Cohabitation of beautiful women in online games

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In the middle of the field, a solid gold throne appeared, and a huge character appeared on the middle back of the throne.

In the middle of the field, a solid gold throne appeared, and a huge character appeared on the middle back of the throne. Nine lifelike dragons decorated the throne with majesty. Only the strongest can sit on the throne. Here, only Shi Zhongyu can sit on the throne. Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 968 the strangeness of the throne. Shi Zhongyu jumped lightly and jumped onto the competition platform. The representative hurried over and stretched out his right hand to Shi Zhongyu with a smile on his face, "Congratulations, Xinyu Stone!" Shi Zhongyu smiled and just shook his hand. He doesn't have much interest in such people. Anyway, he didn't have much affection for these people in suits and ties. There was a flash of displeasure in the representative's eyes, but he held it back. Hypocritical Shi Zhongyu commented on this man in his heart. Congenital masters do not need to be modest to anyone at all. Their arrogance is the embodiment of strength. Congenital master, can be said to have transcended the realm of mortals, is no longer an ordinary person. He walked slowly to the throne made of gold. Gently stroking the chair that represents the strongest player in the game, this may be what everyone is looking forward to, and only the strongest player can sit on this chair. But, now, I am the strongest! Shi Zhongyu chuckled and sat directly on the noble throne. The representative stood beside him with a happy face and shouted, "Congratulations to the strongest player in our game!"! Our king! The Stone of Sweet Rain! Shi Zhongyu sat on the throne, looking at the players under the stage, the hot eyes full of worship. The heart suddenly floated up,side impact door beams, this feeling, that is not before. Fame and wealth, beauty, now have their own, can be said to be the real most happy, but also the most satisfied people. But how can I feel a faint loss in my heart? Shi Zhongyu suddenly felt a little impatient,Precision steel tubes, as if everything around him was not what he wanted, not what he liked. The spokesman's voice was so full of excitement that it could hardly reach his ears. I seem to have suddenly entered another world, a little lonely, a little lonely. The noise around him seemed to be blocked by a layer of something that could not reach his ears at all. What's going on here? Are you going to go crazy again? Shi Zhongyu thought in a panic, but now he seemed unable to control his emotions. It seems that there is a kind of inexplicable feeling so integrated into their own bodies, so that they are full of loneliness. However, this feeling is not their own feelings, is something else imposed on their own body the same. Let Shi Zhongyu suddenly feel very uncomfortable, as if you can obviously control your hand, but when you want to pick up the cup, your hand smashed the cup. As if he had another consciousness in his heart, Shi Zhongyu wanted to stand up from the throne. But I can't control my body. What's going on? Is there anything strange about this throne? Shi Zhongyu tried to stand up by himself, stainless steel tube 304 ,beam impact tubes, but the throne seemed to have an unknown force, and the holding hand could not exert any force at all, and he could not open his mouth to make a little sound. What's going on here? Is this the conspiracy of the game company? That's not possible, right? That consciousness is more intense, like a lonely person in another world, no one pays attention to, no one understands. But so many people are worshipping themselves that Shi Zhongyu feels as if he is going to be divided into two parts by this consciousness. Two completely opposite consciousnesses, two emotions. It makes Shi Zhongyu's unstable mood even more confused. Amy, who had been observing Shi Zhongyu, first found something wrong. "What's going on?"? Brother Stone's eyes? Why are you so flustered? That move, like? Incorrect! There's something wrong with the throne! Amy panicked a teleportation and appeared directly on the field of play. Players in the cheers, suddenly shocked to find that a super cute little girl appeared beside Shi Zhongyu, looking nervously at Shi Zhongyu on the throne. This lovely Lolita immediately diverted the attention of most players. "Who is that cute little girl?" "What a lovely look!"! It's like a delicate doll! "White and tender, I love it!" "Wow, you disgusting uncle!"! Don't be ridiculous here! Be careful that the broad masses of the people will beat you to death! "Wow, I'm just expressing my appreciation and worship of beauty!"! Don't look at me as an uncle, in fact, my real identity is a talent scout! "Rub, hit is you this kind of guy who bluffs the little girl in the name of the talent scout!"! Brothers, beat him to death! The spokesman on the stage suddenly saw a little girl next to him and immediately shouted, "Who are you?"? How did you get up here? After Shi Zhongyu came up, there was a partition defensive shield in the competition field, which blocked the players outside. Is worried that those players will rush up crazily, close to Shi Zhongyu, that will be a mess. However, in this way, far away from the players simply can not find the unusual shape of Shi Zhongyu, as for the representative, has been loudly saying what a face of excitement, where will pay attention to Shi Zhongyu. Get away from me! Amy did not have a good impression on this representative, even Shi Zhongyu did not know what had happened next to him. You The representative didn't expect anyone to dare to talk to him like that. Suddenly, his red face turned into a monkey's ass. Amy was too lazy to care about the angry guy and put her hand on the chair. Suddenly, lovely eyebrows wrinkled up, this chair is too weird. The audience looked at the situation on the stage and whispered, but if one or two people talked, it would be all right, but so many people talked, no matter how small the voice became a noisy sound. Amy suddenly felt upset for a while, and angrily shouted at the audience,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "Shut up!" Although Amy is a lovely little girl, don't forget that she is the God of the system, and her natural momentum is not something that ordinary people can resist.