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As soon as his eyes swept, he saw two women being tortured in the atrium. His eyes were cold. He gently let go of Lin Yuner and shouted in a cold voice, "Xiuhe, what's the matter?"?

As soon as his eyes swept, he saw two women being tortured in the atrium. His eyes were cold. He gently let go of Lin Yuner and shouted in a cold voice, "Xiuhe, what's the matter?"? Who gave you permission to Lynch in the house? Xiuhe pursed her lips with grievance and approached Xiao Jue. "Wang Ye," she said coquettishly, "it's all that smelly girl. She beat up Xiao Hong beside her and talked back to her. She was bullied by a little maid. She was so angry that she ordered someone to teach her a lesson." Xiao Jue's evil eyes swept the two women black and blue in the atrium, looking at Xiuhe's eyes flashed a trace of disgust, Lin Yuner red eyes, whispered: "I advised Xiuhe sister, but.." "Cloud, it's none of your business." Xiao Jue eyes over tenderness, tears under her eyelids, gentle movements, see Xiuhe heart jealous rebirth, resentful looking at Lin Yuner. Xiao Jue glanced coldly, and his voice was cold. "I've learned enough lessons. Let people go. Don't abuse lynching in the palace in the future. You'd better remember that." "Yes, I know!" Unwilling, Xiuhe ordered people to release him. Xiao Jue took Lin Yun'er by the hand and said softly, "We will be in the Snow Plum Pavilion. The king has a gift for you." "Really?" Lin Yuner looked happy and snuggled up to Xiao Jue cleverly. "Thank you, Wang Ye. Wang Ye is really good to my body." "Go!" Xiao Jue hugged her and turned away, ignoring Xiuhe's discontented call behind her. Princess. Princess, how are you? Princess, don't scare the purple spirit. Purple spirit is free, also ignore the scar on his back,38 needle valve, pale face, holding the tassel has fallen into a semi-coma, anxious murmur, tentacles are blood, tassel face pale as paper, purple spirit tears like rain, pain like a knife. Xiao Jue, who had already reached the door,stainless steel tube fitting, stiffened and suddenly turned around. The thirty-eighth chapter of the main text is brutal. Xiao Jue's internal force was vigorous, and although Ziling's words were small, he could hear them clearly. Wang Ye, what's the matter? Lin Yuner felt a frightened breath from his body, followed his eyes, and asked softly. Xiao Jue quickly left Lin Yuner behind and rushed to the atrium at a frightening speed. Her. Tassel closed his eyes tightly, his face was like snow, his thin lips were bloodless, sweaty, and his long wet hair was scattered on his cheeks. It seemed that his life was hanging by a thread. Xiao Jue quickly crouched down, hugged the tassel, turned over, and his eyes suddenly darkened. Her back was crisscrossed with welts and blood, her clothes were all torn, and her whole back was red with blood. The purple spirit covered his mouth and tears fell down. Somebody, call the doctor, quickly! Xiao Jue roared loudly, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, and he even found that his hands were trembling. The tassels held his hand in a trance, as if floating on the sea, and finally held a life-saving straw, tightly and dependently. Delicate hands covered with blood, the strength is very big, the voice trembles, "you." Save. Save the purple spirit. Tassel eyes pray, with three points of sadness and melancholy, greedy for the warmth of the palm, looking at this strange and familiar handsome face, sad and reassuring. Xiao Jue's heart was severely poked by the word, inexplicably painful. He looked at the charming face with heartache and was furious. You stupid woman! Wind and cloud never change color, Xiao Wang was angry, everyone was frightened to shiver, also do not understand, why Wang Ye would be so angry to a maid injured. Xiao Jue's cold face was tight, and she grabbed the whip from Mammy Lin's hand and threw it angrily at her. Mammy Lin rolled on the ground in pain and wailed. Xiuhe was so frightened that she stepped back, and when Xiao Juesen's cold eyes looked at her, she trembled all over, showing her panic. Wang Ye, my concubine is just teaching that woman a lesson. She jumped on her. It's none of my business. Xiuhe shook his head in horror, his voice trembling, and from his expression, he could see that Xiao Jue was wandering on the edge of violence, and this anger was because of the woman who had been hurt black and blue. Xiao Jue's face was cold, his eyes were cold, and his cold lines were as firm as a knife. He hesitated for half a month to hurt the woman, but he was beaten so badly that he couldn't bear to look at her. His heart, which had always been merciless and cold, throbbed strangely and hurt his soul. His eyes were cold, his hand was raised, his long whip broke through the air, and he beat Xiuhe's beautiful face mercilessly. Blood stains crossed her white face, mercilessly destroying the original aesthetic feeling. Ah Xiuhe screamed, opened his eyes wide in horror, and collapsed on the ground. Lin Yuner and Ruyu covered their mouths in horror, and the other maids dared not breathe. They were all shocked by Xiao Jue's appearance like Yan Luo. Come on, Lady Xiu whipped the princess. The crime is unforgivable. Drive her out of the palace! And that old whore, flog thirty and throw out. Xiao Jue mercilessly ordered, turned around and picked up the tassels that had passed out, and strode out of the Sydney courtyard. Chapter 39 Jealousy Sydney courtyard chaos, two guards dragged Xiuhe, regardless of her heart-rending roar, mercilessly dragged out of Sydney courtyard. Another bodyguard picked up a long whip and ordered people to tie up the wailing Mammy Lin and beat her severely. Mammy Lin cried out in pain. The maids next to him were so frightened that they didn't dare to breathe. The one who was just beaten is.. Princess? Oh, my God, what's going on? Ruyu was shocked. "Sister Xiuhe is so sad that she was driven out of the mansion by Wang Ye for no reason. It's so pitiful." Lin Yuner's tone was regretful, and his innocent face flashed a trace of resentment. Cloud, what do you mean by that? "It must be the princess who used a bitter trick to attract Wang Ye's attention. She can marry instead of her sister for the sake of splendor and wealth. What else can't she do? It's a pity that Xiuhe's sister." Lin Yuner's pure eyes are filled with deep contempt and. Jealousy. Wang Ye was so nervous about her that in order to help her vent her anger, he not only ordered people to beat Mammy Lin, but also drove Xiuhe away. It seemed that the princess was very important in his mind. Such a calm and rational person, even for a woman to lose his temper, he can swear to hate her? If this is called hate,pipe fittings manufacturer, obviously she is not experienced enough, do not understand, hate people still have this kind of performance.