked out your house myself. I hope you like my taste." With that, she winked at him, twisted her ass and turned away. Gu Ya trembled all over, push back racking system ,shuttle rack system, shaking off goose bumps all over her body. She bumped into Urian with her arm and said, "I'm a little cold. What about you?" "It's already dead in the Arctic." Urian. At this time, the shop assistant came and handed her the bag. Gu Ya took it, opened the bag and took it out, and immediately blushed. Urian glanced away, tutted his head, and said, "I have to admit something." "What?" "She has a really good eye for clothes and men!" “……” Chapter 131. After Urian, new players joined Hoffenheim one after another. Unexpectedly, even their coach was poached from Schalke 04. Facts have proved that the previous concerns are unnecessary, and the whole team's condition is far better than expected. The equipment configuration is high, and although the players are mostly young players, their overall quality is not low, and they even have more fighting spirit than some veteran players. At the end of half a year's schedule, Hoffenheim's team lived up to expectations and successfully hung up on the end of the Bundesliga. Even if it is only the last place, it means that from the next round, they will face a real first-line strong team. Hoffenheim must be introduced here. Although Hoffenheim Football Club was founded in 1899, it was an unknown small team until Dittmar from Sinsheim. After Hope became the main sponsor, It changed the fate of the team. It can be said to be a myth to complete the triple jump from a fourth-tier team to a first-tier team in just five years. Hope is one of the founders of the famous software company sap, and is the Bill Gates of Europe, who is as rich as a country. People are rich and powerful, and they have more money than they can use up in several lifetimes, so they began to calm down to develop their hobbies and sponsor the Football Association. Modern Germany does not allow the formation of new football clubs, nor does it allow the purchase of clubs. It can only invest in the form of sponsorship in order to gain some control. It is said that Huo Da's annual budget for the team is at least 40 million euros. Don't underestimate the role of money. With money, you can invite the best coaches and excellent players to join. That's why they can rise from an unknown team to a first-tier team in the Bundesliga in such a short time. In Germany, football was originally a pastime among workers, such as the Ruhr area of North Rhine, Munich, Wolfsburg, Stuttgart and other places, where factories gathered, so the football industry also developed. Generally, there is a big consortium behind the club, such as Deutsche Telecom behind Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg with public support, Alfa Romeo sponsoring Frankfurt and so on. However, since the money is paid by large consortia, sponsorship is naturally for the same economic return. When the expenditure is greater than the income, the amount of sponsorship must be reduced. Many clubs are not as glorious as they seem. In fact, they owe a lot of bad debts to banks. In contrast, Hoffenheim has an advantage, because behind the club is a person, not a consortium; he is not because of profit, but because of hobbies,drive in racking system, the team's resources are naturally more abundant. However, there are two sides to the story. Although Hoffenheim's team has more money, it has fewer fans.