Pouring the sky to entertain the queen

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Blue and white let the webmaster move a bed again, and together to help move Xiaoya's things in the past,304 Stainless Steel Coil, leaving Junxie alone, but also sweetly sleeping in his wardrobe. After everything was settled, they got back into the game.

However, she is absolutely conscientious, did not ask for a stand-in, nor absent and leave, she knows this is an opportunity, because this is the first female number one she has received since she entered the entertainment industry, but also the first big IP! However, this does not mean that other people are like her! This night was spent half asleep and half awake in infinite indignation and sadness! Perhaps, in this circle of people, it is always difficult to clean, Ye Feifei felt that his half of the circle is also in this troubled network is about to be banned! There is a feeling of suffocation. However, the next day arrived, the sun still rose as scheduled, the sad face of Ye Feifei or on time to Hongyu, a sleepless night, mind disorder, she did not know how to comfort Xia Yichu! Only said: "Xiao Chu, calm down, I know you are now more wronged than Dou E, there is no matter of you, but still implicated, I dare not go to your micro-blog below to see, you can imagine, the city gate fire, bring disaster to the fish in the pond!" Ye Feifei exhaled a little and frowned at Xia Yichu! Xia Yichu sighed, as if last night's Internet nightmare had melted into her body,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and she had adapted to the current situation of deep suffering. She looked around, and now there were only two people in the room, she and Ye Feifei. So she said: "The entertainment circle is a deep pool of water. What you see is always the tip of the iceberg. In fact, Wu Di, the male number one, didn't want to play this play at the beginning." He is a line of big coffee, and Sally, he also felt that this drama is just an ordinary IP, the so-called super big IP at that time seems to be some exaggeration, we all think that this is the result of hype,304 Stainless Steel Bar, so, with his social status, at that time to the crew offered a very high and harsh conditions to facilitate the cooperation, one of the conditions. It's a matter of scale! Wu Di is not a male star who takes the sexy route. Occasionally, there are more exposed photos, which are just a hazy figure or profile. Moreover, Wu Di has always advocated fitness. Everyone in the circle knows that his abdominal muscles are very strong and beautiful, so he wanted to invite him to the show in the play, but Wu Di refused. But unexpectedly, the drama is still so despicable. But then again, Where does the average stand-in get the perfect ABS? So, the bathroom part is not a stand-in at all, but a photo! That is to say, the person who shows off his beautiful skin on TV is not Wu Di himself at all. Even the part of the photo under his neck is not his. I don't know whose photo it is. I only know that in the case of insufficient funds, the final effect is really quite dramatic! But Xia Yichu had a slight meal, and his eyebrows were slightly raised, with a trace of contempt and chill: "Oh.." Tens of millions of investments, in fact, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, are not shoddy on the whole, but the incredible bad taste of the drama is the devil who really digs his own grave! Ye Feifei listened to Xia Yichu's words, can not help but shiver all over the body! Chapter 17 "Matting" Wind (3) All of a sudden, there was a lot of news, and Ye Feifei was a little confused! Not a stand-in, not in person, the so-called "slide show" is a patchwork clip of two people, and then a picture of the background! oh ~ my god ! Drama side in order to make money, this brain hole is no one, this has to ask more advanced late to make 100% realistic effect, not to mention, late shortage of funds to become a fatal injury, so a good and popular super show big IP was destroyed like this! Ye Feifei said, "Since you are making money, why do you have such a bad taste when you can rely on your strength to eat?"! Isn't this a clear act of death? Xia Yichu sneered again, as if a little bit of nihility floating around: "Oh." This earthly chaos, always mixed, the network is more old drivers, where so many pure rabbits?! Otherwise, why can't the vulgar market be suppressed forever?! However, this kind of thing on the TV station, radio and television in the end or maintain the bottom line, so this is already the largest scale under the strict requirements of radio and television, who will let go?! Xia Yichu suddenly turned around, her very black and bright straight hair in the air across the perfect radian, lonely spread on her slender tall and straight back, "although the" rose sea "is also IP, but in the end not as good as other IP that has tens of millions of original fans, at the beginning of all people are not particularly optimistic, but the drama side and want to wantonly make money, wish once and for all, How can you refuse to join the market of bad taste that can never be eliminated?! It's just that this time, it's overdone! Ye Feifei looked at her back, instantly clear! She understood the reason why Xia Yichu suddenly turned his back to himself and said this. She frowned, only to hear Xia Yichu go on to say, "Actually.." As long as you can make money, word of mouth is worth a few yuan in this era when updating is faster than turning over books. So, as long as you can make money, unscrupulous is not a new thing! This is the ultimate goal of people who squeeze into this circle to get a piece of the cake. Compared with the bright and beautiful fame, Grandpa Mao really can't be more affordable. Besides, the ultimate goal of fame is not for "Grandpa Mao"?! So, why care so much about the way to get? As long as you don't break the law, you won't go to prison, so what's to be afraid of?! "Besides, isn't there such a thing as'scolding red '?!" Xia Yichu sneers again! Ye Feifei couldn't help sighing to herself: In this noisy and flashy entertainment circle, the number of spectators, or people who eat melons, is really frightening. Who makes the truth in such a mysterious circle always have a charming charm value like money and power, which attracts a lot of keyboard warriors who stay up all night tracking! The network, after all, is the most irremediable spiritual vent area under the fast-paced and high pressure of modern people! Here is a bottomless pit where you can release your soul without leaving home! However, this pot still needs someone to come out and carry it! Wu Di is a first-line big coffee, does not belong to Hong Yu, he and Hong Yu only cooperative relationship, according to Xia Yichu revealed, because of this matter, Wu Di almost tore with Hong Yu on the Internet, who dares to provoke him?! Such a big mess,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, naturally, the drama side (that is, Hong Yu) simply can not ask Wu Di to come out to clarify! sxthsteel.com