Black bag group of the goddess of war

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Now is not as angry as before, but run out, there will be a brother to press the silly sister-in-law to come over and confess to her, let her beat and scold out of anger, and then go home in a good mood, but also to eat the meal that belongs to sister-in-law.

Now is not as angry as before, but run out, there will be a brother to press the silly sister-in-law to come over and confess to her, let her beat and scold out of anger, and then go home in a good mood, but also to eat the meal that belongs to sister-in-law. React to come over, Tao Shuyue some grievance. I feel that my life should not be like this. That silly sister-in-law should support them, support them to study, and let them toss about. She married her brother and should work for their family all her life. Thinking of this, Tao Shuyue ran to the small courtyard in the east of the village in one breath, not caring that she was still hungry. Just ran to the front, Tao Shuyue paused again. She was a little nervous and a little scared. After all, this is Tao Dali's house. That man.. From an early age, he was able to stop the existence of children crying at night in the village. If someone's child is not obedient, he will be frightened by adults: "If he is not obedient, let Tao Dali catch him." Tao Shuyue almost grew up listening to this nonsense, so in Tao Shuyue's heart, Tao Dali is a villain, but also the kind of cannibalism. So, when she came to the yard, she didn't dare to go there. The whole person is entangled and uncomfortable. However, in Tao Dali's courtyard, there was smoke and fragrance. This is cooking. Think about it, in the morning,side impact beams, I heard that Tao Dali went to work in the county town. Now only the silly sister-in-law is left at home. Thinking of these, Tao Shuyue dared to stride forward. The gate of the courtyard is just a wooden fence, which is not very troublesome. Tao Shuyue opened it and went into the courtyard. Now Dongshu just lay down and was ready to go to bed. Tao Shuyue came in, although the heart is still a little nervous, but the performance of the face is particularly natural, but also some of the right. Seeing that the big pot in the yard had been filled with water, there was no food. But there is still a smell of rice in the air, which is obviously eaten. Tian Guixiang, why don't you get out? I haven't eaten yet. Tao Shuyue,cold drawn tubes, as in the past, did not treat this sister-in-law as a person, and when she spoke, there was no awe or respect at all. She had said this many times before, and her brother had also said that this was a long-term worker in their family, so there was no need to be polite to her. Tao Shuyue doesn't think there's anything wrong with her attitude. Dongshu originally did not want to pay attention to her, but regardless of their own, it is estimated that this silly X will be able to talk in the yard for a noon. In order to seek a stable sleep, Dongshu thought about it and pushed open the door. Tao Shuyue had naturally sat down by now, waiting for Dongshu to wait on her for dinner. Seeing Dongshu coming out, she tightened her eyebrows and said impatiently, "Hurry up. I'm hungry. I want to eat white steamed buns." Aunt's family ate steamed buns at noon today, and she knew all about the noodles in the morning. But the eldest aunt did not believe in herself, nor did she let herself touch the food at home. Even if Tao Shuyue knew, she could not hide some food for herself in advance. Now came to Dongshu here, but dare to play a horizontal. Originally thought that this silly sister-in-law would be as submissive as before, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,side impact door beams, and then honestly go to prepare white steamed buns for herself. Tao Shuyue thought of this and raised her head, feeling that she was still the proud little princess of the Tao family. It's just that now her face is blurred, her hair is messy, and her clothes are dirty. It doesn't look like a down-and-out princess, but it really looks like a fire girl. That is to say, it was raised well in the past, so the tender white foundation is still there, otherwise, there is no doubt that it is really a fire girl. The original owner used to be stupid and used to spoil these people. Dongshu is not used to it, and she doesn't intend to let them go. So, two steps forward, directly grabbed Tao Shuyue's small arm, and lifted the person up. Tao Shuyue's feet were off the ground, and the whole person panicked: "Tian Guixiang,% ¥ # @, put me down, this.." Behind the words, it is too disgusting, Dongshu automatically shielded. East Shu is a high-profile person all the way to the Tao Haishi home, the passing aunt saw, but also came out to see a few eyes, but no one asked. After all, Dongshu is now with Tao Dali. Tao Dali, no one in the village really dares to provoke him. After all, there are too many rumors, the smell of blood is too heavy, and people don't want to send people's heads. So, at most, they just look out, but they don't say anything. Maybe the Tao girl has gone too far. "Tao Zhengzong is not a thing, and the children in that family, I think, are also crooked bamboo shoots.". ” "Yes, yes, I'm afraid I think my aunt's family is not good, and I want to order my former sister-in-law." "It's not because Tao Dali is not at home that he wants to bully people." …… The crowd talked in a low voice. Dongshu hurried all the way to Tao Haishi's house. Tao Haishi had just had a meal and was teasing his grandson in the courtyard. See Dong Shu come over, eyebrows a jump, always feel no good thing. But after thinking about it, Dongshu came over in the morning and sent a bag of candy specially. He is not greedy to eat, but the little grandson looked at the candy, eyes are shining, Tao Haishi is no way, can only accept. Now looking at Dongshu carrying people over, Tao Haishi said, I am too old to see people, and I am flustered. Unfortunately, Dongshu did not hear his voice. He carried the man to his courtyard and threw him out without mercy. Uncle Haishi, this girl may be suffering from hysteria. She came to my house at noon to make trouble. I want to sleep for a while. I can't rest in the afternoon. I can only send people over. Now I have followed Dali. I just want to live a good life with Dali. It's nothing for me to make trouble with people or things in the past, but in front of Dali, he.. The latter words, do not need to say, just need to leave Tao Haishi brain fill. Chapter 2907 farming to support the family in 1980. Hearing what Dongshu said, and then looking at Tao Shuyue,aluminium coated tubes, who had been thrown to the ground with a confused face, Tao Haishi felt his head buzzing. What's the matter with all this? "I am also a law-abiding citizen," Dong said.