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"Ha ha ha.." Of course Hearing his approval, Li Zhu laughed again and stroked his cheek with extreme narcissism

"Ha ha ha.." Of course Hearing his approval, Li Zhu laughed again and stroked his cheek with extreme narcissism, but his eyes were very complicated. "Do you know how much it costs to get such beauty?"? It was four generations of people who were paired, domesticated and trained like animals that got this appearance! Hearing such a complaint, Sumo shook, but did not speak, slowly released his hand and turned his head sideways. Li Zhu stroked her face and suddenly her voice sobbed: "My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents.." They were all slaves bought from all over Yunhuang. They were selected because of their outstanding appearance and ordered to marry in order to give birth to more beautiful children. My parents were brothers and sisters because they wanted to keep the most beautiful blood. "Four generations." In my generation, I was finally called the most beautiful person in Yunhuang by everyone! Li Zhu turned his hand and quickly groped for the wound on his neck. The anger in his eyes burned like fire: "But." How dare you be more beautiful than me! Why should you! How dare you trample on the efforts of four generations! And you hurt my perfect skin! How much time did I spend to make every inch of my body perfect? You hurt me! I'll kill you.. I'll kill you! She forgot that she was no match for the shark man in front of her, waved her hand angrily, rushed over suddenly, and stretched out her sharp fingers to grab Sumo's face. Sumo did not escape and let her grab it with one hand. Blood ran down from under his eyelids. Looking at the five clear and deep blood stains on the peerless face, Li Zhu also froze with some surprise, but then raised his fingers and laughed happily. However, as she smiled, her expression suddenly stagnated and she was shocked. Disappeared! In a short moment, the scar on Sumo's face disappeared without a trace! She looked at the magical face in front of her in silence and retreated step by step, thinking that the puppet master would wave his hand and kill herself in an instant. However, when she looked up, she only saw the deep sadness and loss in her eyes. Lizhu looked at Sumo in astonishment, and suddenly felt that his blue eyes were so empty and gloomy that she could not leave them at a glance-just for a moment, her mind sank completely, and there was no more impetuosity and rage a moment ago. Hereditary slave, "she heard the short words coming out of Sumo's mouth, low and compassionate," is your heart dead? " You don't live for beauty. You should have your own dream. She looked blankly at the man in front of her, feeling that there was some force in his voice that invaded her heart and expelled the darkness that had been deposited in her heart for many years. Dream She murmured, "My dream.." Just be the most beautiful person in Yunhuang. Beauty is nothing in this world. It's just a source of trouble and a tool to be used. The puppet master's hand reached over and pressed it between her eyebrows, slowly penetrating the spiritual power and expelling the dark power from her body-in this moment, he felt the dark desire in this body. The beauty of the woman in front of us is extremely rare, but the blood flowing on her body is also extremely complex, mixed with the blood of Zhongzhou people, Xihuang herdsmen, shark people, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, and even the ice people. However, every generation of ancestors has deposited resentment in their blood. Don't you want to be free? That dream should be above beauty. "Ah.." You It looks good like this. From the bead felt consciousness slowly blurred, the last moment, her eyes shed tears, stretched out her hand, as if to touch the face of God, "Sumo." I've heard your name.. The fallen queen of a hundred years ago.. Have you, the resentment in your heart, dissipated? "Mmm." Sumo let go of his hand, looked at the woman, and whispered, "I hope you can too." Because we're all the same. They are all the same, slaves full of hatred, who have grown up being insulted and damaged. They have been trampled on, and their hearts have accumulated "evil" that can not be eliminated, like a beast of prey clenching its claws and teeth, and when the time comes, they are crazy and desperate to retaliate against all people. They live because of hatred and struggle because of hatred. Every step they take is accompanied by footprints of extreme conceit and inferiority. Such a road, and how sad. However, a person's life should not be just like this. He has made mistakes, and now he can never turn back-only hope that others will never repeat his mistakes. www.xiaoshuotxt.com Chapter 13 the devil saves all living beings ~ Novel Txt, Tang "The devil saves all living beings!" The words in the nine underground palaces are not loud. However, at the bottom of the water ten thousand feet deep, on a lotus seat carved in jade, a pair of eyes suddenly opened. It's him! It's his voice! Empress Bai Wei's eyes floated out of the void, looking at the north end of the nine directions, to the side of Bai Ying sitting quietly harsh way, "is the voice of Langya!"! I was right, the power of the devil has not yet disappeared! "Is it?" Startled by the queen, Bai Ying asked, "But the power of the left hand of the devil." That is, the power of the God of destruction, is not inherited by Zhen Lan? How could it be. "What Zhen Lan inherits is not a complete power at all." Empress Bai Wei looked at the head on the gold plate in the distance with serious eyes and whispered, "If it is the power of the real God of destruction, it is absolutely impossible to be sealed by human magic!" “……” Bai Ying gasped and murmured, "So that voice is." "We'll look for it at once!" Empress Bai Wei said flatly, "If you want Yunhuang to be safe, you have to cut off this disaster first!" "Well, are you going to Jiuyi?" Bai Ying did not hesitate to ask. However,Cold Drawn Tubes, Empress Bai Wei shook her head and looked at the blue waves on the top of her head. "It's not in Jiuyi-his real body, not in the place where the voice came out.". At that moment, I had a little sense of the real source of the sound. Let's go to the imperial capital at once and find him at once! "Yes.". Queen Bai Ying lowered her head and clenched the lightsaber in her hand. cbiesautomotive.com