The first money girl

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When she had said this, she rushed to the stone lion outside the yamen and ran into it. Everyone could not help

When she had said this, she rushed to the stone lion outside the yamen and ran into it. Everyone could not help shouting in unison. It was too late for the yamen runners to stop it. The woman's mind was confused, but she did not die immediately. She opened her eyes and the world was spinning. In a trance, she saw a man in beautiful clothes coming up to her. She tried to raise her eyes. Somehow, her thoughts came to the side-he was very long! All of a sudden, she unconsciously tried to climb to his feet. Holding the tip of his shoe, she said, "I am Zhenxing Bu Xing Yan Shu. My father Yan Yingfu died for no reason. My mother Zhang Yuying lingered on her bed and starved to death.." Beg your excellency.. My Lord makes decisions for me. It seemed that the man bent down to help her, but she could no longer hear or see. The author has a word: "The salted fish daily life of the female companion (wear a book)", already open an article, beg to collect, Mada ~ ~ ~ Copywriting: Chen Yinyin, dressed as the little concubine of Mary Sue, is extremely beautiful but weak and pitiful without any sense of existence. But it's just what she wants! As long as you stay away from the plot line and pick up your old writing book to make money and get rich, isn't this a happy day? I thought I could reach the peak of my life, but who knew she was suddenly going to be married to the villain in the original novel! Live a young life! In the original novel, Wang Ye, who pretends to be a dandy on the surface, is actually a deep-minded villain who destroys the world. How can it be spread out on her? On the wedding night, she came forward slowly, but the villain Qi Chenbi raised her chin and said with an evil smile, "I heard that you are very good at writing. What do you write? Come to bed!" Chen Yinyin:?? Do you know that your character setting is broken? Chapter 2 The Minor Cold carried shredded chicken rice, and a few side dishes, looking at the young lady lying on the bed staring at the curtain of the bed, sighing slightly in his heart. Four days later,plastic pallet box, the young lady and Miss Li fell into the water while playing. She had been awake for four days, but she was still like this. She was forced to eat and drink a mouthful. The doctor said she was frightened. The Minor Cold stepped forward to help the young lady up and said softly, "Girl, today is the rice soaked with shredded chicken, which is soft and delicious.". I thought the girl had no appetite, so I got some sour radish specially. Does the young lady want to eat it? The young lady's body is so weak that she can't eat sour radish, but Minor Cold she doesn't eat all day and all night, so she steals some out behind her back and wants to give the young lady a change. Yan Shu this just had a little reaction, side head to see the sour radish,spill plastic pallet, but is a nausea, almost to spit out the gallbladder water. Her parents doted on her. She had rich clothes and jade food since she was young. Not to mention delicacies, she always had no worries about food and clothing. When she was picky, she refused to eat, so she felt that sour radish was delicious. However, her parents always said that sour radish did not nourish her body and forbade her to eat more. But who knows that before she died in Li Fu, she ate bran and pharynx vegetables, sour rice and radish, and now when she thinks of the taste, she can't stand it. The Minor Cold sees the young lady is nauseated, frightened one big jump, busy take sour turnip far, say worriedly: "It is Li Yan!"! I said she wasn't a good person, and when she looked at the girl, she was jealous. Seeing that the young lady's face was calm, she hurriedly added, "Don't be sad, girl. The master and his wife have been angry. They've locked Li Yan up in the mansion for four days. Humph!"! "The master used to like Master Li, foldable bulk container ,wholesale plastic pallet, and even give the Li family some good color, they don't know what they are!" Xiang Xiang was stupefied and asked, "Has Li Yan been locked up by her parents?" Nodding his head Minor Cold, he hesitated and said, "The master said that if anything happens to you, Miss, you will have to pay for Li Yan's life.". But after all, it was Master Li who saved the girl. What the master and his wife meant was that if you were all right, you would. No wonder there is an endless stream of doctors these days, I think Li Shuo in order to save her sister, but also to please her, under a lot of effort. There was such a thing in her previous life, but she didn't really get sick. At that time, she was gentle and treated Li Yan like a sister. With her maintenance, her parents did not do anything to Li Yan. "Miss," said the Minor Cold, "if you're angry with Li Yan, you can beat her up when you're ready. It's not too late for everything. But if you don't eat or drink like this, your body will become more and more weak, and it will be terrible! Xiang Xiang's eyes lit up. Yes, it's not too late. She woke up four days ago, and in the past few days she had made it clear that God must have felt that she had been wronged too much in her previous life and had given her an extra life, telling her to go back to the summer when she was just fifteen years old. She couldn't figure out why she was asked to come back in such a world that looked down on merchants and women? Now understand, she is so young, parents are still alive, the family is still acceptable, but also a lot of good time can be spent, why should indulge in the grief of previous lives can not extricate themselves? Minor Cold sees the young lady to have the power, smiles the eyebrow eye all to squint, happily helps her to get out of bed, goes to the table to eat the shredded chicken rice. "Today," he added, "Mrs. Li has brought Master Li to plead guilty. I guess she'll be busy for a while. Master Li is a good man, but his sister is too confused. If it weren't for our Yan family, her family would not be able to open the pot. She would feel superior to our family. Humph! Xiang Xiang unconsciously bit the chopsticks and looked at the Minor Cold, and couldn't help laughing. Minor Cold one is stupefied, as usual she says Li Yan's bad words, the young lady always does not depend on, today actually does not have half minute displeasure. Another thought, that Li Yan did things without a sense of propriety, but this time the young lady suffered a great loss. "Let me see," he muttered. "I have to let her take off her skin. But you're awake, girl. I guess the master and his wife will only punish her in a small way and let her go back." Xiang Xiang listens to her to speak logically and logically, in the heart is more happy, said: "Well, originally is Li Shuo saved me, I also do not have the big matter.". The key is that although she is locked up, according to the good temper of her parents, it is estimated that she will be able to eat and drink, it is better to ask her to go back early, but there is a lot of work waiting for her at home! Hearing this, the Minor Cold was even more delighted. He nodded his head hurriedly and said, "Yes, why didn't I think of that?"? Haha, she is very happy in our house,plastic pallet bin, and she wants my mother to send her food. Although she is locked up in the woodshed, isn't it better than the broken house of her Li family? "Hum, Mrs. Li still feels that her daughter has been wronged. It's really annoying." 。