The general is so charming.

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"Not bitter." A lot of people in this life have never really moved the heart, moved love, I have, know what this world love is, so satisfied.

"Not bitter." A lot of people in this life have never really moved the heart, moved love, I have, know what this world love is, so satisfied. He knew my mind, did not despise me, nor did he regard me as a great scourge. He is a firm and powerful man. Soon he went to war again for two years. Although I was not his woman, I experienced the same suffering as his woman. If someone in the army came, I would accompany him personally. I just wanted to hear the news from the front. Unfortunately, even if he returned triumphantly, he would not come to me. Only occasionally, when he met a precious instrument, he would ask someone to give it to me. I practiced diligently, thinking that he might come one day and play it for him. He was getting busier and busier. Not long after he returned to Chang'an, he went to war again. The last time I saw him was that year when he returned from Baekje. When he heard that Mrs. Lin had given birth to a daughter, he celebrated and I sent a gift. The very next day, he came in late at night and brought something. Lady Gong Yi, can you keep something for me? "Good." "Don't you ask what it is?" "I will accept even the emperor's head." “…… This thing is very important. Of all the people I know in Chang'an, only your relationship with me is unknown. Therefore, I have to hand it over to you. "How long do I need to keep it?" With a wry smile, he said, "If I go to war again, I will get it back. If I can't leave Chang'an again this time, please keep it until another capable and responsible son appears in the Lin family. Then give it to him. When he opens the box, everything will be clear.". If the Lin family had disappeared,polyfoil tube, it would be better to bury it. I feel uneasy in my heart, what "can't leave Chang'an city again"? What "in the descendants of the Lin family"? This speech sounds like an account of the funeral. @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City I asked, but he didn't say anything, but when he left. "My concubine still owes Lang Jun a dance!" "If we have a chance to meet next time, Lin will appreciate the music and dance of Lady Gongyi." …… "Liar." Lady Gongyi closed her eyes with a smile. "He never came back, but died in the palace. That day, even his home was burned down. All the people in the Lin family, except the married sister-in-law and your brother and sister,aluminium laminated tube, died in the fire.". I heard people say that night, the Lin family spread not only screams, but also the sound of weapons, the most bizarre thing is that no one can run out, said it was an accident, who believes it? "They're looking for something," whispered Lin Ching. "All the people related to the Lin family were thoroughly investigated. In the end, even I, who had entertained Lin yuanjing, was not spared. The guards took me to the prison of Dali Temple. The person who tried me covered his face. It was not a public trial at all, but a private prison!"! They repeatedly asked me what my relationship with Lin yuanjing was, but he had something to entrust to me, and several times there was no result, so he was executed. Mrs. Gongyi said, as if she felt cold, and she hugged her body tightly. All night long, I actually resisted. Lin Jing stretched out her hand and gently grasped Mrs. Gongyi's hands. Later, custom cosmetic packaging ,plastic cosmetic tubes, someone fished me out of the Dali Temple, and I no longer appeared in front of people. I transferred/taught Li Zhi and Fei Niang to take over my class. When I learned that you entered the military camp as a woman, I inquired about your deeds. Finally, when you returned triumphantly, I thought this relic of your father should be returned to you. Mrs. Gongyi opened the box beside her and took out a box wrapped in black cloth. @ Infinite good articles, all in Jinjiang Literature City Lin Jing knew the cause and effect, the other party will find the relationship around Lin yuanjing even a person who has met twice, she as a descendant of Lin yuanjing, into the house of Mrs. Gongyi, if brought out something, is not to lead to a lot of trouble. She took QinBing left pingkang, until the clapper in the third watch, she turned out of their own yard, all the way like a shadow against the wall, don't say is a person, even the wild cat did not disturb, and again into the house of Mrs. GongYi, the box back home. This is something that can make people do not hesitate to create a massacre, she did not disturb anyone, by the window paper through the moonlight, in her bedroom to open the package. The box was square. She knocked on the four walls. The inside was solid, but the walls were hollow. It seemed that there were many hidden mechanisms. The lock on the box was very familiar. It was the Seven Treasures Lock of Guigu Token. Only the people of Guigu knew how to unlock it. At the beginning, she used this to confirm the identity of Si Fengling. Seven treasure lock does not have the key, all depends on the mechanism to dismantle, she used the unique secret method to break the lock, opened the box. With a "buzz" in his ear, the blood brushed straight to his forehead, and even his heart stopped beating. She quickly closed the box again, clasped her hands on it, and stared round in disbelief. What did she see? What's in this box -- It turned out to be the imperial seal of Chuan Guo! What does Lin yuanjing want to do? Chuan Guo Yu Xi, originated from the Qin Dynasty, is engraved with He Shi Bi. On the obverse side are the eight seal characters written by Li Si, "Being ordered by heaven, both longevity and prosperity". Since its birth, it has become a token of "imperial power granted by heaven, orthodox and legitimate". It is said that it can communicate with gods and prevent disasters. After many years of turmoil, this imperial seal changed its owner with the progress of history, until the collapse of the Sui Dynasty, the imperial seal also disappeared. Yes, when Dazhao was founded, he didn't get the imperial seal at all. Also because of this, the early days of Dazhao was very unstable, not to mention the remnants of Liu Wuzhou, even many families did not recognize the rule of Dazhao, and even accused Li of "usurping the throne", the throne was very "name is not correct, words are not correct". Li Lu Road is also very wild, no imperial seal, then simply carve their own, but also did not dare to call it "Chuan Guo Yu Xi", but to talk about it as "Ming Bao", but a "Ming Bao" still can not bring a sense of security, followed by "Destiny Bao", "Destiny Bao" and so on.. Therefore,plastic packing tube, Li never gave up the idea of looking for the imperial seal, and as long as the imperial seal did not return, Li's rivers and mountains would be unstable. It is also very simple to check the authenticity of the imperial seal.