I gave birth to five big brothers to fight in the palace for me.

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That year, heavy rain was twelve years old and was in the fourth grade of primary school. From then on, Wang Qinggui lost his son and heavy rain. The Last Soldier Proof There are two people and a dog on that hill.

She was hugged tightly in her arms by the man and shouted anxiously over and over again that he was really afraid of her accident. Han Fei shook her head and said softly, "Third Master, feel it. It hurts here." The woman put the man's big hand on her heart, let the man feel the heartbeat of the palm, a Leng, the man looked at the eyes of a little white face without change, stopped for a long time, and finally held the woman heavily in his arms. He put his whole face on her neck, and his voice was hoarse. "Hanhan, this time, the third master is still your third master.". Bao Cheng didn't listen to me and insisted on going to mourn the sinner. The second brother and the fifth brother also left. After that, I was really a loner. After all, the heart knot is still here in the prince. Prince Yu Fuquan and Prince Gong Changning are just straws that crush this nerve. Han Fei patted the man on the shoulder, humming a tune to coax the babies to sleep, she whispered a cappella in his ear, a comfort, just shaking each other, and soon the man in her humming, slowly issued a light sleep. The man fell asleep in her arms. As soon as Liang Jiugong came in, he was so shocked that he fell asleep. For so many days, he knew that he had never slept well. He quickly bowed to Concubine Han and asked softly, "Empress, do you want to wake up Master Long Live?" Concubine Han waved her hand and said, "Take down the medicine and ask Jing Cui to bring you some of the medicinal food you usually use in your own palace. Long live your body is fine. What you get is heart disease. In the future, don't mention anything about Prince Yu and Prince Gong in front of him." Liang Jiugong was stunned and suddenly looked at the imposing imperial concubine in front of him in surprise. After sighing at the intelligence and ability of the empress in her heart, she finally went down to prepare with a chirp. And this, Kangxi slept for a long time before he woke up. As soon as he woke up, he saw the woman holding him all the time and did not let him leave. Kangxi's heart was like a stove, and his whole body and even his heart were warm. Such a woman, full of maternal aura, Kangxi's early emperor's forehead Niang was not around, he had never enjoyed this kind of love, now feeling, he only felt the beauty of the woman in front of him, very beautiful. Probably in the eyes of every young child, his mother is very beautiful, not to mention, women are already beautiful, and maintain a jade face these years, it seems that it has not changed from the year. Years prefer such a woman, but also treat the heart of a kind woman,wire mesh decking, he can get Hanhan has been around, Kangxi is really satisfied. At this moment, he pulled her, and the two of them changed their positions again, and the man held the woman. Their legs were sitting cross-legged, and the man was holding the woman from behind, his chin close to the woman's side face, their cheeks against each other, and the man's gentle voice came. "Han Han, before, I seem to dream of the emperor's forehead Niang, dream of her singing to me, so many years, she almost even in my dream are rarely close.". Is she blaming me? Han Fei's fingers were held by the man's hand, and she could not leave them, so she let the man hold them. Then she tilted her head and smiled, "Silly Third Master, how can parents blame their sons in this world?" "Really?" The man's voice rose slightly, and the smile on his face rose. He had just said that on purpose. He found that Hanhan was silly to fall into the trap of his words, but he liked her for a while. His mother has not been around since he was a child, and how can she sing to him. Previously, cantilever racking system ,Teardrop Pallet Racking, it was a woman's voice, accompanied by his shallow sleep. This can be, he found that only in the woman's side, he will feel unusual peace of mind, life wife so, what more can the husband ask for? He looked at every part of her body, every look and smile, all beautiful, all good-looking, God in the end treated him well. Really, the third master is the best monarch in the world, but also the best son. Don't worry, Third Master. As soon as the woman's voice sounded, the man suddenly remembered that for many years, he had asked her, 'Is she the best husband?' At that time, the woman's answer was, 'your heart is like my heart. ’ So now he clasped her hand again and asked again, "That Hanhan, your third master, is your best husband?" Han Fei had prepared a lot of words to appease the man, but did not expect that the man finally asked this sentence. ———————————————— (V 2-in-1 02) Two people line of sight opposite, Han Fei now looks at the man, insists on an answer. She did not evade this time, but answered the question directly, "If it is the third Master, it is naturally the best." And if it's Long Live, you shouldn't talk to him about this topic. Men are also smart people, now, understand what she means. Now, the former court is unstable, and he also has his own helplessness. He bowed his head and kissed Hanfei's forehead and chuckled, "Cunning Hanhan, since he is your third master, naturally he will be your third master all his life, how can he change?" As they spoke, Liang Jiugong and Jing Cui from the outer room came with the medicinal diet ordered by Han Fei. The two of them got up. Hanfei fed the man the medicated diet, but the man looked at her with a smile and whispered, "I know it's not medicine. Hanhan took a lot of trouble.". But I have no appetite now and I don't want to drink. Come on, you're getting into a temper. Han Fei coaxed for a while, the man finally drank the medicinal diet, while drinking, Han Fei said, "Third Master, you always rule the world with filial piety, you say, if something happens to the people around you, will you make decisions for them?" Hearing this, the man was stunned, and when he finally saw the woman asking for the answer, he nodded subconsciously, "Naturally, I will protect them.". A monarch, unable to protect his subjects and support his family, is naturally not a qualified monarch. Han Fei listened to a smile, this man is like this, his sense of responsibility is very strong, but at the same time, the desire to control is too strong, think about it, the prince has been the prince for almost 30 years, can the people below be stable? The prince is a prince who has just been born. Yes, the third master is the best monarch, that third master, the prince can be counted as half of the crown prince? But half a monarch? Her words sounded faintly,heavy duty cantilever racks, and the man naturally had no doubt, "Baocheng, I have been trained to inherit my country since childhood." 。 jracking.com