Hardwware Accessories in stock

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Hardwware Accessories in stock
ITEM NO:131001
Specification: 115mm*3mm*22.2mm
Material: abrasive and binder resin
Processing art: cold pressed
Application: Polishing,Grinding and Cutting Stainless Steel
Cutting blade is made of abrasive and binder resin.Resin cutting piece is using resin as the binder, glass fiber mesh as the bones and combined with a variety of materials.Cutting precision is more stable, at the same time, the choice of cutting material and hardness, can greatly improve your cutting efficiency, save your production cost. and cold pressed into shape.
It is widely used as consumables in polishing,grinding and cutting metals. It is generally matched with grinder.
The hardness of the cutting piece products determines everything,high-precision and high-efficiency grinding effect brought by the super hard abrasive has been widely recognized.
How to use:
1) Before switching on the power supply of machine, check whether the power supply voltage meets the requirements and put the switch at the off position. At the same time, check the cable. Plug must not be damaged.
2) check the shell of the machine and the cutting piece. Install the suitable size cutting Disc in right place and fix it. The cutting piece protective cover should be intact and firm.
3) Power on no-load operation for 1 minute, check whether the rotating parts of the tool are flexible and barrier-free.Hardwware Accessories in stock