Mistaken Marriage: Annoying Wang Ye (Complete)

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Well, when I was at home, my sister taught me to cook very well. She can cook a lot of dishes. I learned from

Well, when I was at home, my sister taught me to cook very well. She can cook a lot of dishes. I learned from her, but not as good as her. Liu Qianer, who was clearly taught by her mother, deliberately said that she was taught by her sister, while modestly stating and carefully appreciating Long Zhanhua's expression. As expected, Long Zhanhua's face sank when he heard the word sister. Thinking of what her mother said about the low intelligence quotient of men and women in love, Liu Qianer suppressed a smile and continued to fan the flames and make up nonsense: My sister said she wanted to cook for the person she liked, but now she is the queen. Oh, she doesn't need to cook. If she is willing to cook, then the emperor's brother-in-law will have a good taste. My sister's craftsmanship is really nothing to say. Enough! Long Zhanhua thumped the table and suddenly stood up. His face was terrible. Chapter 8 The Real Master You can taste it. Liu Qianer personally delivered the cake to the cold housekeeper. Why flatter the cold housekeeper? It was very simple. In the past few days, she had seen clearly that all the people in the palace were afraid of Long Zhanhua, with the exception of two people. One is Aunt Rong. She inquired about the news and learned that Aunt Rong was the dowry servant girl of the present Empress Dowager,Concealed Flush Valve, who was the biological mother of Long Zhanhua. She grew up with the Empress Dowager and had a good relationship. Only later, because he made Long Yutian the crown prince, the first emperor, in order to avoid the struggle for power between the princes, sent all the other princes back to their mothers' homes and gave them new homes at the right age. And this Wang Yefu is the former mother's home of the queen mother. When Long Zhanhua was sent back,Time Delay Tap, the Empress Dowager made an exception because she was reluctant to give up and let her Rong Er go back to the house to take care of Long Zhanhua. Therefore, there are two mothers in Long Zhanhua's heart, one is the birth mother, the present queen mother, and the other is the adoptive mother, Aunt Rong. So I have always respected Aunt Rong Long Zhanhua. And Aunt Rong is a person who sees all the prosperity. She is very accurate about people and things. Generally, she is not easy to open her mouth. Once she opens her mouth, Long Zhanhua will also be taboo. Another person is the cold housekeeper. This cold housekeeper is also an old courtier in the family. It is said that he was brought back to the mansion by Long Zhanhua's grandfather when he was young. At that time, he was just a child and almost starved to death. It was Long Zhanhua's grandfather who saved him by the roadside. From then on, he settled down in the palace. He has always been loyal to his master, Flushometer valve ,Service Sink Faucets, regarded Long Zhanhua's grandfather as his own father, and regarded Long Zhanhua as his own son, and devoted himself to everything in the house. And Long Zhanhua also treats the cold housekeeper differently because of such a relationship. So as long as you please these two people, it is absolutely beneficial to you. Liu Qianer's little abacus is very precise. The cold housekeeper was flattered to take the cake with both hands, still bowing and trembling to bring the cake to his mouth. With a wrinkled face stained with a layer of worship, he chewed the cake very carefully: "Delicious, really delicious.". The cold housekeeper said heartily and wiped away his tears. He had always known only to be loyal to his duties, and although he knew that the prince had never treated him as an outsider, the masters of the dragon family seemed to be indifferent to people and things, and he himself had always been conscientious of his duties, bowing his head when he should bow his head and bending down when he should bend down, and no master had ever treated him with such a friendly attitude. The cold housekeeper was suddenly filled with emotion. Wang Ye is blessed to marry such a virtuous princess! Liu Qianer smiled sweetly and said, "If the housekeeper likes it, eat a little more. By the way, your little grandson is so cute. I just went to see him. Why don't you bring some back for Lieer to eat?". Good, good cold housekeeper was so moved that he did not know what to say and only nodded his head. Liu Qianer showed a sunny smile. Long Zhanhua clenched his teeth and looked at a pair of touching master and servant eagles with a trace of cold in their eyes. It looks like her laxative was specially prepared for him, but where did she get it? It seems that he has to find out before this little girl rebellion, he has to teach her a lesson to let her know who is the real master! Chapter 9 she likes Xiao Si. Liu Qianer found that at this time the eyes of Long Zhanhua did not have the common ice, but some surprise, some doubt and pain. A kind of revenge spread in her heart. Liu Qianer bent her mouth proudly and said with a smile, "Yes, how about it? Before my sister left the cabinet, she liked Xiao Si. After she left the cabinet, she liked the emperor. You can't get her or her heart.". She likes Xiao Si. Why did she marry the emperor? Long Zhanhua's low and hoarse voice was strongly depressed. Liu Qianer raised her eyebrows and smiled: Why should I tell you? Long Zhanhua closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "If you tell me, I'll take you to the palace to see her," he said in a calm tone. Ture? Liu Qianer looked suspiciously at Long Zhanhua. Is he so easy to talk to? Yes! Long Zhanhua answered very seriously. Liu Qianer suddenly felt that Long Zhanhua in front of him was very different from usual. He was no longer as cold as usual. There was something very eager in his eyes, which made Liu Qianer's heart warm. Suddenly I felt some sympathy for him. Are you really willing to take me to the palace to see my sister? Liu Qianer pulled the quilt on her body to confirm again. Yes, I will take you to the palace, but find a suitable opportunity. The queen has just entered the palace and has to learn a lot of rules in the palace. She has been with the queen mother in the queen hall these days. But I promise I will take you to see her when the time comes. Long Zhanhua is telling the truth. He has been waiting for the opportunity. Liu Qianer looked at Long Zhanhua's eager eyes and suddenly felt that the man was not as hateful as he had imagined. I'll tell you what. Liu Qianer shriveled her mouth with a bitter mouth. The emperor suddenly decreed to marry her. What could she do? Before she left, she cried so much that her eyes were swollen. She didn't want to go to the palace. But her father said, "Is it possible that the emperor kissed her as the queen? Where can she escape?"? But I knew she only liked the little four in her heart and didn't want to go to the palace, so I secretly went to the palace to save my sister. Even if I couldn't save her, it would be good to give her a message to the little four. I knew she must be very sad. I didn't know that you ruined all my plans and locked me up here that day. Liu Qianer suddenly shut up because she found Long Zhanhua sitting on the edge of the bed with her head buried deep between her arms. The body trembled slightly,Self-closing Shower Valve, as if trying to suppress something. Hello-Liu Qianer kicked Long Zhanhua with her foot, but Long Zhanhua did not move. No, my sister is married anyway. Does it matter who she used to like? Why does he seem to have suffered a great blow. cnkexin.com