Zhuge Qingyun competed for the title

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Almost every time the nihilistic monk made a move, he would say something like this, and none of them were the same.

Almost every time the nihilistic monk made a move, he would say something like this, and none of them were the same. He was fast and he was fast, and he was slow and he was slow. It was like a master teaching a disciple there, feeding and pointing at the same time, where you could still see the slightest bit of desperation. We never dreamed that this little parrot was so extraordinarily capable that almost all of them were dumbfounded. They thought to themselves in horror, "The ability of a parrot is so high. Isn't the rumored master of the Bixiao Palace invincible in the world?"? Fortunately, he doesn't look like a bad guy. Otherwise, wouldn't the world of Wulin suffer a great disaster? Just when everyone was shocked, one of the Incense Masters, who was not very high in status, suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Protector of Nothingness, you old man, pay attention. Now there are already forty strokes. As long as there are ten more strokes, it doesn't matter. Then we'll see what else they have to say.." His words were originally well-intentioned, but he did not expect to flatter the horse's legs. Before he had finished his work, another super Dharma Protector sitting near him stretched out his palm and beat him severely, scolding him: "Fool, only you remember the trick. Can't anyone else remember it? Why do you want to shout so loudly? I think you are deliberately collaborating with the enemy!" Finish saying, it is a burst of left and right open bow,Manual Flush Valve, hear only: "Pa!"! Pow! Pow.. Immediately after that, the Incense Lord let out a strange cry in his mouth, and suddenly fainted. The emerald parrot seemed to have amused the Master of Nothingness by teasing the black bear. It really forgot the trick. When the Incense Lord gave a warning to the Master of Nothingness, he immediately appeared to be in a panic and shouted, "Oh, it's bad!"! Broken! How could I forget the trick? Now there are only ten moves left. How can I blind you in time? Then I'm going to lose? As soon as it was in a panic, its body looked as flexible as before. Master Nihility's Panlong Soft Sword was almost soft to its body in these strokes. Although it was still allowed to dodge, it did not really stab,stainless steel squatting pan, but that thrill was by no means something that could be described by pen and ink. Everyone was worried about the master of nothingness? Seeing this, he could not help but feel nervous and worried about it. In the blink of an eye, five strokes have passed, at this time only the last five strokes, if the parrot can not blind one of the eyes of the master of nothingness, it seems that only its owner has to listen to the disposal of the Shendiao Society. But from the situation just now, the parrot can keep himself from getting hurt, which is already very good, and it is not easy to blind the eyes of the master of nothingness. At this time, not only the master of nothingness was already happy, but also the Lord of Shendiao and some of his masters were in high spirits. Unfortunately, only the Incense Lord, who had made a sound to announce his moves, had not finished speaking, and had not even seen the reversal of the situation in the first five moves. By the time the super Dharma Protector sitting near him had fallen down, stainless steel shower tray ,Flush valve price, Master Nihility's 46th sword move had already been struck out by lightning! Suddenly, the expression of the emerald parrot suddenly changed. Under a sudden flapping of its wings, its body suddenly quickened many times. Not only did it not look panicked at all, but it was even more brilliant than the first forty strokes. At this time, it can no longer be polite, only to hear it suddenly burst out laughing and shouting: "What's wrong?"! I haven't won yet, so you should deal with your own people for my old man first. If my old man doesn't win, wouldn't it be too sorry for your hospitality? Laughing and shouting, not only had he cleverly dodged Master Nihility's forty-sixth move, the fierce and incomparable sword style, but no one had seen clearly how it was drilled, only felt a little green shadow, in the cold light of the sword gas, slightly waved a few times, and had already deceived Master Nihility's chest, the small mouth like a hook. More unceremoniously toward each other's face between the "Jade Hall" to the hole, mercilessly pecked the past. Before the mouth did not peck down, first shouted loudly: "This sparerib is very good, take clear stew, I believe the taste must be good!" " Although the master of nothingness has a sword in his hand, the parrot has flown close to his body, except for holding the sword back to stab his heart, otherwise any other moves will not work. But if he stabbed the parrot, he would have to leave a hole in his heart. Wouldn't that be tantamount to committing suicide? No matter how stupid a person is, I'm afraid he won't take this approach. Otherwise, it is only to give up attacking the other side, hurriedly retreat, in order to protect themselves, in this way, the situation took a turn for the worse, the whole to reverse. Only then did everyone begin to see the power of the parrot, and the nervous mood of the people who were worried about it suddenly relaxed. The look on the faces of the devils of the Shendiao Society suddenly turned pale. Just before the faces of the people involved on both sides had completely changed, the parrot, already following the retreating figure of the Master of Nothingness, somehow turned around and went up to the back of his head. Listen! The voice of parrot nifty, ring to cry again: "Fool master, how so stingy?"? If you don't want to give up spareribs, it's not bad to have a ladle of brains! Master Nihility's face at this time, has become I do not know what color, regardless of the body shape, footwork moves, all seized to the rules, heard the sound only when it really want to peck the back of his head, immediately without consideration to put his head off, dodged away! Before he lost his discipline, the sharp sword could not stop the parrot from approaching his chest. What could he do with his undisciplined evasion now? In fact, the parrot stopped behind his head and did not move at all. His head flashed so far that he put his ears on the parrot's mouth. The parrot then made a gesture to peck at the "Fengchi hole" behind his ear and shouted at the same time, "Alas! A ladle of brain is also reluctant to give up,Flushometer valve, only willing to ear to meet the occasion, my old man seems to have to make do with it! Without even thinking about it, the Master of Nothingness immediately turned his head and drove away. cnkexin.com