A clever daughter-in-law in the sixties

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Chen Rou let him go to bed early, really, just busy work, but also not too tired to panic. Han Guobin was naturally

Chen Rou let him go to bed early, really, just busy work, but also not too tired to panic. Han Guobin was naturally not tired, but seeing that his wife was sleepy, he rested his mind and hugged her to sleep. Han Guobin went to work as usual, and Chen Rou told her mother when she sent Han Hang's children to her mother's home. Mother Chen pulled her into the room and asked if it was reliable? Chen Rou nodded, is reliable, her family Guobin's temperament she understands, not reliable he will not say. All right, I'll let your sister-in-law take turns to rest and go into the mountains. Mother Chen said. Old Chen's family used to be really poor, but in recent years, the conditions are really good. After all, the four strong laborers in the family are the best in the village. A lot of grain was distributed, and at the end of the year, there was also a lot of money. For example, last year, Lao Chen's family distributed more than 100 yuan. After the three daughters-in-law came home from work, Mother Chen brought them into the house to talk. Mother Chen would not collect all the money in her family and not give it to her daughters-in-law. She was not like that. Before Chen Rou changed the military kettle, the money Chen mother let them share, and at the end of last year, she also gave them two yuan, let them save their own money. So when Chen's mother said she would give them money, the three daughters-in-law never doubted it. That is,wire nail making machine, Mrs. Chen is still a bit unable to react at the first time: "Little uncle's colleagues want to eat mushrooms, how much do they eat? Where do we need to take turns to rest and go to the mountains to pick mushrooms?" Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Chen were very excited. When they heard the words of the third family, they immediately looked at her. Since the third family had given birth to a son, their heads were not very good! Third Sister-in-law Chen was stared at by her two sisters-in-law. First she was stupefied, and then she realized it. She opened her eyes slightly and said to her mother-in-law, "Mother.." You mean.. Do you mean that? "What do you mean? I don't mean anything." Mother Chen glanced at her and said, "Do you earn this money?"? If you don't earn, I won't force you. "Mother, dear mother,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, where can this kind of thing leave me behind?" Mrs. Chen hurriedly said. Save the family property, ah, their mother-in-law can reveal, and so on in a few years, when the children have grown up, let them go out, now have this opportunity, that can not save ah? "If there's a leak outside, you don't have to earn the money." Mother Chen said. Mother, you can rest assured that we can not count this matter in our hearts? Said Mrs. Chen hurriedly. Yes, mother, you also let the sister-in-law there rest assured, sister-in-law work, let her rest assured! Said Mrs. Chen. What would you say if someone asked how to pick so many mushrooms? Mother Chen lifted her eyelids and said lightly. What's wrong with this? If you have mushrooms, you should pick more to eat, and I can save some to take back to my mother's home! Mrs. Chen immediately said. Han's mother was very satisfied, and the second child's head was flexible. She looked at the other two and said, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, "That's almost what I said." As Mrs. Han said, it was really going to rain, and in a few days, it began to rain. After the rain, it is a good time to go up the mountain to pick mushrooms. Han sister-in-law although the idea was refuted by Chen Rou, but also to pick, after all, this is also a farm dish, dried can be put for a long time. Chen Rou sent Han Hang's children to her mother's home early in the morning, and then followed Zhou Zhen to pick mushrooms in the mountains. "Sister-in-law, pick more. It's a rare season." After going up the mountain, Chen Rou said to Mrs. Han. Han's sister-in-law didn't even dump her. "Don't follow me," she said. "Don't rob me of what I'm watching." Then he took his basket and left. Zhou Zhen curled her lips and said, "Look at her. She hasn't been angry since Uncle Guobin got this job. Don't talk to her either. Who needs to look at her face?" Chen Rou smiled and said, "Let's pick it quickly." Because Chen Rou has a space, picking mushrooms is very convenient, it is estimated that many of them are sent into the space, and the rest are put in their own baskets. It was about noon when these women comrades who picked mushrooms came home. All of them picked a lot. Chen Rou is also a basket, but in her space, there are three or four big baskets that are not enough to hold mushrooms. Back home, also began to dry with a sieve, the space of Chen Rou out of some, the rest is still left in the space. She picked mushrooms for two or three days after the rain, and at other times Chen Rou went to work as usual. And now she is completely sure that she is pregnant again, because until now, the month has not come yet. Because she was pregnant, Chen Rou naturally began to consciously supplement herself with some nutrition. Boiled beef porridge in the space, every day is to drink a bowl to supplement their nutrition, now the month is still small, not so easy to be hungry, and so on the month is big, that consumption is big. Han Guobin didn't even know that his wife was pregnant. On the night of June 1, when he came back, he brought a lot of money. The mushrooms he brought to the provincial capital had already been sold, and he also changed two catties to his colleagues and collected some money. And the two pots I brought back later, as well as the wages, are all here. Chen Rou felt sleepy, put the money away and planned to sleep, but still asked. Han Guobin answered, Chen Rou listened smoothly, but nothing happened, and he fell asleep directly. Han Guobin didn't notice it at first, but in the next few days, he noticed that his wife seemed to be able to sleep very well. Before he came back at night, his wife was not so sleepy. Are you not feeling well? Han Guobin can feel that his wife's body temperature seems to be a little high. Wife, do you have a fever? When Han Guobin came back that night, his wife opened the door for him and went straight to bed. Han Guobin was a little worried. He touched his wife's forehead and said. Chen Rou is sleepy, where is the fever, yawning said: "After pregnancy is like this, before Hanghang is also, you do not have to worry, sleep." Said, she closed her eyes to sleep,Nail production machine, Han Guobin is listening to stupefied, he is going to be a father again? When did this happen? It's not that he doesn't care about his wife, but he doesn't understand this at all. 3shardware.com