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They were all young people, and when they stood in the crowd, they only showed their faces, which were not prominent.

They were all young people, and when they stood in the crowd, they only showed their faces, which were not prominent. They When he arrived at the police station in Wenxiang District, Xu saw two of the three people pointed out by Tang Su's photo. Very young, still students, one of the women, is the granddaughter of the deceased, the other man is the woman's boyfriend. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- _(:з」∠)_ I was hit with a cold! The weather is changeable. Mushrooms should pay attention to keeping warm. The old cat has died. A deadly cold! Chapter 49: Captain Li has told them the relevant information. The deceased was Wang Lihua, 67 years old. She lost her husband and had a daughter. She ran away with someone more than ten years ago and left a granddaughter for her. Her granddaughter had a bad relationship with her. According to nearby residents, Wang Lihua is not a very good person. She hardly associates with people on weekdays and lives by collecting rags. Because Wang Lihua picks up junk, sometimes she goes out early and comes back late. Sometimes she goes to other places to pick up junk. Sometimes she doesn't go out to pick it up. There is no rule. Everyone doesn't pay so much attention to her access. Here, that's her granddaughter, 17 years old, studying in a vocational school, and the one next to her is her boyfriend. Captain Li pointed to the outside, and Xu followed and looked at the past. First of all, she was shocked by the rather impactful hairstyle. She made up heavily to hide her tender age. She also had a cigarette in her mouth. Looking at the action of smoking, she knew that she was an old hand. The man looks a few years older than the woman, the kind of social gangster. "Go to her house and have a look." After the autopsy, Xu concluded that the scene of the crime should be indoors rather than outdoors, as can be seen from the clothes and fingernails of the deceased and some details of the body. There was no soil on the clothes of the deceased except the fat decomposition products secreted from the body. Wang Lihua's home has been surrounded by a blockade line, and nearby residents are surrounded by the blockade line. Xu put on gloves and heels and went into the room. The place where the deceased lived was not too good. It was an old-fashioned self-built house with one bedroom and one living room. It was said to be a living room,DIN screw plug, but in fact it was more like a grocery store. There were a lot of junk, cartons, cans, plastic bottles and so on, which were picked up on weekdays. There were also a lot of things picked up in the front yard. The smell of the room was not very good, the light in the room was not good, even though it was broad daylight now, it was dark and shady, there was a bed in the corner against the wall, the bedding on the bed was a little messy, as if it had been rummaged, and there was a pair of black cloth shoes beside the bed. Xu hit the flashlight and approached the bedside to look for it carefully. In fact, alloy die casting ,die casting parts, before that, the police had also checked the house and found no usable evidence or traces. Xu found a few scratches on the whitewashed wall, observed them, and determined what he was thinking. The first scene. This is the first scene of the crime. She pulled out some substances from the fingernails of the deceased. When she returned to the Medical University, she used the equipment over there to do the test. It was white ash painted on the wall. There are woven bags and plastic packing ropes in the hall, which were used by the deceased to bundle the rags picked up before his death. Combined with the scratches on the walls, we can basically determine the scene of the first crime. It's just, what's the motive for the murder? When he left the house, Xu found a familiar face in the crowd. You Wait, the student in school uniform, wait a minute. The boy who was suddenly stopped by Xu looked at her nervously: "Yes, what's the matter?" What's your name? Do you know anyone in this room? My name is Lin Zhiqiang. I know there is such a person, but I'm not familiar with him. Captain Li followed me: "What is it?" Xu is pointing to that schoolboy: "Take back to ask by the way." I.. I'm going to class. He tugged at the bag on his back. "It's too late for class." Captain Li saw that the child looked very honest, and he didn't do anything, so he had to rush to class. It was not good to take him away like this: "You have to give a reason." Reason? Remembering earlier, when Tang Su was in the car, he pointed to the three people in the photo and said: "How do most people feel when they are watching a murder case?". ” Xu thought: "Curiosity, doubt, surprise..." Xu said the most common feelings. Uh. But on the faces of these three people, I saw nervousness, anxiety, and fear. Why? If they came to watch just because they heard that a body had been found in the garbage dump, even the police did not know who was in the bag, and their nervousness and fear seemed unreasonable. In the car back to the police station, Xu stole a glance at Tang Su, who was sitting quietly on the edge without saying a word. "Tang Su, do you have any opinion?" Tang Su looked at her quietly for three seconds: "Not interested." “?” Xu didn't react at once. Childish murder. Not interested. “……” This time she understood that the difficulty of the case was too low to arouse his interest: "That's a human life." As a forensic doctor, she has learned to respect life, and no one has deprived others of their right to live. However, in Tang Su's opinion, this is not the case. What does that have to do with me? He still lacked interest, and he followed her to study her, not to study the case. Only a serial killer or a psychopathic homicidal maniac has a taste for him. He was not at all interested in such a young murderer. Xu thought it would be helpful to bring him here, but he didn't have that idea at all. If you don't help, why do you come here? When I was just in the car, I ordered the three people to come out. As soon as she arrived at the Bureau, she saw that two people were related to the deceased, and she admired him in her heart. Tang Su twisted his eyebrows. "Didn't you ask me to come?" “……” This fellow really lets a person be angry, half ring,metal stamping parts, she opens a mouth again: "I see you also are to do not have method." She knew it was a childish provocation, but. It was still very childish to use it, and it was so childish that people could immediately recognize that she was deliberately provoking her voice. I can't help it? 。