Give a Kiss to a Paranoid Man [Put It On]

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The season listens to look at him in a daze, a long time raises the lips angle: "I also love your majesty, this life can meet your majesty, also feel very happy."

The season listens to look at him in a daze, a long time raises the lips angle: "I also love your majesty, this life can meet your majesty, also feel very happy." Shen Tuchuan and her for so many years, naturally know that her words with ten percent of the heart, immediately the smile on his face more real. At this moment, the stars in the sky suddenly fell down, dragging their long tails across the night sky, cutting the night into many pieces, and slowly falling to their side. When Ji heard this, he could not help clenching his hand. After Shen Tuchuan's expression was blank for a moment, he suddenly felt a little depressed: "It's not easy to achieve positive results, but also to change the world..." "Ogawa is not afraid, I will find you." Ji listens to serious commitment. Shen Tuchuan looked at her, pulled her into his arms for a long time, kissed her forehead, but before he touched her, his arms suddenly emptied, leaving him alone in the huge garden. His eyes darkened for a moment, a little bit of hostility gradually came up, and the next second he disappeared in place. Volume 8 World 8: The Zombie King Without Feelings Chapter 118 Before Ji Ting opened her eyes, she was shivered by the cold wind. She was busy looking around. When she saw all the high school students in school uniforms and down jackets, she immediately looked at herself. Sure enough, she saw that she was dressed like this, obviously the same as them. She waited for a long time and did not wait for the novel to appear,lycopene for skin, knowing that it was because the reader's resentment value was consumed too quickly, so she went to the corner of the empty room and waited patiently. After three minutes, the novel was finally downloaded, and she immediately went through the plot. This time is the end of the world, the abnormal climate led to the winter is particularly long, has been six months, but there is no sign of warming up, before long, there will be a zombie tide outbreak, the human inability to fight back,lutein eye complex, soon large-scale extinction, and in order to fight for supplies, human war, world civilization began to retrogress, back to the time of the wilderness, only by the man to find a way to To save the world. Of course, this has nothing to do with the male partner, because the male partner died soon after the opening. Although the male partner in each article has his own tragic way, but in this article, it is really miserable to explode. Before the end of the day, he was a good child of his parents, a good student in the class, with good grades and good character, and had a particularly good popularity in the class, which can be said to be very happy. After the outbreak of the zombie tide, his parents came to the school through many hardships, picked him up and left with the few remaining students in the class, jujube seed powder ,rosmarinic acid supplement, and fled all the way to find a safe place. It's just that the so-called safe place hasn't been found yet, and the drinking water and food in the car are running out. All around are zombies, hope is far away, watching the days to live is not much, the food and water has become a life renewal thing, several classmates of the male match had evil thoughts, in a zombie siege car, will be fighting with the zombie male match parents pushed out of the car, the male match saw crazy down to save people, the results of three people were bitten to death. This was originally just a small episode in the whole story, intended to describe when disaster comes, human nature is often more terrible than monsters, but the death of the male partner's family is too tragic, it is really sympathetic, so the reader hopes to change the outcome of the male partner, if possible, it is best to save his parents together. Listen to the season and open it twice, and then confirm the value of the resentment in the story. It is determined that after the success of the task of saving the male protagonist, it will be eliminated by 10%, and if the parents are also saved, it will be 15%. That is to say, once she succeeds this time, there will be only 15% of the resentment left, and only one or two more worlds, she can return to the real world. She took a deep breath, and in the middle of it, she shivered and hurried back to class. As soon as she returned to the class, she saw a group of people asking questions around Shen Tuchuan. Shen Tuchuan in this world is tall and handsome. Although Wenwen is quiet, there is sunshine between his eyebrows and eyes. He knows at a glance that he has been very happy for the past eighteen years. The happier he was before, the more miserable his death was. The author was so vicious that he destroyed such a good life as a male partner. Ji listened to a sigh, and his eyes fell on several tall boys in the back row. These are sports students, but also with Shen Tuchuan escaped students, at the moment a few people heartless in the back row of rock-paper-scissors, two fools laugh, which is like the future will push a classmate into the mouth of zombies? The students saw Ji's eyes confused for a moment, and then as if they had accepted the setting, they had no feeling for her appearance, as if she was a member of the class. Ji listened to the eyes to sit down on his seat, just sat down not long before the bell rang, surrounded by Shen Tuchuan's people dispersed in a hubbub, hurriedly returned to his seat to sit down, and soon the teacher came. Ji listened to hold his chin and stared at Shen Tuchuan's back. After twenty minutes, Shen Tuchuan's pen fell off. When he bent down to pick it up, Yu Guang inadvertently swept her. After a pause, he looked at her and made sure that she was staring at himself. It didn't matter if Ji heard that he was caught. Instead, he smiled at him generously. Shen Tuchuan was stunned for a moment, as if he had noticed such a girl in his class for the first time. "Hi," Ji listened silently and waved to him. Shen Tuchuan: ".." Such a warm character, it is reasonable to say that before how can not notice, why she did not have a sense of existence in the class before? He nodded to her hesitantly, and was about to get up when he heard the teacher's slightly heavy voice: "Listen, who are you saying hello to?" Shen Tuchuan: ".." The eyes of all the people in the class turned to Ji Ting in an instant. Ji Ting stood up innocently and lied solemnly: "Teacher, I didn't say hello, but the heating in the room was too much. I was a little hot, so I fanned myself." "So the teacher misunderstood you?" The teacher looked at her with a straight face. "Then you come up and solve this problem. I've just talked about the method. Just do it according to my method." Shen Tuchuan could not help but turn his head to look at her again, and when he saw that she was not in a panic,tannic acid astringent, he was even more curious. The season listens to notice his line of sight, secretly smiled at him, this just takes chalk to do a problem on the platform.