The Return of the Condor Heroes (Old Version)

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Said, Lin Feng five fingers slightly open, red, black, white, green, yellow, five-color light in Lin Feng's palm rippling,Whirlpool bathtub, even if the five swords around Lin Feng slowly rotating: "Well, one person, this old thing to me to deal with!" 。

Yang Guo picked up the box and turned it upside down. The box was full of pictures and books piled up on the ground. He saw that the box was made of camphor wood. The wall of the box was eight minutes thick and very strong. He jumped up and reached for the top of the bookshelf, and sure enough, it was covered with oilcloth, which was set up to prevent the house from leaking in the rain and soaking valuable books. He pulled two large pieces of oilcloth and put them in the box. He stepped on the rope and sent the box to Duijian first. Then he came back and hugged Xiaolongnv. He said with a smile, "Let's go back to our hometown." Xiaolongnv was overjoyed and said with a smile, "Your master is really good." Afraid of her worries, Yang Guo comforted her by saying, "This sword is invincible. If there are any rocks blocking the box in the undercurrent, it will be cut clean with one sword.". I can walk very fast, and you won't be stuffy in the box. "There's only one thing wrong," said Xiaolongnv with a smile. "What?" Asked Yang Guo. "I won't be seeing you for a while," said Xiaolongnv. As he spoke, he reached Duijian. Remembering that Guo Xiang was still in the cave, Yang Guo said, "I've brought Master Guo's girl, too."? What do you say? Xiaolongnv was stunned and said in a trembling voice, "Really?"? You brought Master Guo. Master Guo's girl? When Yang Guo saw that she looked different, he realized that she had misunderstood that she had brought Guo Fu. He bent his head and kissed her gently on the face. He whispered, "It's the girl who was born only a month ago and can't cut off someone's arm!" Xiaolongnv's suet white jade face immediately blushed with shame. Deep in Yang Guo's arms, he dared not raise his head. After a while, Xiaolongnv said in a low voice, "We have to take her to the ancient tomb. If we leave her in this barren mountain, she will be killed in half a day." Yang Guo thought that after such a long delay in the Chongyang Palace,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, he did not know how Guo Xiang's life would be in the cave, and he was very worried. He walked quickly to the front of the cave, but did not hear the sound of crying. He was even more surprised. He pushed aside the thorns and saw Guo Xiang sleeping soundly, his cheeks red as if he had put on Rouge. Xiaolongnv stretched out her hand and said, "I'll hold you." Afraid of her weakness after the injury, Yang Guosheng said, "Just put it in the wooden box and pull it along." So he tied the handle of the wooden box with his belt and put Guo Xiang in the box. While holding Xiaolongnv, he dragged the wooden box forward like a small cart. At this time,outdoor whirlpool tub, the Taoists of Zhongnan Mountain will be in the Chongyang Palace, and no one will bump into them along the way. The three of them walked through a melon field. Yang Guo picked six or seven pumpkins planted by the Taoists and put them in a box. "This is enough for us to eat for seven or eight days," he said with a smile. Not long after, we reached the edge of the stream. Yang Guo held Xiaolongnv in his arms and put her in the wooden box. Then he handed Guo Xiang to her. They looked at each other and smiled. Yang Guo gently closed the lid of the box and wrapped the tarpaulin in two layers of honey outside the wooden box. Then he put the box into the stream, took a deep breath, and pulled the box down the way out of the tomb in the past. After practicing Qigong in the mountain torrents of the barren valley, he had no difficulty sneaking at the bottom of this small stream. After the stream went underground, it went up and down. Yang Guo followed the waterway. When the road was blocked by mud and rocks, the wooden box was not easy to pass, so he cut it with a sword. He was afraid that Xiaolongnv would be stuffy in the box, so he walked very quickly. In less than a stick of incense, he had already drilled out of the water and reached the underground tunnel leading to the tomb. He pulled off the oilcloth, opened the lid of the box, but saw that Xiaolongnv fainted slightly, thinking that after the serious injury, he could not bear the hardship, China spa factory ,indoor endless pool, but Guo Xiang was shouting, very energetic. It turned out that she had eaten leopard milk for a month, and she was much stronger than Chang'er. Xiaolongnv smiled and whispered, "We're finally home!" Unable to hold out any longer, he closed his eyes. Yang Guo no longer helped her up, then pulled the wooden box and returned to the living room in the tomb. But see the door table and chair, bed curtain a few seats, and two people leave that day is no different, Yang Guo looked at this stone room, looking at these objects he used since childhood, the heart suddenly gave birth to an indescribable taste, seems to like, but with a lot of sadness. He was in a trance for a while, and suddenly felt a chill on the back of his hand, but a drop of water fell on it. Turning around, he saw Xiaolongnv standing on the back of her chair, tears slowly falling from her eyes. The two of them are married today, and their long-cherished wish has finally been fulfilled, and they have returned to their former residence. From then on, there is no longer the slightest entanglement with the enmity, vexation and sorrow of the world, but in their hearts, they are both secretly sad and sad. Both of them knew that Xiaolongnv had suffered such a serious injury. She was not only hit by the golden wheel of His Holiness, but also attacked by the five sons of Quanzhen. With a delicate body, how could she withstand it? Although both of them have thought a thousand times in their hearts, as long as they get their wishes and get together, even if they die immediately, their hearts are sweet. But really two people got married, get together, but where is willing to die? Two people are so young, is a lifetime of loneliness, has never enjoyed any worldly blessings, suddenly completed the greatest wish of life, but suddenly want to break up! Yang Guo stayed for a long time, then went to Grandmother Sun's room to dismantle her bed, moved it to the side of the cold jade bed, laid the bedding, and helped Xiaolongnv go to bed to sleep peacefully. The food accumulated in the tomb was rotten, but the jars of jade honey pulp would not go bad. Yang Guo poured half a bowl of honey, mixed it with clear water, fed Xiaolongnv clothes, and fed Guo Xiang full, then he drank a bowl. He looked around the stone room and thought, "I must cheer up and make her like it.". My heart is sorrowful, but my face cannot show it. So he found two of the thickest candles, wrapped them in red cloth, and lit them on the table. "These are our wedding candles," he said with a smile. When the two red candles were lit, the stone room was filled with joy. Xiaolongnv sat on the bed, seeing blood stains and mud on her body. "I look like a bride,garden jacuzzi tub," she said with a smile. She suddenly remembered something and said, "Guo'er, go to Lin Shizu's room and bring her gold-painted box." 。