Airspeed star marks

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Blue and white let the webmaster move a bed again, and together to help move Xiaoya's things in the past,304 Stainless Steel Coil, leaving Junxie alone, but also sweetly sleeping in his wardrobe. After everything was settled, they got back into the game.

Cai Ruotian sighed in his heart, "Silly boy, I am actually your grandfather!" What I said just now is strength. Next, let's discuss speed again. How to apply speed to the best is a very profound knowledge. With your current ability, you should be able to reach about 30 times the speed of sound, but you are far from it now. What I want to teach you is not simple speed, but the combination of speed and strength. The relationship between speed and strength is proportional, when you attack, the faster the speed, the more powerful the attack. Perhaps you have heard that a power in the realm of the judge can destroy a planet, so what does he rely on? Simple power? That is absolutely impossible to achieve. But if you add speed to strength. In theory, the attack power generated can indeed have the ability to destroy the planet. Of course, the specific analysis of the specific situation also depends on the density of the planet itself. The speed of light is the limit that our powers can reach. If we break through the speed of light, we will directly enter the other space, which is meaningless. And the speed of light is your goal. Okay, now let's get started. I hope that in three months, you will be able to fully understand what I have taught. These are the greatest secrets of our space powers. Only the sons or daughters of the direct line have the right to learn. Even Moore has not learned these. Tian Hen wants to ask if Cai Li has learned it. But finally did not ask the export, one old and one young, in this underground space, one teaching and one learning, began the ceremony of inheritance. The time of a day has passed unconsciously in the case of complete concentration. Cai Ruotian did not let Tianhen apply anything, but explained the specific method of practice to him in detail. Through his explanation, Tianhen learned that the original power of each department has a certain secret existence,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, that is, the special method of cultivation, the holy alliance in order to maintain the dignity of the high-level, these methods of cultivation can only be passed on by word of mouth, only the next son, saint can really learn, and this is absolutely not allowed to spread. These cultivation methods do not sound difficult, but it is almost impossible to succeed in real cultivation without guidance. Just like the combination of speed and strength in the space system,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, it is simple to say, but when it is really done, the skill is very strong. All right, let's call it a day. Tianhen, you should go to dinner with everyone. Then, make a body modification. Cai Ruotian looked at the sky mark with a smile and said. After a day of contact, he was very satisfied with the sky mark, the sky mark is very smart, for everything he explained, often can draw inferences about other cases from one instance, originally needed three days to explain the method, only one day, has been completely instilled into the sky mark, the future needs, is a long time of practice and practice. Tianhen woke up from thinking and turned to look, only to see that the others had already gathered in the center of the square, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and then the other four Taishang elders had disappeared. Cai Ruotian said, "You young people should get in touch with each other and learn more from each other in theory. Maybe you will have a deeper understanding.". However, the secret of this department's cultivation can not be told. It is a pity that you have not mastered the secret of dark power training in this alliance, otherwise, your ability will surely be able to rise to a higher level. As soon as the ray of light flashed, the figure of Cai Ruotian disappeared, which was the speed of light that Tianhen most longed to achieve. Striding to the front of the crowd, in addition to Lily still calm expression, the other several people are very excited, obviously this day's time has let them learn a lot of things that they could not learn before. Sai Li and Zi Huan walked over from the track. Sai Li said, "Let's go to dinner.". It's very rich for you today. As soon as he heard the sumptuous dinner, Feng yuan had a big appetite. He rushed excitedly to Saili's side and said with a smile, "Brother Saili, what's delicious?"? Do you have lobster, carp or something? I heard that carp can improve eyesight, so give me some abalone first. I'm already hungry. Powers are not strong in food because of their own and external energy molecules. Therefore, several Taishang elders stipulated that they could only eat one meal a day, which was too sad for Fengyuan, who was addicted to eating. Saili laughed and said, "It's definitely better than lobster and abalone.". Come on, you'll understand when you see it. When the six people followed Saili and Zihuan to the so-called restaurant, the six people were surprised. Here, it is still a room made of alloy, not so much a canteen as a laboratory. There are all kinds of instruments and liquids of different colors in it. Feng yuan was dumbfounded and said to Sai Li, "Elder brother, you don't want us to eat these things, do you?" "Why not?" Saili asked with a smile? These are the latest good things developed by our Holy Alliance. Come on, aren't you hungry? You go first. Said, picked up an empty one liter beaker from the side, to the front of the instrument to fill the liquid, the amount of each liquid seems to have a strict limit, after careful measurement, when the beaker is full, has become colorful, looks extremely turbid. It has a pungent smell. Sai Li handed the beaker to Feng yuan and said, "Drink it. It's good." With a mournful face, Feng yuan said, "Brother Saili, if you poison me to death, we will lose a promising young man in the Holy Alliance." Zihuan said coldly, "You can choose not to drink it, but during the three months of your training, there is only one cup of this every day.". If you don't drink, you deserve to starve to death. Feng yuan said angrily, "You.." Although you are very beautiful, I'm afraid you'll never find a man with such a temper. Zihuan snorted coldly and said, "What I hate most is men. There is no better. Do you drink or not? Don't waste time. After dinner, rest for half an hour and you will start today's transformation." Feng yuan accepted his fate and said, "I'll drink. Can't I drink?"? Well, I put up with it. Holding the beaker, he poured the turbid liquid into his abdomen. Although it did not smell very good,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, the turbid liquid had no peculiar smell, just like white water, for a while. He was drunk clean by Feng yuan.