I died in July of the same year.

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Fang Youlun wanted to tell A-Mei about the whole thing. In fact, he didn't know what would happen if he said it; whether things would be better.

Fang Youlun wanted to tell A-Mei about the whole thing. In fact, he didn't know what would happen if he said it; whether things would be better. But other than that He really doesn't know what to do at the moment. Leng Xiao had already seen Fang Youlun's conation, so he stopped him before he could take two steps forward. What's wrong "Save it.". You can't save him. Fang Youlun stopped.. Leng Xiao dragged Fang Youlun's line of sight to A-Mei and said, "As you can see, no matter how you want to save him, it's too late." I touched Ajay's body for A-Mei. That is to say, she has taken over the order of death; she is the next to die- It's just that there's still one wish left to come true. I guess.. If her wish is granted. That's hers, too. Time to die.. Fang Youlun thought that in recent days, A-Mei has entered the top six in the country in Sputergirl, and look at that posture and popularity, very. It is possible to become one of the top three in the country, which is what she asked for before. Bi Xian Tou chose Fei Yun. Before she died, her wish was to reconcile her family. Sure enough, just before she died. A few hours later, her father called her and said that her mother had let it go. Her wish came true. And it was mentioned in the diary. This point. Thus, the script of death began at this time,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, the protagonist has been chosen, then waiting for her is the expected death. After his death, Feiyun formed a curse of resentment, looking for the next person. When Fei Yun had an accident, Mr. Shang saw the worm fall out of his hand. He touched the apple. That is to say, that apple represents the curse of Feiyun. So, Shang Childe from However,Concealed Flush Valve, he took the baton of death, and sure enough, before long, his wish came true. He met Zhang Xiaoyan, and the result was true. He's dead. When Shang Gongzi died, his blood splashed on Ai Jie's body. So, Ajay is next. Ai Jie's wish is to get a position in Xinhao Company. As a result, she was hired today. However, she died. And then, A-Mei.. Fang Youlun's face was full of despair. But don't worry. With it, we can save the day. Fang Youlun turned his head to Leng Xiao. Holding up the diary, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Time Delay Tap, Leng Xiao paused in front of Fang Youlun's eyes and said, "This diary can predict who will die next in advance." And in this advanced time, we can do a lot of things, right? Fang Youlun looked at Leng Xiao and knew that she would have something to say to herself. Sure enough, Leng Xiao walked slowly behind him and said, "We can not only save people with it, but also pull out the pen fairy with it..". ” Chapter 35 35 Stylistic poems: A pear blossoms in the night. Color Human Bone White Yi is dressing herself under the tree. It's not like a monster Text: Chapter 35 "We can not only save people with it, but also pull out the pen fairy with it.." Leng Xiao said to Fang Youlun. Fang Youlun was so excited that he took a breath and puffed out his chest. Q: "You mean.." My meaning is very simple. Your disaster is caused by the pen fairy, and it is natural for the pen fairy to ask for her life. However, if you know in advance that the pen fairy is coming If you want to ask for the time and content of your life, when the pen fairy comes, can we take the opportunity to find out the pen fairy and bring it together? What about saving people? Fang Youlun thought it was good, the first few times when the pen fairy asked for life, no one knew who was next, nor did they know how long they would die. Less, more do not know what will come to kill him. Leng Xiao's words really got through Fang Youlun's train of thought. Fang Youlun said that we can use the diary to know in advance who is next, when and how to die. After knowing this. We can defuse the danger that has been reserved at any time. Maybe we can find the pen fairy who created the danger to kill us. I don't know. Ha, that's killing two birds with one stone. But.. "Leng Xiaodao.". "Don't tell the person the news yet. Keep it from him.". I'm afraid things will die in the light. Besides, now The client has become our bait, can we find out that the pen fairy is attacking her at the first time.. It's up to me. 。” Fang Youlun felt that what Leng Xiao said was right, but when he chewed it, he still felt that the girl was a little cold-blooded. But in extraordinary times, I don't care about it if I treat it very much. Little OK, can you tell? Leng Xiao thought, "is he reliable?" Fang Youlun nodded his head. Leng Xiao thought that it would be better to have one more person to help save people than one more idiot who did not know the situation at the critical time. It's better to make trouble. So she nodded her head to show that she could. Suddenly, Leng Xiao seemed to think of something, she looked at Fang Youlun, eyes with concern palpitations. You What did you promise to the pen fairy? Wish Fang Youlun said, "I didn't make any wish to the pen fairy, and neither did Xiao OK.". If there is danger, it is also A-Mei and Renhang. What's the matter It's going to be a little OK. So, no one else will die. You'd better not say that in a hurry. Death and immortality.. Worm left it for us. CT film can explain. Fang Youlun was stunned, thinking that Leng Xiao was right, and that was the only thing left at the moment. He thought of this and walked straight out of the coffee bar. Coming to the small OK car outside, Fang Youlun took the rest of the CT film in his hand. Sure enough, the one that belonged to Ajay died a few minutes ago. The CT film at the moment of death has already been clearly imaged, and the remaining four are slowly changing from one to the other. Yeah, that one looks like it was taken in a movie theater. At this time,push button toilet flush valve, the diary in Leng Xiao's hand suddenly flowed blood from the cracks in the pages. Fang Youlun was startled, afraid that Leng Xiao would be in danger, so he knocked the diary to the ground and protected it in front of Leng Xiao. Careful 。 cnkexin.com