Its also black to break off the match of the girl who wears it quickly (1)

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Tonight is really a good day to listen to the corner There were a few figures hidden in the bamboo grove kneeling

Tonight is really a good day to listen to the corner There were a few figures hidden in the bamboo grove kneeling on the ground and kowtowing and pleading as if it were Song Yang Please! Give me a shot! I don't have any money You take another one of my fingers! Please Well There was a groan of pain in his throat and he kowtowed and scratched his head irritably from time to time But Song Yang's pleading had no effect and the man beside him lifted his foot and kicked him aside shaking the bright needle Look at Song Yang extremely Commodity Chemicals contemptuous "Bah!"! You can't replace this one even if you take off one of your arms How about that At the beginning you had so much money to buy flowers for Lin Wen's bitch but now you have no money What kind of drug addiction do you play with your brothers! Several people around him burst into laughter Hey! Dude didn't you look contemptuous when you crashed into us! Why can't you get up now! "I heard that Lin Wen's little bitch looks really beautiful!"! What's the matter Heard that you bet with people can not Lin Wen your boy not only cool but also make a lot of money! Tell me does Lin Wen feel good! Knowing the sound of Suo Suo Song Yang climbed up from the ground turned around and hugged the man's leg again as if he had caught a chance of survival and continued to beg Eldest brother! I Song Yang absolutely don't have this heart! I don't know how many times that kind of broken shoes have been worn but I'm afraid of dirtying your eyes If I like it I'll cheat her! "Just brother please give me an injection!"! Just one stitch! Song Yang and Lin Wen are together unexpectedly is to bet with the person can go up to her! Now he was driven mad by his addiction to drugs and did not hesitate to betray Lin Wen to these men Song Yang's nature simply slag to the extreme! "Enough!"! How's it going Do you want to help him Guan Ziyu attached himself to Xia Qiu's ear frowning and asking in a subtle tone No way! Xia Qiu subconsciously retorted looked up into Guan Ziyu some dangerous eyes this just suddenly in his Guan Ziyu view Song Yang is his ex-boyfriend this is a misunderstanding that she still cares about him Xia Qiu smiled at Guan Ziyu and took his arm intimately Only then did Guan Ziyu loosen his eyebrows And received a phone call from Song Yang Lin Wen just separated from the director not long ago heard Song Yang about her she felt guilty and did not hear Song Yang's strange simply she has not returned to the dormitory Tidy up the skirt Lin Wen to Song Yang's poor Diao silk temperament is also patience to the end Just break up with him this time! Lin Wen frowned impatiently and went straight to the bamboo forest without thinking But only nightmares greeted her in the bamboo forest! Text 134 No Chapter 134 CV Soft Steamed Bun (35) Back in the apartment Xia Qiu closed the door and sat in front of the mirror The mirror reflected a comely face the girl's eyes were bright her face was red Chemicals Suppliers and her pink lips were slightly swollen Patted his cheek Xia Qiu looked at himself calmed down a little and then breathed a sigh of relief Guan Ziyu unexpectedly knew that she was Chen Meng and Chen Xiaomeng so many layers of vest were stripped down a moment really hit her by surprise! But they have established a relationship Did the strategy work Quiet Xia Qiu boarded the pillow stone channel where a group of people really chatted warmly Guan Ziyu was also there As soon as she went in a lot of people were boiling in an instant Ow! Ow! Mengmeng! Will I call you sister-in-law later! I'm so excited So you're chasing a male God Mozi felt that he had seen the truth Hee hee ~ Dada wants to give me a red envelope! The sleeves were big before Butterfly language said coquettishly but the words did not finish but suddenly no voice Xia Qiu keenly felt as if he had found something but the topic was quietly diverted by Guan Ziyu Then a minute later the channel suddenly sounded the soft and angry voice of the butterfly language Who Who turned off my mic! I talked for a minute and no one talked to me! I just saw it! Then everyone noticed the public screen A minute ago the whole channel management will hide the sleeve [pillow stone Butterfly language] is adjusted to press the button to speak It's too cruel! There was a minute of collective silence in the channel and then they began to chat calmly Chen Xiaomeng did not know that the last year he told her something not very pleasant and then was caught by the diving sleeve directly to close the small black room to think about the past A lesson from the past is a lesson from the future! Twitter on this side suddenly prompted that there was new news Butterfly Love Flower Language ~ Chirp Chirp! Meng Da Da! I want to complain! Catalysts and Additives Sleeve is not a person! He actually killed the donkey and banned me from speaking for another ten minutes! I don't want to live NeiNiuMian! @ Chen Xiaomeng Xia Qiu was silent Remembering what I said before I opened a big BBS here Extra! Extra! I saw Guan Hui and Lin Xiaqiu holding hands on the runway in the stadium tonight! There are pictures and the truth! As expected the red and gorgeous post was extremely hot and the landlord hid his nickname leaving only a string of IP The post at 730 now less than an hour later the reply has been more than one thousand floors! Summer and autumn with some bad premonition click on a look there is the truth! In the first picture under the dim street lamp the tall male God holds the girl in his arms and kisses her on the lamppost of the street lamp In the second picture a man and a woman are holding hands and walking in the stadium This one was taken from the front of the side Under the dim light the side faces of Guan Ziyu and Xia Qiu were very clear The third an enlarged close-up of Xia Qiu's beige knit skirt and white fringed wedge sandals is used to prove that the same girl is in the before and after photos With the following words "Run with tears!"! I went to the stadium with my boyfriend tonight and I saw that I would kiss a woman! Hold hands! It's killing a dog! Guan Hui has this been attacked! Carefully picked up the woman unexpectedly found she! It's Green Tea Lin's sister! Is this a white lotus forest! Moments I am full of dense worries about Guan Hui! Downstairs with the same opinion please line up! Xia Qiu brushes down but finds a magical thing! In such a post with pictures and truth the number of people in the "agree" formation did not exceed the third floor but the rest were some strange replies