Legend of galactic heroes Vol. 4

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Although I am strong,push back racking system, I may not be able to make that Zongshou give in. As for those means that are not on the table, Han Nishui is not a person who asks himself to be aloof. But unless it is absolutely necessary, disdain to use one.

Let me tell you something about the past. Twelve years ago, Reinhart's father and I, after exhausting our only assets, finally abandoned the original mansion and moved to a small house in a low-lying industrial and commercial town near the river and sea. On the surface, they seem to have lost everything, but in fact, they have gained the most precious thing. The first friend Reinhart ever made was a tall boy with fiery hair and a bright smile. I used to say to this teenager-Ziggy, be good friends with my brother. The flames burning in the stove burst out with a sharp sound. The orange flames danced, swaying the figures of the speaker and the listener. Through the description of the beautiful hostess, Hilde seemed to see the simple scene of the small industrial and commercial town in the imperial capital twelve years ago. At that time, the woman was still a girl of about fifteen years old. She looked at each other with the same transparent smile and gentle eyes as she does now. The teenager responded with a brilliant smile that seemed to reflect the dazzling red hair. The young man, like an angel with hidden wings, saw this scene and took his red-haired friend's hand in a confident voice and said, "Let's go!"! You will always come with me.. The red-haired boy has always kept this promise. Nope! Not only that,heavy duty metal racking, but what he did was far beyond what I expected, which no one else could do. It was I who took the life of Siegfried Gilfias, his life and all that he had. He has passed away, but I am still in this world. “……” "I am a sinful woman." Hilde was speechless. Perhaps this is the first time in her life that she has been exhausted by words! It was not the eloquent diplomat, the sinister counsellor,metal racking systems, or the stern prosecutor who made her realize this first experience. Although she was confused by the lack of words, she did not feel embarrassed or even ashamed, because she did not lose by strategy or the merits of the debate. I beg your pardon, Countess Greyward, for saying this, but I will speak boldly. If you should really suffer from the terror of the old aristocratic faction, would the prefect of Gilfias in the sky be happy? “……” If it were Hilde at ordinary times, he would probably disdain to abandon such an argument! She did not like the practice of appealing to emotion because she did not rely on theory to persuade her. But under the present circumstances, we have to embark on the only road leading to the goal. Besides, not only the dead, push back racking system ,pallet rack shelving, but also the living. Please think again, Countess. The death of Prefect Gilfias was too heavy a blow for the Duke of Rojankram. Now he has only one relative, his wife. If you ignore him, the Duke's personality may collapse. Prefect Gilfias was too young for death. But don't you think it's too young for the Duke of Rojankram to be in a state of mental death at this time? The white porcelain face of the hostess seemed to be swaying with something besides the flame. Are you saying I abandoned my brother? "The Duke of Rojankram wants to do some duty for you, that's his idea.". If you can accept his request, he may feel that his presence is still necessary for his sister. This is very important not only for the Duke of Rojankram personally, but also for a wider range of people. Anne Rodger looked unconsciously towards the stove, but her attention was not on the dancing fire. Do you include yourself in the wider range of people you are talking about? Miss Malindorf. “ "Yes, I do not deny this, but more importantly, the vast number of other people, how can tens of billions of people in the Galactic Empire expect a ruler who has fallen into nothingness spiritually?" “……” Let me assure you once again that I will never disturb your peaceful life. In any case, please let the Duke of Rojankram, no, let your brother have his wish. It was entirely because of you that he and Prefect Gilfias shared the same ambition. Time flowed silently around the two men minute by minute. …… Miss Malindorf, I must thank you for taking such pains and thoughtfulness for my brother. The hostess smiled and looked back at Hilde. Countess Malindorf, it's up to you. I'm still not going to walk out of this villa. As for other things, as long as you feel good, just do it. "Thank you, Countess Greyward." Hilde uttered the words of lung bow. Anne Rodger may have just wanted to avoid these complicated things, but it was not a bad result compared to being coldly rejected. Please call me Anne Roger. "Well, then please call me Hilde, too." In this way, Hilde and the officer who drove the car became the guests of the villa for the night. When Hilde came upstairs to the arranged bedroom, Kenrath, the young man who brought the tea, accepted Hilde's thanks and said as if he had made up his mind: "Can I ask you some questions?" "Of course, go ahead." Why not come and disturb Lady Anne Rodger? Her ladyship only wants to live in peace. Besides me, there are several people waiting on her here, which can absolutely protect her safety! The boy's eyes brimmed with righteousness, anger, and doubt, and Hilde looked back at him with unrevealed kindness. The young man's heart has not been eroded by the years,medium duty racking, he has never doubted the ideas he believes in, and there is no impurity in his courage. I can assure you that I will not interfere with Mrs. Anne Rodger's life. Soldiers who serve as escorts will not enter the villa, nor will they encroach on your field of work. You must know that there are other people besides you who are very concerned about the safety of Lady Anne Rodger. 。 kingmoreracking.com