The priest of God

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Dead fat Feng Liang attaches great importance to brotherly feelings, so although his strength is not very good.

Dead fat Feng Liang attaches great importance to brotherly feelings, so although his strength is not very good. But he's still very popular in the Department of Corrections. And for so many years, every time the dead fat man had an accident, the grey wolf helped him carry it. No matter how the dead fat man collected money, the country dared not do anything to him. Drip drip drip drip "Grey Wolf" the words of the men just finished, countless security guards who have taken the elevator to come up at the same time received the message that they are not allowed to start immediately evacuated here. A group of security guards, you look at me, I look at you, and finally all turned around and left the Sky Garden. After all, they work for the boss, and the lives of these people actually have little to do with them. They only care about the orders of the boss. When all the people inside the Sky Garden were evacuated, Zhang Long's face turned green. He knew that this time he had really failed! He did not know who was behind all this, but now that even the grey wolf had been invited out, he knew that he must have provoked an existence that could not be provoked and dared not be provoked. Taking a deep breath, Zhang Long let his heart calm down temporarily. Separate the somewhat panicked crowd. Zhang Long came to the opposite of the grey wolf. He met the Grey Wolf once. Even if he falls today,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, he always needs to know who he is falling into. Of course, he is not going to retaliate. What he wants to do is to find a way to apologize and solve this matter. Hello, Minister Grey Wolf! I don't know, "Zhang Long's words were interrupted by the grey wolf before he finished speaking." Your name is Zhang Long, isn't it? The grey wolf looked at the dog-like guy in front of him, and if it hadn't been for Brook's confession,Self-closing Shower Valve, he couldn't have killed them all at once. The grey wolf may slap this guy to death. "Yes," the grey wolf minister really has a good memory. Zhang Long felt comfortable when he heard that the grey wolf even knew himself. At least it showed that he could speak. " Don't talk so much nonsense. Get everyone on the ground for inspection! The grey wolf doesn't give this at all. Zhang Long has no face. Ah? However, "but Zhuang Zhanglong said, glancing not far away, looking at the crowd with a smile, the meaning of Federer is very simple, that is, to see if Federer and Grey Wolf are together.". If all this is a coincidence, then Zhang Long may feel better, although it is impossible for him to think about it. But if it is true that all this is manipulated by one person, then Zhang Long even has the heart to die. The grey wolf looked down Zhang Long's eyes, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, just in time to meet Federer's eyes. Grey Wolf probably knew that Brook Jr. and Federer belonged to the top of the Vatican when he thought about it. This must also be a prelude to Brook's arrangement. But he didn't care too much about Federer. He turned to Ye Huo, who was sitting on the sofa over there as if he were watching a movie. "Grey Wolf still denied the plan to let everyone lie down.". Ye Huo is also present now, if let Ye Huo also lie down. Grey Wolf is really afraid of Ye Huo's angry seconds and everyone left. Turning to his men behind him, the grey wolf said, "Search them!"! Remember what I told you! As the grey wolf spoke, his eyes intentionally or unintentionally glanced at Ye Huo and Milan sitting there. Except for his six men, even Federer did not find this action. After seeing the action of the Grey Wolf, the six men of the Grey Wolf began to search from Zhang Long as if they understood something. The grey wolf leaned against the osmanthus tree where Zhang Kai was at the beginning, holding his arms and looking at all the ordinary people present. Of course he knew that today's search wouldn't mean anything. These people are obviously celebrities. But he knows. These people dare not hate themselves, they will only vent today's depression on Zhang Long, it can be said that after this incident, even if the relationship with Zhang Long is good, people will certainly have a grudge. Get down! One of Grey Wolf's men did not know how to take pity on her at all. He kicked down a foreign beauty with blonde hair and blue eyes, who looked very noble, and began to grope for her. What do you "you" want to do! Are you terrorists. Next to the beautiful woman being searched, a tall white man shouted in less proficient Chinese. Sir, I advise you to be honest. Federer is not far away from the white people, only to see Federer at this time actually raised his hands to let one of the grey wolf's men search his body. The white man doesn't know the grey wolf, but he knows Federer. Seeing that Federer, the son of the Holy See, was so honest to let others search him. The white man was stunned. Compared with Federer, it is simply cloud mud, and Federer is so honest when facing this group of robbers, what else can he do! So the white man who had figured all this out had no choice but to raise his hands and let the robbers search. But his eyes were full of anger and looked at Zhang Long. If it wasn't for Zhang Long's invitation. How could I be so insulted! So he put all the shame on Zhang Long. The grey wolf picked up a glass of red wine from the wine table beside the laurel tree and shook it gently. "I hope you don't resist, otherwise you may be hurt too much to bear." At this time, the grey wolf looks like a bandit leader instead of the gentle grey wolf. In fact, this is the real grey wolf, the grey wolf who does not love words is a way for the grey wolf to hide himself for so many years. Blue's death made the former grey wolf almost desperate. If Thunder hadn't told him that Blue's soul still existed and could have been saved, then the grey wolf might have collapsed at that time. And after so many years of depression, of course, the grey wolf has to release himself. But how do you release yourself in the Department of Corrections? Just when the grey wolf was somewhat helpless, he actually received a phone call from Brooke, asking him to come here to play. The grey wolf, who was bored at that time, agreed to Brook's invitation,Self-closing Faucet, which led to the present scene. It seems that your guardian is a very good director and planner. Milan looked at one of the grey wolf's men coming towards her and whispered to Ye Huo. Oh? I don't know. Anyway, all I know is that the goddess is going to be searched. Ye Huo moved aside with a bad smile, and Milan almost jumped on him and strangled him!.