Boy, I like you.

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"I agreed that if I touched you, you wouldn't bother me again." "Then tell me why she agreed to let you touch her bare head?"

"I agreed that if I touched you, you wouldn't bother me again." "Then tell me why she agreed to let you touch her bare head?" I knew I was in the wrong, so I had to give up. I'm speechless! Xu Zijie pushed the door into a western restaurant. I followed him in. What a beautiful and elegant western restaurant! White tables, white chairs, a floor made of peach wood, a ceiling covered with fake grapes and flowers, and all kinds of beautiful wall lamps and landscape paintings. Zijie, are you going to invite me to have a big meal? That's great! I licked my lips and my eyes became a line of laughter. Two bowls of beef noodles! Xu Zijie said softly to the waitress, and then turned his head to me, "I'm not so rich. I'll invite you to a big meal after I make money!" "When will you make money?" "I don't know. Anyway, it's a very distant thing. Now you can only be wronged to eat ramen." Xu Zijie touched my forehead gently, very gently. You mean, after a long time, you will still be with me, and you will bring me to this Western restaurant? I cleverly asked Xu Zijie, and only at this time, I would be smart. (^ ^) Xu Zijie's hand, which was making tea, shook slightly,brass tube fitting, and a lot of pale yellow liquid flowed down the table. O ⊙ | | | He quickly put down the teapot and gently wiped the liquid flowing on the table with a paper towel, his head low. Zijie, are you talking? I didn't let Xu Zijie go and continued to pursue him. Hehe ~ ~ ~ ^ _ ^ My lovely Xu Zijie, your nervous appearance is really funny. Idiot, what stupid question did you ask? Xu Zijie unnaturally turned his head to the other side of the glass window and pretended to look at the pedestrians on the street. Hello, two bowls of beef noodles, please enjoy! The waiter put two bowls of beef noodles in front of us and retired respectfully. Wow,38 tube fitting, it smells good. I'm going to start! I smacked my lips and began to wave my chopsticks. I buried my head in the bottom of the bowl and concentrated on "working" until the bottom of the bowl was scraped clean, and then I raised my head. Do you need anything else? "Two glasses of orange juice, please!" "What? Zijie, how can you take the liberty? I don't like orange juice. I like ice cream." I looked at the back of the waiter and felt sorry for him. ~v~ "Don't be picky!" Xu Zijie frowned at me, "drinking orange juice is to lose weight." "I'm not fat, so why should I lose weight?" I was pitiful. "I want to eat ice cream, I want to eat." "Idiot, don't make this look like you've been bullied by me. If you really want to eat, you can eat it!" "Really?"? Then I want to eat. As soon as I heard something to eat, I showed a lovely smile again. ‵(∩O∩)′ "First of all, I declare that I only have 20 yuan left!" Xu Zijie cruelly broke my fantasy. I know, I know, 20 yuan can eat a lot of things. I seem to be comforting Xu Zijie, 14 tube fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, but in fact I am comforting myself. ~v~ "I'll keep 10 yuan for the CD." Xu Zijie's words are chilling. I want to eat it even if it's only 10 yuan! I said in a very domineering manner. All right, you eat it. Hahaha ~ ~ ~ p ^ O ^ Q When I came home with the happy feeling of winning five million yuan, I was greeted by a bomb. Mother picked up the kitchen knife and rushed out of the kitchen aggressively. Her posture was quite frightening: "Jingjing, how dare you miss three classes? Have you eaten the courage of a leopard?" "Mom, I.." I was just about to open my mouth to defend myself. My mother interrupted me and said, "Your pocket money will be confiscated next month." "Mom, no!" My tears began to overflow. "I dare not any more." ~~~>O<~~~ "Don't be wordy!" Mother entered the kitchen bitterly and closed the kitchen door mercilessly. "Mom, mom," I shouted outside the kitchen, my money, whine.. ~ O ~ Oh, my God, my beloved pocket money.. ~~~>O<~~~ "Fart girl, if I had known this, why did I have to do it at the beginning?" Lin Yi made a face at me. Looking at his insufferably arrogant appearance, I really want to find a piece of melon skin to cover his face. Boy, you must have done it again. My anger was burning, and it was a pity that my pocket money was gone. I wiped away the tears on my face, clenched my pink fist, and approached Lin Yi step by step. "Let's settle the old and new accounts together. Let's see." A big overlord fist came at Lin Yi, and then I kicked him to the ground in the air, and then I clamped Lin Yi's moving body with my right leg. P ^ O ^ Q freed my left hand, took off the cat slipper on my left foot, and began to shoot at Lin Yi's head. K ah, for Lin Jing to turn over, fierce K ah! "Wow.." Ah Yikes. Mom, she hit me again! Lin Yi cried to his mother for help. While holding Lin Yi's head with cat slippers, I gnashed my teeth and said, "Smelly boy, are you still arrogant?"? Arrogant in front of me, you just want to die! "Mom, fart girl, she hit me on the head, I'm going to be stupid.". "Mother," Lin Yi still shouted without losing heart. Bang! My mother opened the kitchen door and grabbed me by the ear. "Jingjing, you are getting worse and worse.". Stop making a scene and go to the wall in the room. Reluctantly, I let go of my hand, and while my mother was not paying attention, I gave a carriage to Lin Yi's head. ~v~||| "Mom, the fart girl hit me." She hit me so hard. Sooner or later, I will be beaten by her. "Lin Yi complained first and complained pitifully to his mother." Jingjing, if you dare to hit Ah Yi on the head again, I will never give you any pocket money again. Do you hear clearly? Mother scolded sternly,stainless steel needle valve, and then threw her sleeves into the kitchen. Really sad ah, looking at Lin Yi that act shamelessly and stubborn strength, I am too angry to speak.