Yujiaolong-Nie Yunlan _ txt novel paradise

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The next day, the sedan chair was not far away, and they began to enter the mountain. Because the mountain

The next day, the sedan chair was not far away, and they began to enter the mountain. Because the mountain road was rugged, the sedan chair was slow, and most of the pedestrians on the road were men and women, so it was better to be crowded on the official road. Yujiaolong rolled up the curtain of the sedan chair and looked at the scenery along the way. She lifted her eyes and looked ahead, but in the distance she saw the undulating peaks of the mountains, which were covered with snow like towering white waves, stretching northward to the sky as far as the eye could see. Yujiaolong suddenly felt open-minded and spiritually doubled. Although the wind was still blowing in her face, she seemed to smell the grassland breath from beyond the Great Wall. Although the scenery in front of her was quite different from the grassland and the desert, her eyes were constantly flashing with green grass and endless yellow sand from the vast expanse. Yujiaolong could not help but feel a sense of inspiration in her mind. Yujiaolong is thinking that the sedan chair has entered a narrow path, the Berlin on both sides is getting more and more dense, and the mountains are getting more and more strange. Turning the stream, suddenly appeared in front of the mountain rising from the ground, the mountain is about to rush head-on, and it is extremely dangerous. At this time, the stone steps up the mountain become steeper and narrower. The sedan-chair bearers found it hard to walk on this steep road, and the people who were offering incense were constantly blocking the road, so the sedan-chair line was even more laborious. Yujiaolong took advantage of a surge of interest in her heart and ordered the sedan-chair bearer to stop. She stepped out of the sedan chair and said that she had to be pious when offering incense. She sent the sedan-chair bearer and the family yard to the top of the mountain to rest first. She wanted to walk up with Xianggu. The sedan-chair bearers and the family courtyard could not resist her, so they had to obey. The two servants were only allowed to follow far behind and were not allowed to approach. Yujiaolong,Nail Making Machine price, accompanied by Xianggu, walked up the hill with great interest. Along the way, she seemed to walk lightly, move quickly, and have no intention of supporting herself. But Xianggu, who was stronger than her, was so tired that she panted and stroked her feet with her arms akimbo. Walking to the mountainside, a deep valley suddenly appeared. The ravine stretches northward along the cliff. The valley is covered with thorns and vines,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, covering the bottom of the valley tightly, which is mysterious at a glance. There is a long and narrow forest at the mouth of the valley cliff, and a small temple is hidden in the forest, giving people a sense of secrecy and desolation. Yujiaolong saw that Xianggu was so tired that she looked for a place to sit by the roadside. Just as Yujiaolong was about to sit down, a long hiss of a horse came faintly from the woods. The hiss of the horse sounded so magnificent and high-pitched to Yujiaolong, and so gloomy and sad. She had not heard the horse's neigh for a long time, and now she could not help arousing an irresistible desire to gallop from her heart. Then, there was a long hiss of a horse. Yujiaolong recognized that it was the lament of a good horse. Only a BMW that had lost its ride for a long time could make such a whine. She could not help but stand up and walk straight into the forest. Xianggu also struggled to follow closely behind her. Yujiaolong went through the woods and came to the front of the temple. He saw that the temple was small, backed by a cliff, with broken tiles and walls, and looked dilapidated. The gate of the temple was unclosed, with weeds growing in front of it, and the temple was cold and quiet, as if no one lived there. Yujiaolong hesitated for a moment, nail manufacturing machine ,Nail machine supplier, then looked around and saw that there was no one else in the forest except this ruined temple. As soon as she bit her lip, she pushed the door and entered the temple. She saw that the hall was full of cobwebs, and the two corridors were destroyed. Only a door was locked in the left corner of the hall, and a lot of herbs were hung beside the door, indicating that there were still people living in the temple. When Yujiaolong saw that there was no sign of a horse in the temple, she was surprised when she suddenly saw a small door on the right side of the temple wall. She hurried to open the small door and looked at it. She was immediately stunned. In the middle of the small room with four corners full of withered firewood, she saw a big black horse with bright hair tied to its body. As soon as Yujiaolong saw the horse, she suddenly felt the blood all over her body rushing up to her head, and her whole heart was pounding. She recognized at once that it was the big black horse that Luo Xiaohu had ridden from the western border. It was this big black horse that had carried her and Luo Xiaohu across the grassland. Yujiaolong rushed to the side of the big black horse, hugged its neck tightly, snuggled her face against its collar, stroked it gently, and called it softly. She seemed to have forgotten that there was a Xianggu behind her. The horse, too, recognized her, its ears cocked, its eyes slanted, and its tail waved incessantly, and it kept rubbing her with its cheek and nose, showing infinite affection. Yujiaolong hugged the neck of the horse for a long time, and she smelled the familiar smell of rotten grass and sour sweat from the horse. The smell of sweat was so thrilling to her heart, so shyness and indulgence. The big black horse rubbed against her, rubbed against her, suddenly raised his head, let out a snort, lifted his front hoof and kept digging on the ground, as if to break the rope of embarrassment and carry her away. Yujiaolong quickly grabbed its mouth and patted its neck and said, "Be quiet, big black horse, be quiet!"! This is not the time for you to work hard! Xiang stood by and couldn't help laughing. Only then did Yujiaolong turn around and say, "How could there be such a strong horse in this temple?" Xianggu squinted at her and said, "You should say, how did this horse come to this temple?" Yujiaolong blushed and said nothing. Xianggu said jokingly, "I'm afraid this horse has become a monk. I saw it in the temple before, and I saw it in the temple today." "Do you recognize it, too?" Yujiaolong asked in surprise. Xianggu: "Hurry up to look for the people in the temple and inquire about the news of its owner." Yujiaolong and Xianggu came out of the temple and were standing and wandering in the doorway when they saw an old Taoist on the cliff beside the stream outside the forest, carrying a wicker basket on his back, climbing vines and supporting branches, and walking towards this side with difficulty. Yujiaolong looked at him in surprise and said softly to Xianggu, "That Taoist may be the incense in this temple." The Taoist entered the woods and walked straight to the gate of the temple. Without waiting for him to approach, Xianggu hurried forward and asked, "Excuse me, Lao Dao, are you the incense in this temple?" Lao Dao answered with a cold expression, "How can there be incense in this cold temple?"! I can't. I'm just using it as a shelter. Xianggu: "Lao Dao,Coil Nail Making Machine, what's the use of raising such a strong horse?" Laodao gave Xianggu a white look and said, "Are you two going up the mountain to burn incense?"! Go your own way and don't meddle in these affairs. With these words, he went into the temple without looking back. 3shardware.com