Back to Primitive Society as a Chief

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Beast blood claps the chest: "I go to patrol sentry not ah?"? Herring, are you going? The herring shook his head.

Beast blood claps the chest: "I go to patrol sentry not ah?"? Herring, are you going? The herring shook his head. "I won't go. If I get angry, I can't beat him. Can you do it?" "We are all good people coming out of a large mountain range. If we can reason, we won't do it, right?" A few people send up in succession despised: "You want to go, go, we wait for warrior (patriarch adult) to wake up here." Bai came out and said, "It's all right. The patriarch's condition has stabilized. I took a look just now, and the bleeding has stopped." Beast blood claps a palm, rascal in the end: "Look, the warrior has been all right this time.". I'm going anyway. You stay here and watch the warriors first. Herring, let's go. With these words, the blood of the beast pulled the herring forward. The herring cried several times and was pulled away. At the same time, he said, "What animal blood? If you get angry and hit you, don't pull me." "I know. I'll carry it for you." As soon as the two left, the others followed. A is to watch the scene of bustle, the eagle, Yi, Oga is afraid of hunting really angry, and then the beast blood on the ground to beat a meal is not good-looking, can only follow. As for Xiang, he was completely coerced to go. Only Tu Shan stayed where he was. Yi turned around and asked him if he would go. But Tu Shan shook his head and said,plastic pallet supplier, "Ah Bai and I are watching the patriarch wake up. You go, Yi. When you come back, don't forget to tell me the situation." Outsiders heard that Tushan wanted gossip and the woman's appearance, but Yi knew what Tushan was referring to, so he nodded and stepped away. A group of people secretly followed him in the direction of the camp gate. In the past, he had already discovered the tail behind him. Maybe he really answered that sentence. If he cared about it, he would be in a mess. With such a good time, he was so confused that he didn't notice anyone coming behind him at all. A group of people,plastic pallet box, soon came to the front of the camp, looking at the back of the camp, hiding in the wooden wall above secretly looking at the head. 1176-My Gossip Past The torches on the wooden wall shone silvery white outside, and the wind blew gently, and he stood there motionless. Opposite him, ten paces away, Ah Shuang's voice choked with sobs. He stepped forward and said, "Oh, my Lord, it's really you." He did not speak, but whispered on the wooden wall. Believe it or not, you have an unusual relationship with this woman. "I believe that when he was in the tribe, he never said anything about what happened before he joined the tribe. When I asked him, he said he was wandering." "Shh, keep your voice down. When you hear it, come up and hit us again. We are no match without the earth mountain." "Right, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, right, right." "What happened to your face, my Lord?" In the light of the fire, Ah Shuang saw the black and blue on his face and couldn't help stepping forward to ask. Far away, he stretched out his hand to touch his face. Smelling the peculiar smell when Ah Shuang raised his hand, he turned his head with some reluctance. The night before the discovery of the snow track, I smelled the smell of Ah Shuang at the scene, and decided that it was Ah Shuang who brought people to the periphery of the camp. Originally, I thought that after such a long time, the frost tribe no longer existed, but I didn't expect to see an acquaintance when I revisited the old place at this time. It's all right. I fell on my own. His voice was cold, and his tone was even more like a feeling of refusing people thousands of miles away. A Shuang's face flashed a trace of loss: "My Lord, are you still blaming me?" His eyebrows beat a little twice, and then his face was as cold as before: "What's so strange? That's it.". Are you all right? "Nothing, just want to see you.." "I've seen it now, and I'm going back." Hunting said and turned around. A Shi, who was following a Shuang, was angry: "Oh!"! Even if it was our fault before, would you do that? Lord Ah Shuang was hurt! On one side of his eyebrows, he turned around and shook his figure, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Ah Shi. With a snap, he grabbed Shi by the neck and said, "Don't talk about that in front of me!"! Or I'll kill you! Shi blushed. Anxious, Shuang said hurriedly, "Don't do this, sir. Please let him go. We won't say anything. Cough." Seeing the hunting rampage, Ah Shuang was in a hurry and coughed up blood. In the final analysis, he was not the kind of person who was cold and heartless. Seeing this scene, he threw Ah Shi away and wanted to help Ah Shuang. But after thinking about it, he stopped again. He just stood there and asked coldly, "Are you all right?" Hearing the caring words, Ah Shuang smiled unexpectedly: "No, it's all right." He snorted, "What a loser! Have you forgotten what I taught you before?"? Don't you know how to hide? A Shuang looked at him crazily and said affectionately, "Because it's you, sir. If you want to kill me, I won't run away." There was a gasp of cold air on the wooden wall. What's wrong with this woman? This infatuated appearance, how do I remember that little bastard? It's just that this woman looks more sympathetic than Ah Jie. Beast blood asked left and right. Left and right are shaking their heads, everyone knows the same much, who knows what is the relationship between hunting and this woman named a Shuang? Crouching next to the blood of the beast, the eagle took a discontented look at the blood of the beast: "Do you have to let him find you before you are willing?" The blood of the beast gave a hum and really closed his mouth. Looking at the gate of the camp again, because of Ah Shuang's words, the hunter could not help but be moved. His lips moved. Finally, he was ruthless and said, "You go. I am now the head of the Lihuo tribe's military department, and we are here to conquer the Ice Forest Mountains.". I won't embarrass you this time. You can go. The next time we meet, we will be enemies. Wen Yan a Shuang was taken aback. A Shi is also surprised: "Oh, you, how can you join other tribes?"? You are the brave of our tribe.. He stared and shouted,plastic pallet supplier, "Shut up!" This sound, like thunder in the sky, instantly a Shi was scared to stupefy. The beast blood on the wooden wall has a new question: "Brave?"? Yong what? A warrior? Was it the warrior of the Frost Tribe before? 。