A beginner's guide to creating smokey eyes complete with step-by-step instructions

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The smokey eye look is one eye Wholesale makeup style that, regardless of your eye color, complexion, or skin undertone, you can never go wrong with, and it is always in fashion.

The smokey eye look is one eye Wholesale makeup style that, regardless of your eye color, complexion, or skin undertone, you can never go wrong with, and it is always in fashion. The key is to complete it in the right order and follow all of the necessary steps, or else you might end up looking like a panda.


  • First, apply a base color or a shade that transitions into it. The key to achieving a smokey eye is to start with a lighter color and gradually build up to a darker one. The primary function of the base eye shadow is to act as a transition shade, which prevents the two primary eye shadow colors from appearing to be two distinct shades, with the darker shade being the most noticeable. Beige, taupe, peach, and brown tints are all examples of nebulous tones that function well as transition shades and base colors. 

  • Step 2: Make the crease more prominent and distinct. Then, to intensify the color and further define the crease, apply the lighter of the two selected shades along and below the crease line. Step 3: Use an eye pencil to fill in the blanks. Make the area that is closest to your lash line darker by coloring it with a black eye pencil and blending it out with an eye shadow brush. The eye pencil serves as a sticky base for the black eye shadow, which helps the shadow to keep its shape for a longer period of time. When you blend out this section, start at the lash line and work your way up until you reach the middle shade. 

  • Step 4: Apply a dark eye shadow to your lids. After you have filled in the area with eyeliner, apply the eye shadow on top of it. You want to begin at the lash line and work your way up towards the crease. 

  • Step 5 - Do the same thing with the lower lash line. When applying the eye shadow to the area below your lower lashes, use a very fine brush. Start with the neutral, then move on to the medium shade, and finally finish with the black.


Eyeliner and mascara are the finishing touches for this look. And you are done.




Tricks to make eyes look bigger using eyeliner


Eyeliners are one tool that can be used to help make the eyes appear larger. If you want to step up your eye custom cosmetics game, you can do so by creating a variety of looks with different colors and types of eyeliners.

Applying white eyeliner to your waterline will help draw attention to your eyes, while black eyeliner will help define the shape of your eyes. Regardless of whether or not you use eyeliner, the upper lash line is defined by the lashes themselves, so applying kohl to the waterline completes the shape. Since the white eyeliner appears to be too harsh, you should use an eyeliner in a flesh tone instead. It will make your eyes appear larger while also reducing any redness that may have been present in the skin around them.

Conceal dark circles by using a brightening concealer. Dark circles can give the appearance that your eyes are tired and small, which is the primary reason why you should use a concealer to cover the darkness and hide the circles. If you have pigmentation, you can achieve a flawless look by first applying a color corrector to the area under your eyes, and then following up with concealer. After curling your eyelashes and opening your eyes even further with your favorite mascara, you can finish off your look by applying a couple of coats of the product.

Adding depth to the eyes with thick eyeliner that is applied in the same amount to the inner and outer corners of the eyes does not in any way contribute to the appearance of having larger eyes. You can easily create the illusion of eyes that are widely open by beginning with a thin line in the corner and building the thickness as you come to the outer corner of the eye. You can achieve this look quite easily by using a liquid liner, but you can also create it with a gel liner or a pencil liner if you prefer.