The Supreme Way of the Other World

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Good! Very good, you two rebellious disciples are finally a little enlightened. Very good, Wang Yun Daoyou.

Good! Very good, you two rebellious disciples are finally a little enlightened. Very good, Wang Yun Daoyou. Congratulations on your achievement of Hun yuan Wu Ji Da Luo Dao Jing. The voice sounded like it echoed between heaven and earth, as if anyone could hear it. In fact, only Wang Yun, Kamari and God could hear it. It was so mysterious that Wang Yun faintly noticed his traces this time. It is in the world tree. Disciple is confused! I hope Shizun will calm down! “……“ God and the mother of all things Kamalidi this head, a good classmate's appearance, honest and clever, all this in the eyes of Wang Yun, he had to admire the mysterious master of the two fellow villagers. Is Daoyou Lu Yidaojun? Wang Yun's eyes flashed and he asked the void. Don't say, don't say, wait until you get out of the world tree! "So to speak.". I will be able to leave this world after I finish my work. "Yes, or no, when the time comes!"! Ha-ha What is this answer? Wang Yun's forehead turned black for a while. From the voice of this mysterious guest, you can hear that his temper is very strange. It seems. God and the mother of all things are afraid of being abused by him, and even the idea of leaving this world is not so strong. Two rebellious sons, don't hurry up! "Yes, Master!" “……” The God of Creation and Kamali, the Mother of All Things, looked at each other,foldable bulk container, then sat in place and turned into the True Spirit of Creation, but went to the God and Demon Platform. Elvira, who had been waiting for Wang Yun to appear, was shocked to discover the true spirit of God and the mother of all things. No way! Did the master kill them? Elvira could not help but feel excited all over. Wang Yun Daoyou. Aren't you in a hurry to leave this world? What are you waiting for! Cough! The mysterious guy seemed to be more anxious than Wang Yun. It's weird! Wang Yun always felt a little strange in his heart, but it was not dangerous. He thought a little and asked, "Can I take someone else with me?" "Of course, as long as you can leave, it doesn't matter if you take all the creatures in the world away!" "That's good!" Wang Yun nodded and smiled at the void. "That Taoist friend,mobile garbage bin, you go first, and I'll come later!" "All right, come on." The sound is gone! "The Shenmue Pillar has all changed.". Master should be coming soon! Elvira's heart is very eager, her heart, suddenly appeared Wang Yun's voice, "Elvira, you go to my mustard space first, for the teacher to go there, mustard space can be opened." "Yes!" Nodding her head, Elvira took a deep look at the holy book of Imi in her hand. Then he threw it and sealed it into the middle pillar of the magic platform. Then he stretched out his hand to cut through the space and entered Wang Yun's mustard space. Wang Yun then went to the West Sea Lake Bar in the capital of the Podona Empire. Arno the Necromancer. The fairy girl Asna, Nili, the little Luo God, the great devil Satan, the good goddess Nina, stackable plastic pallets ,wholesale plastic pallet, everyone is here. Parting is always painful! There was some sadness in the atmosphere. Wang Yun smiled and said to them, "Follow me and go to Mustard Space." "Yes!" Ni Lili answered the most simply. Satan's eyes lit up with excitement. "Great, I'm finally leaving!" " “…… 'Elf Girl Asna is the quietest. ' Thank you, Mr. Wang Yun! Nina, the goddess of goodness, was equally excited and her eyes were shining. Then their four eyes fell on the little God of Luo and the necromancer Arno. Master! "Master!" The two men knelt down in front of Wang Yun, tears flowed out like money, and hugged Wang Yun's thighs and cried bitterly. Master! The disciple should have followed you at any time, but I still have an old brother here.. "Master, Lord Luo has failed to live up to your cultivation. Please punish me!" The necromancer Arno and the little Luo God wept and listened to the grief. At least, except for Wang Yun, the eyes of several of them were moist. In particular, the elf girl Asna said, Younger Martial Brother, with tears in her eyes, said, Younger Martial Sister, hold your mouth in your hand and throw yourself on the body of Little Luo Shen. Wang Yun had a very subtle feeling in his heart. He said with a smile, "Don't be sad. It's not a parting of life and death. If the teacher still has a chance to come to this world, he will definitely come to see you. Get up. How can the teacher blame you two? What a silly child!" Nili and the good goddess came to pull the elf girl Asna and the little Luo God up, and on the other side, the great devil Satan came to help the necromancer Arno. You guys go to Mustard Space first! Parting, the more people, the more entangled. Wang Yun urged the crowd again. The space in the room fluctuated for a while, and Lily, Satan, the good goddess, and the fairy girl Asna all waved their hands and disappeared with tears. Stop crying and dry your eyes! "Why are you crying?" Wang Yundi shouted. "Can't you work hard to become a teacher?". And come to me? The little Luoshen and the necromancer looked up suddenly, stopped sobbing, their eyes lit up, and nodded vigorously. Arno, this is the Tripod of Creation. If you put it here, a woman will come to you for it. It is the mother of all things. Help the teacher to give her, you two can communicate with her more, she is from the same place as the teacher. Putting the Tripod into the hands of the Master of the Dead, Wang Yun took a deep look at them and said, "The Master has gone.". Take care of yourselves! The next moment, he appeared in the Nine Heavens. A breeze is blowing, I don't know if it's something in my eyes or.. Wang Yun smiled and reached out to wipe the corners of his eyes. Fly towards the World Tree. Wang Yun can directly see the invisible world tree with his Dharma eyes after the achievement of Hun yuan Wu Da Da Luo Dao Jing. I'm going home! Taking a deep breath of the last breath of the world, Wang Yun took a step into the world tree. As soon as he entered it, as if he had come to a chaotic world, not knowing up and down, not knowing left and right, Wang Yun closed his eyes. Quietly searching the exit with the light of God. Come on, little guy! You only have a moment,collapsible bulk container, hey hey! The mysterious voice came to Wang Yun's ears again. His ears trembled slightly, the corners of his mouth curved, and then his figure disappeared in chaos. The next moment.