Duolaimi instigated 2

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What is your heart made of to forget someone so quickly.. Every time I see you, I can only lower my head, because just looking at you will make my heart ache. …

What is your heart made of to forget someone so quickly.. Every time I see you, I can only lower my head, because just looking at you will make my heart ache. … But you still smile. Standing next to Nelly. “^0^ …… Is that all right? "Am I a good match for her?" ………… As he spoke, Ngwe took Nali's hand and smiled brightly. … Yes "Hey, you and Xi yuan also want to be happy, ^ 0 ^ when we commemorate 100 days, we will call you to play.". ^0^” He said to me with a smile, holding Nelly's hand and never letting go. I always thought we still loved each other, but now I think it's just my one-sided idea all the time. I don't think we're in love.. Everything is just my unrequited love. That day, I left school early to go to the hospital because of a bruised toe, and then dragged my foot to the police station with a plaster cast. Cursing the cast on my foot,Stainless Steel Toilet China, I pushed open the door of the police station. The men cried out as soon as they saw me, and before I could open my mouth, one of the officers opened his mouth to me. He's in a holding cell. “… What "We have to do this until we find the people who tried to kidnap you." Where is the holding cell?! It's here somewhere, right?! Just then,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, someone put a hand on my shoulder, and I looked back to see the fat officer. Get out. He's not here now. “… If I- "Shut up and get out!" "What would you do if I could prove that Xiyuan is not what you think?" What did you say? If you keep up this nonsense- "When I prove that Xiyuan didn't do it, I want you to issue him a release statement." As soon as my voice fell, the whole police station burst out laughing. After a while, the fat man said. So, I should do myself a favor, right? So I can have some fun in this little game. What do you think? "Well, if I lose, Service Sink Faucets ,Time Delay Tap, I'll give you all our savings." The fat man's face changed color slightly because of my rudeness, and then I left the police station immediately. I know I'm wrong to be so rude, but.. ………… …… How do I find those bastards.. I want to prove Xiyuan's innocence. But Xi yuan refused to cooperate at all and refused to say anything. When I don't want Xiyuan. I will think of Ngwe.. Damn ………… Even if it was really done by Xiyuan. I have to find a way to get him out. + That night + …… ………… I got a call from Zheng Bin. What's the matter? Poof! “… Only Nothing.. "How are things going with Ngwe? Poof!" "Not so good." “… Do you want to meet? Poof! Have a good chat. “…… Not now. I'm sorry, Zheng Bin. “… Come out. “… Hey. Do you know that when the average criminal commits a crime.. Where will they hide? What did you say, poof! You think I'm some kind of criminal, poof! “…… I'm sorry "Hey, you should probably find a remote hotel to hide from the limelight, or run to another country." “… Oh, I see. "Are you sure you can't come out? Poof!" "I'm sorry." "It's because of Jiang Xiyuan, poof." “… Xi yuan? What's the matter with him? "Heard something, don't you want to know, poof!" "Where are you now?" …… ………… This time my parents didn't stop me because I went out so late, and as usual, Jae Kwang was still in the hospital with Soo-hyun. I ran as fast as I could with my feet in plaster towards the coffee shop that Zheng Bin said. …… ………… What does he have to tell me? My heart was pounding.. If Zheng Bin wants to tell me some news about Xiyuan. It shouldn't be good news. The first thing I saw when I opened the door of the coffee shop was Zheng Bin sitting there in a leopard print shirt. When he noticed I was looking at him, he waved to me. Here, poof! “… Zheng Bin!!! …… ………… I roared and ran towards him, and Zheng Bin twitched in fright. … What's the matter with you? Poof! Tell me! Did you see Xi yuan yesterday?! "Yeah, poof." "In this dress, too?!" …… ………… “… Do you mean clothes or trousers? Clothes!!! This leopard print shirt!!!! …… ………… Yes, poof. What's the matter? That's great! That's what I want! I grabbed Zheng Bin and stood up and then pulled him to the door. Chapter 87 "What's the matter with you, poof?" Go to the police station! Hurry up! Hurry up Hearing the three words'police station ', Zheng Bin suddenly stopped and refused to move a step forward. Do you think I'm crazy?! Why should I go there? "Let's go and save Xi yuan!"! Hurry up "What did you say?" "They think Xi yuan arranged the kidnapping!!!" …… ………… Zheng Bin looked at me. “…… Kidnapping? "Shut up and come with me." I pushed Sang forward with an unknown expression on his face, and then forced him to drive to the police station. Damn those bastards. I told them it wasn't Xi yuan. Hey, Zheng Bin, but why did you meet Xi yuan? “…… He called me first. "Xi yuan?"? Why "How should I know, poof!" “…… Are you angry? Shit,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, poof! Why do I have to go to the police for him? Poof. Every time I meet you, poof, it ends like this.. _ …” “…… That's part of my charm. ^0^”。 cnkexin.com