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Seeing this, Ruthless Sword looked up to the sky and laughed. He said, "Purple Dragon, today I will show you the power of Ruthless Jianghu and see how arrogant you will be in the future."

Seeing this, Ruthless Sword looked up to the sky and laughed. He said, "Purple Dragon, today I will show you the power of Ruthless Jianghu and see how arrogant you will be in the future." The purple dragon looked at the merciless sword and chuckled a few times. "It doesn't matter," he said. "Victory or defeat is a common thing. What's more, you've already died at my hands for the Nth time. I don't care if I kill you one more time today." "Be stubborn in the face of death, hum." Ruthless Sword was so angry by Purple Dragon's words that his face was suddenly livid. He went on to say, "Don't talk nonsense, brothers. Do it. Today, as long as all the people in Ziyan Valley are destroyed by me, I will celebrate in the Mood for Love in the evening." Volume 1 Game Life Chapter 136 Battle of the Guard 7 The Best TXT Novel Download Website in the Country http://www.luo8.com Hundreds of Thousands of Excellent Novels for Free Download "All right, little sword, no problem." As soon as the players standing around the Ruthless Jianghu heard the words of the Ruthless Sword, they shouted one after another, and the weapons in their hands were all aimed at more than one thousand players in Ziyan Valley who were firmly surrounded in the middle. When Purple Dragon heard Ruthless Sword's words, he couldn't help laughing three times. After laughing, he stabbed Ruthless Sword with his eyes. Then he said: Today, even if I die here, what can I do? It's not stepping on your body. Come on, you don't JJYY, brothers, let's get to work. Purple dragon said this sentence,Time Delay Faucet, directly in the hands of the green blood blade quickly stabbed the merciless sword. Looking at the movement of the purple dragon, the merciless sword had been ready for a long time. He quickly raised the dagger in his hand, and his left leg took a small step back to ward off the dagger that the purple dragon had stabbed. Then, his left leg kicked the ground fiercely, and his whole body flew quickly to the purple dragon. The dagger in his hand also drew a circle gently in the air after fending off the blow of the violet dragon, and then stabbed the violet dragon in the chest. With the start of the two bosses, the other players of Ruthless Jianghu and Ziyan Valley also began to fight against each other, but it should be said that the people of Ziyan Valley were surrounded and killed. Ruthless Jianghu is surrounded by more than ten thousand people and killed more than one thousand people. Except for Ruthless Sword and Purple Dragon,stainless steel toilet, other players in Ziyan Valley are basically surrounded by several or even more than a dozen people. The result is certainly no need to ask. In a short time, they were knocked down and turned into a white light and returned to the resurrection point. Jian Shao, come on, it's up to you now. "Yes, destroy him, Jian Shao, and we'll toast you tonight." After quickly killing the other players in Ziyan Valley, everyone gathered around the Ruthless Sword and Purple Dragon, looking at them, during which some idle players kept clamoring. Purple dragon heard their words, the heart is also a surprised, the green blood blade in his hand to the merciless sword mercilessly stabbed out, while he dodged, he quickly swept around, after sweeping his heart is also cold, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Prison toilet for sale, although he is not afraid of death, but so surrounded to death, the heart is a little uncomfortable. Ruthless sword looked at the purple dragon's expression, can not help but feel happy, at the same time mouth said: "No need to see, want to run?"? If there is no door, you can wait for death. Otherwise, you can jump directly from the wall, and I will leave you a whole body. Ha ha ha Looked at the ruthless sword that arrogant appearance, the purple dragon did not care, he just kept fighting with him, is not in a hurry under any killer. Ruthless Bonzi stood watching the battle from a distance, and he always had an indescribable feeling. He always felt that something was wrong with Zilong's falling into the trap today, but he couldn't think of it. He shook his head gently, trying to sort out a clue, but the feeling was like a white cloud floating in the air, which could be seen from a distance, but when he really wanted to catch it, it slipped away from his hands. Ruthless Bonzi looked at the time. It was more than twenty seconds before the seventh batch of Xiaoguai came out. So he picked up the intercom and the Ruthless Sword and said, "Brother, kill him quickly. Don't waste time. The seventh batch of Xiaoguai will be here soon.". ” In fact, the longer the Ruthless Sword fought with the Purple Dragon, the more uncertain he felt. He found that the Purple Dragon had no intention of fighting with him at all. He just kept fighting, as if he was stalling for time. Then Ruthless Bonzi called him again. So he shouted: "Brothers, go together, kill him, and prepare to take over the next wave of Xiaoguai." Then he pulled back, and the other players who had been standing around for a long time swarmed up, and after a few times, the purple dragon turned into a white light under the crowd and returned to the resurrection point. (QQ group: 91044016) "Ha ha, what is the number one in the list? He is just a rookie." A player shouted arrogantly after the purple dragon hung up. All right, everyone take your places. Let's finish the last two batches of monsters and have a good celebration in the evening. Ruthless sword nodded with satisfaction and said. As a result, all the people in Ruthless Jianghu returned to their positions after a simple recovery. The Ruthless Sword looked at the broken gate of the East Gate and called out to the Ruthless Madman: "Madman, don't leave so many people there. You guard there, leave ten people, and put the rest in the East Gate." "Well, Jian Shao, let me go too. My hands are itchy." The heartless madman asked in a low voice when he heard the words of the heartless sword. No, you can save your energy to spend your time at night, ha ha. At this time, the seventh batch of siege monsters also appeared in everyone's line of sight, after two rounds of killing, sentinel hunters also began to join the battle. All of a sudden, thousands of players from the Ruthless Jianghu Guild and the seventh batch of monsters attacking the city quickly fought together. Heartless madman ears listening to the east gate and south gate from time to time the sound of fighting, so anxious that he is two-handed back and forth, ruthless not now rushed to the monster group to kill for a while, after all, he has not started from the beginning to now, for a more warlike him,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, only listening to others in the team loudly shouting where and where to kill an elite leader, He can only quietly guard a broken house, very depressed ah. Do you really want to do it? Would you like me to practice with you? Then a voice suddenly sounded in the ear of the heartless madman. cnkexin.com